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RPG Dragon Ball X:A New Story

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the hole thing here is OOC

Hi,It's my Tero I like to say sorry to some people:(
I like to say sorry to Raiha(or Talais)for not emailing her on what
has happened.Two I like to say sorry to NanakiXIII for mistaking
his charaticer.Three,for not being a good host.....

I like to hear your though's
to talk to me (IM)it's TerovalorTbear

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*Talon and Vegeta enter the ring and grn at eachother as if they've battled before*

"Long time no see Prince Vegeta"

Vegeta: Talon...dont you remember what happened the last time we fought? I nearly destroyed you. You are foolish to come against me again, even if it is a tournament

"Vegeta, I was a mere child back then, I am way more powerful now..and you will be destroyed this time"

Vegeta: *laughs* Bring it on!!!!!!

*Talon and Vegeta lock up, throwing punches and kicks at the speed of light and blocking everything thrown at them*

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OOC:What the hell people where is every body go?I will not lay down and die:flaming:
I will prove people wrong.I will fight !

*as the Slivanos and Saiyan go at it tero turn to goku*

Tero:hey who do u think will win?
Goku:it a tought call.Talon go Speed and power
but vegeta got Skill and exp.
Goku:the fight i'm waiting for is are fight.
Tero:I know

Tero Valor

OOc:Talon hary the f'n fight up man!!!

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[I]Brolly stands off to the side watching the fight between Vegeta and Talon waiting for his chance to fight looks over at Goku and Tero talkin he walks over there[/I]

Brolly: So your goku i presume

Goku: yep thats me why do you ask

[I]Brolly smirks at him[/I]

Brolly: heh, no reason

Goku: uh ok

[I]he walks off smiling then continues to watch the fight[/I]

Goku: wierd guy

Tero: yeah thats for sure

Goku: who is he anyway

Tero: hmm i think thats Brolly Jr Brolli's son

Goku: :eek: whoa really so he's my nephew

Tero: yeah i guess so

Goku: so thats why he was smiling hmm

[I]they both turn back and continue to watch the fight[/I]

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ringmaster [/i]
[B]Ok, it's a year later, the tournament is here, Demonos is dead, and I have no fxckin clue as to what I'm supposed to be doing now [/B][/QUOTE]LOL, that makes two of us. :D

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by NanakiXIII [/i]
[B][B]I really didnt know either Raiha so i just posted my char watching the fight[/B] [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]How.... unique. This topic is sort of slow....[/COLOR]

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I believe Talais is fighting me..I don't get online much..sorry.

Tala: *watches as Talon and Vegeta start their battle*

"Stop talking and -someone- kick so a**!!!! "

*teleports to a higher spot in a tree and continues to
watch from there*

"gods..their slow.."

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OOC:Okay,sorry NanaKiXII and Raiha Sorry for the match has tookin' too long and has been going too slow so the battle ends now.Sorry Talon....

*All the fighters watch the battle(Tala,Talais,Goku, Gohan, Piccolo,and Tero)*

Tero:I think the fight is almost over!
Gohan:I been waiting for my fight for a long time!

*Talon and Vegeta Slash together in a Intense final assault*

Vegeta:You'll never beat me!
Talon:Then why I'm I beat you!

*The two power up for their super energy moves*

Vegeta:Gattlaning GGGGGUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

*The two energy move clide together and in to a brillent light leaving the Warrors in suspense*

Goku:Who won?
Tero:What I see something!

*When the smoke cleared it was offical.Talon land in he's fight stance and vegeta land on he's back out of the ring*

Vegeta:Dammit!He beat me!How?!
Talon:It's sample's I kicked your A**
The Host:Will people it looks like Talon is the winner!What a match to start out with!
Tala:alright Talon!
Tero:Way to go!
Goku:Tell you what!The match Started out slow but ended good!

*Piccolo turns to Gohan*

Piccolo:looks like were up

Continue the Story......

OOC:Hey,some times people can't sign on so still come on and talk please
Raiha you are verusing Tala in tourament
Talon,Bite me you were taken to long.Sorry

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alright i'll start the fight between Gohan and Piccolo

Announcer: Will Gohan and Piccolo please come to the fighting area

*both Gohan and Piccolo step onto the platform and get into their fighting stances*

Announcer: FIGHT!!!

*with that piccolo charges at gohan as he is charging at him the two fighters clash in the middle an begin punching and kicking eatchother none of them land*

Piccolo: your gettin good kid

*he then dissappears and reappears behind gohan kickin him in the back of the head but gohan blocks it spins around and nails piccolo in the face piccolo goes flying but regains control as they both charge at eatchother again*

Continue The Story From There........

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hmm guess i'll post again

Brolly: well my fight isnt gonna be up for awhile so i guess i'll go train

*flys off as Goku looks over and sees him leave*

Goku: wonder where he's goin

*lands on a deserted mountainis terrain*

Brolly: hmm guess i'll start

*makes a copy of himself and begins to train with it meanwhile back at the fight between Gohan and Piccolo*

Piccolo: Gohan show me your super sayin powers *he then charges to his maximum power level* now!

Gohan: alright but remember you asked for it *powers up to his max in ssj2* bring it on!

*piccolo charges at gohan he dissapears and reappears above flys down and kicks gohan in the face gohan goes flying but regains control*

Gohan: Masenko HA!!!!

*the masenko flys at piccolo as he gets ready for the impact*

Continue From There Someone Anybody

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[I]Forte Floats Down.....Looks Around. Forte Masks His Power[/I]

Forte: " Kinda desilate here....."

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OOC:I'm New but I'll join so here gos....I'm Karma look at the bottom Duh!

*As Gohan and Piccolo fight the warrors senice a powerful presents*
Goku:How is That?
Tero:what the hell he look's like me.??

*I look down at Tero*

-He looks like me.??-

*Gohan and Piccolo fight a long time,Piccolo blasts a beam called Makousapa!!!Gohan does the same move but douges piccolo's beam and hits him with he's...*

Spaker:Piccolo is KOed the winner is Gohan!
Gohan:are you okay Piccolo!!!???
Piccolo:yeah,I'm OK Kid.

*Piccolo and Gohan Smile at each other *

*The next is up*

So you like my enternce......


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OOC:how is Karma and he looks like me?Why?Is he Trying to cody my?Dark Orb Wave? what the hell is going on.Oh well I guess the next match is Trunks verus Gotai!

Tero Valor

Thank You for posting NanakiXII

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So your Tero Valor huh.Your Weak!And to think......your the Host!
I think they need a new Host for this Board.I think it should be me.you're all Weak!Tero,Talon,Tala,Talais,Raiha,NanakiXII,Forte,
Ringmaster!All of you Weak!

But I will write on this board.

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