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RPG My Story of Mario & Sonic!


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Bwahahaha!!!Im gonna continue my story from what I did before at Otakuboards Version 2.

Eggman:In Bower words Bwahahahahahaaha!!!
(Flys away with his JetShip)

Sonic: Darn!


Tales:Get on my Cyclone guys lets get him!


All of them hop on Tales Jet the Cyclone and chases after Dr.Robotnik(Eggman).

To be Continue.
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Sonic:Speed the thing up!

Mario:Yeah Tales

Shadow:Do what they say.

Tales:Guys this Cyclone cant get anymore faster than it already is.

Mario:Then I guess its time for plan B Sonic.

Shadow:Whats plan B?

Tales:what is it Sonic?!

Sonic:Mario what are you talknig about

Mario:Alrite heres what i mean I'll fly on my cape you stand on me then use your Dash Ring attack against Dr.Robotnik Ship ok?

Sonic:Alrite got ya!

*Mario jumps out of the Cyclone and use his Cape Sonic hops on and uses the Dash Ring*

Eggman:What the......?

To be Continue!
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