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Reading Festival

Dark Wish

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[COLOR=purple]Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know how kool reading festival was! My neck still kills from moshing to system of a down and marilyn manosn all day! The hed (PE) mosh pit was almost leathal there were so many people just letting lose and having a good time! I got to hang round with Godhead in their hotel on the Saturday and then on Sunday as I was walking from one stage to another the guys from Godhead recognised me and we spent the rest of the day hanging out when they weren't playing or having to stand and sign autographs! They're really kool guys!!! We shared chips and they signed my belly and all sorts. Unfortunately The Method (the bassist) was quite busy so i saw very little of him off stage but hey ho it was sooo kool and i didn't even need a guest pass to get that close to them! Their tour manager is wicked too coz he gave us a free guest parking pass when we met them in the hotel! Has anyone else been to reading? Tell me what you thought of it!![/COLOR]

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If the banner didn't work you can check out Godheads website
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