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My New Fan Fics (Only For Otaku)


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[COLOR=royalblue]Hello Everyone! I have just got to say that I loved Ashley! Anyway! LoL~ I have decieded to start my own line of fan fics ONLY for Otaku! **Bum Bum Bum** Now On to the stories! These will introduce you to like 3 new digidestined. Jay, Nathan, and Sarah.[/COLOR]

On To the story:

[COLOR=indigo]A Team Improved (Ch. 1)[/COLOR]

One day in Gym while Davis, Cody, and T.k. were playing basketball. Yolei and Kari were cheering on Cody and T.K.! Then the teacher, Ms. Durki, called off the game. Davis was mad and said, "Why did we have to stop? I was winning!" T.k. replied to Davis, "Davis, Shut Up and listen!" Ms. Durki replied to T.K. "Thank you T.k.! Now I would like you all to meet some new students, they just transfered here from America. Their names are Jay, Nathan, and Sarah." Everyone looked at the three teenagers that had just walked in. Jay was about five foot three, with blone hair, and bright green eyes. Sarah, who was Nathan's twin, had blonde hair with bright blue eyes, she was about as tall as Jay. Nathan was the tallest of all of them, he was five foot four, with brown hair, and bright purple eyes. Jay spoke first, "Hello, I am Jay." Then Nathan, "Hi, I am Nathan." Then Sarah, "Hello, I am Sarah, Nathan's Twin Sister." Then Ms. Durki spoke, "If you guys want to join the game, Nathan? Jay?" Jay spoke up, "I will!" Nathan replied, "Sure!" Sarah walked over to Kari and Yolei, "May I join you? Hello, my name is Sarah." Kari was first to reply, "Hello Sarah, I am Kari." The hugged. Then Yolei spoke up, "Hey! I am Yolei! So who do you think is cuter? Davis or T.K.?" Sarah looked confused. "Who is T.k. and Davis?" Kari replied, "T.k. has the hat on, and Davis has the goggles on." She looked at them and said, "Jay is much cuter than both of them." They all laughed.

[COLOR=crimson]Well that is the first chapter! What did yall think? Oh yes, I will be holding an RPG soon! You can use your own personal digidestined if you want! So please tell me what you think! And I will gladly put digidestined in the stories, if yall would like! [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=crimson]A Team Inproved Chapter 2[/COLOR]

After school that day, all the kids, even Jay and Nathan and Sarah went to the computer room. Davis spoke up, "Are you guys digidestined?" Jay and the other two looked confused. "Digi-What?" T.k. anwsered Jay, "Digidestined, if you don't know what it is, I guess your aren't." Sarah looked disapointed. Sarah spoke, "I have heard of the Digidestined, I always wanted to be one." They all looked at her. "Ya, do you guys have digimon?" Then they all pointed to the computer. Kari spoke, "We are about to go see them. I wish you could meet them!" Nathan spoke, "Yeah!" Kari and the others pulled out their D-3s. Jay looked in aw. "Hey! Those are awsome!" They all laughed at him. Davis and Yolei spoke at the same time, "Hey, we will go get the digimon, and bring them back so that they can meet them." They all agreed. So Davis and Yolei held up their D-3s and both said, "DigiPort Open!" They were sucked into the Digital World.
They got into the digital world. They saw 12 stone digimon. There was a note by them. It read: Dear Digidestined, I am Evamon! And I have turned your digimon to stone. If you want them back, give me your D-3s! Hahahaha! Lots of Love, Evamon.
They were baffled. "What is this about! I bet this is a joke! Veemon! Come out!" Davis looked around. He ran up to the Veemon statue, and held it. 9 beams of colored light shot out of it. They flew up, and then away. The Yolei ran up to the Hawkmon statue. "Hawkmon! Wake up!" She held it, and 6 colored beams shot out from it. They flew up, and then away. "What are those things?" Davis replied, "I don't know, but we better get back and tell Kari and the others." "You're right. Lets go." They walked up to the little t.v. and held up there d-3s. They were sucked back to the real world.
When they got back, Kari and the others were holding new digivices. "What are those?" Jay replied, "They came out of the computer." Yolei replied, "T.k., Cody, Kari, Ken, our digimon have been turned into statues." They looked horrified. Cody replied, "Oh, No! I have got to go see them!" Everyone aggreed, they all held up the new digivices when two other lights came out, and they went to Yolei and Davis. "Ok, now we have the new digivices, Digiport Open!"

[COLOR=indigo]What did yall think? Well The next one will come out tommorrow, I am adding a new fic every day.[/COLOR]
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