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Okay,I just saw The last episode of 08Th MS Team(Episode 12),ANd i have no clue what's going on.What happened to Elendor(I missed the episode where he got hurt.)?Did he ever come back?See,I hvent seen the hole series,so i just want to know.Also,Where are Karen and Sanders?Did they die or something?And did you notice that when they finally find Shiro,That Ayna is pregnant?Please awser my questions.

-What happened to Elendor?How did he get hurt?Did he ever come back?Did he die?

-Where are Sanders and Karen?Did they die?

-Why did Meihkel quit the Feddy Forces?
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well, even tho i have eps. 12 on my streamload account, i havent gotten a chance to download it yet. i can only download 500megs each month, and i go series by series. im about to finish downloading all of my cowboy bebop. then im gonna goto eps. 10 of Gundam X. then ill download all of 8th ms team, then ill finish gundam x (ive got 39 stinkin eps and theyre gonna take about 4 months to download, cause i only get 500megs per month). but dont get me wrong. ive seen up to eps. 9 subbed on my account, except i didnt save the eps. after downloading them. then i saw eps.10 and 11 on toonami. so im as clueless as u.
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AHH no name you have a stream load account?! Do you pay for yours cause I got the free one but, I couldn't get the anime movies ai wanted since they were soooo large. :(

And the questions, you have to watch the episodes to really get them, it sounds like you missed a whole lot. and I mean a whole lot.

Elendor got hurt bad and sent to da hospital and came back later. In the series thingy. He is one of my favorites.

Meihkel when did he quit? After the last episode? Yeah well the war was over for the time being I think and he didnt' want to continue to be in the army.

I hope I answered some questions but I am not 100% sure if I got the answers I answered right.
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