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  1. AzureWolf added a post in a topic Anyone here from 2001-ish?   

    I just popped on here because my life finally decided to give me a little breathing space instead of kicking my ass.  I popped on here to see if I could reach out to a few people who were important to me as individuals.  There's a few who seemed to have never returned here, and I have no way of contacting them. :-(
    Besides that, life's been an unpredictable rollercoaster.  Still avid in video games and anime, though.  I doubt that'll change anytime soon.  Although, I might be getting a dog soon, so there's that.
    Anyways, it's good to see some old faces.  Kind of weird to see James apologize for being a dick (as in I never thought he was ever a dick).  Curious what transpired there haha.
  2. AzureWolf added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I am sorry to bump this thread.  Des and I barely interacted, but his posts were always non-combative yet full of passion for the stuff this forum was for: video games and anime.  Even when two people were going at it (e.g., I think his name was PoisonTongue? lol), his post would have a complete lack of judgement on either side, just focusing on getting things back to the topic at hand.
    Doing what he does - going through life enjoying his passions without getting in the way of anyone else's - is something I've only just started to appreciate, but still fail at doing.  I'm at a place in my life where I have to hear a lot of life stories, and cancer is always such a jarring end to a narrative.  The strange thing is, the most frustrating part of this to me is that Des did not get to enjoy Breath of Wild...
    I did not know Des personally, so I will refrain from saying he had a life well lived.  However, I can say adamantly I want to go through life the way he did.
  3. TheShinje added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I don't keep up with OB very often, I check back from time to time and to hear of Desbreko's passing is heartbreaking. I knew he was going through treatment, I thought that he'd make it. Like everyone here I have very fond memories of his presence here. Cancer sucks. RIP Des. 
  4. Gavin added a post in a topic Suggestion   

    As Japan mentioned the idea of a chatbox was explored by the staff, but it was felt TheOtaku's chatroom made it redundant given the large crossover between the two sites.
  5. Japan added a post in a topic Suggestion   

    There was a chatroom on the sister site, TheOtaku. However the company who hosted the software went out of business and Adam, the creator hasn't found a good replacement for it yet. 
  6. Enrikcto added a topic in Help & Feedback   

    This fórum need a chatbox, for what isn't here?
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  7. pskecount added a topic in Creative Works   

    Christmas Special music video (Re Zero Jingle Bells Parody)
    Hey Guys :) It's been a long time... Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Hope You have a lots of Fun ;) BTW I made this video for Secret Santa event held in one Community... You can also consider it as a Greeting  I hope You like it. 
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  8. Serg added a post in a topic Who do you think is the better zoid pilot, Bit Cloud or Van Flihyte   

    I think bit would win.
      They both don't have real training...  
    But bit has had real threats just like van.    The difference is that there wasn't a war going on..
    Bit as a pilot is a superb pilot when it comes to adapting and having a natural skill while van just gets what he learns from zee foe the most part. 
    Liger zero actually for a while was not bits friend...  Bit willd himself to learn how to move with him and so forth before any actual partnership.... 
    Overall  if bit was given  as much time as van when he was young to his more mature years...  Bit would win 
    Because when van first got the shield liger .  Or blade I forget.   He was pretty reckless 
    Bit in the other hand seemed to know what he was going except liger zero made it difficult for him to control  
    Matter fact even pilots before bit could not control it  ... 
    I think if they both vs  
    Bit has it period. 
    Zeek helping van or not .
  9. MoonBlaze90S added a topic in Creative Works   

    Shading and hair highlight tips
    Hi! I'm new here and I hope I didn't post this wrong...Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys had tips for shading and hair shine. I am not all that new to being an artist, but I could sure use some work! I have no idea how to shade correctly. I have a vague idea of how to correctly do hair shines. I would really appreciate it if some of you would tell me some tips!
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  10. TailTactics added a post in a topic Final Fantasy Series   

    what has it been.. 11 years since my original post and I keep coming back to revive. The phoenix is strong here.. this may be my last post but call it a personal journal, still I'm creating this post to commemorate a FF title that has been 10 yrs in the making; which released today. FFXV .. got the deluxe edition since the collectors edition has been on wait list for months. I preordered this game twice once with gamestop to get A King's Tale which is savage, then on SE online store to get SE points. In any case so far its amazing.. the open world, detail, also being able to play old school FF tracks while in the Regalia is a neat touch to the original. Getting used to the gameplay since this is an action RPG. As seen, the entire industry is getting rid of RPG origins ie turn based, which is disappointing... but these new school gamers have minimal appreciation for the old due to what I believe is saturation. But perhaps adaptation is necessary and since it's so... SE is pulling it into their own arena, as they do spectacularly without fail for years.
    Going backwards a bit but as in my previous post I did purchase FFXIV, killed it (got months time on it) and got through A Realm Reborn 100 percent platinum trophy, maxed out classes and beat all content pre-Heavensward. Everything after Heavensward, although purchased (for both PC and PS4) I barely got through the content. I know its an awesome game though, and with the new expansion for 2017 Stormblood, I most likely will not get back. But the time I spent on ARR was amazing, my main was a scholar - I enjoyed playing ALOT highly recommend.
    And yet another update.. I beat FF11 main story. This year I purchased the game and all expansions and got through as a Red Mage main second Dancer, which is all I really wanted it for. Pretty easy to level up. I played some expansions too ie Chains of Promathia but got it mainly to beat the story.
    I also beat FF1 and FF2 again. Didn't know FF2 had a side story called Soul of Rebirth, beat that too. Pretty fun to play - pretty much killed FF2 100+ hrs on the smartphone, heh.
    FFXII is getting an HD remake next year. It's about time it was remade HD, been 10 years - 11 when it comes out. When I think about it that was about the same amount of time it took 10 10-2 to be remade so I suppose ntb. Speaking of 10 been hearing rumors of FF10-3 in the making.. and where is my Auron default pic for this forum? lol.
    In any case, there you have it - I beat FF 1-14 count 15 in. Gotta go play.. 'til next time, perhaps....
  11. Desbreko's Mom added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    This is a little late but I want to thank Ginger and SunfallE for beautiful flowers you sent in memory of our son Jonathan (Desbreko).
    I has been really heart warming to see how many friends Jon had and how well liked and respected he was.
    I want to thank all of you for your expressions of sympathy.
    Desbreko's Dad
  12. James added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    It has taken me a while to respond here because every time I went to say something, I couldn't find the right words. I think I'll still fail to really describe my feelings, but I'll give it my best shot.
    I've been away from OB (and this whole community generally) for a long time. Admittedly I don't really keep in touch as closely as I should, and so, the first I heard about this was via a Facebook message from Adam. I had to re-read it a couple of times, because it felt completely out of left field (given that I don't use Twitter at all, so I wasn't aware of Jon's condition).
    It's really hard to summarise years of knowing someone. I asked Jon to be a moderator pretty quickly after I became the admin here; he was an obvious choice, because everything he said somehow communicated a feeling of kindness, warmth, and wisdom. He always had that aura about him, and so it was very easy to see - without even knowing him very much initially - that he was a unique and special person.
    For a very long time, Jon was really my number one supporter and colleague in the sense that we worked closely together, we talked regularly via AIM, and he actually counselled me during some fairly dark times (in terms of what was happening with me on a personal level).
    There was this air of effortlessness about him; every challenge was surmountable, nothing was ever too hard or too much work. He was so incredibly dedicated that I used to actually ask him to "take a break and stop working on OB for a while!" - he was like a machine, and he wouldn't stop until something was done, no matter how huge the task.
    Although I haven't really been part of the community for a long time now, I have to acknowledge that OB was a huge part of my life at one stage. And Jon was someone who I thoroughly enjoyed working with, and who became a friend and confidant.
    Rest in peace, Jon.
    Mrs. Goudy, thanks for posting here for us - it was lovely to hear from you, and I'm glad to know that you and your husband have a sense of how much Jon was loved by so many people. If there's anything I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask. :-)
  13. Treble added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    Man I am absolutely crushed to hear this news. 
    I wasn’t really close with Desbreko but I have nothing but respect for the guy.  He was well-composed and I’ve always enjoyed reading his thoughts on the Zelda franchise and anything gaming related.  All of his youtube video game walkthroughs and no damage runs are mighty impressive and a joy to watch.  He made it look so easy.
    I believe he was one of the first persons I’ve played Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Wii online with, and those were good times.
    It's a damn shame he is no longer with us.  May you rest in peace, Desbreko.
  14. Japan added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    So I reached out to the family and they told me that everything has been paid for. However if you would like to, they would rather you donate whatever you are willing to the places that helped Desbreko with his treatments to further the cause of finding a cure for cancer. I have found them for you guys and the links are below: 
    City of Hope
    American Cancer Society
    Stanford Medicine
    Thanks for the willingness to help guys.
  15. Claire added a post in a topic You Laugh You Lose   

    I love that vid, definitely a classic. I thought I wouldn't laugh because I've seen it plenty of times before but it still got me!
    I have so many favorite videos I gotta really think about which one to share...
    Let's try this one:
  16. Claire added a post in a topic World Series 2016   

    I missed the whole thing but I was rooting for the Cubs the whole time. I'm a Rays fan, so I'm very familiar with the Cubs manager Joe Maddon. He took us to the World Series in 2008 and when I learned he was going to the Cubs I just KNEW he was going to help them break the curse.
  17. Claire added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I think about OB every now and then. A decade ago, it was my favorite place on the internet. It's kind of strange to see so many familiar names in this thread.
    I didn't know Desbreko personally. He invited me to join the OB staff when I was 14 years old. I remember being so excited and telling everyone I knew that I was going to be a moderator. I think my name on here was Amelia back then.
    To his friend and and family, I'm sorry for your loss. Des helped me grow here on OB and I'll always fondly remember the time I spent here.
  18. Kazuwa Nomura added a post in a topic What are You Watching/Reading Now?   

    I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as Dragonball Super... *cough* perhaps it is time for this DBZ fan to dust off his shoulders, and get back in to the game, rediscover what I love about the Dragonball series. 
    currently I'm rewatching Welcome to the NHK. The first time I saw it, I was in highschool, and while I loved it... I didn't relate with it so easily. This time around, I find myself also being a 22 year old male that's afraid to leave the house, frequently being consumed by the ol' paranoia. As such, the show frequently makes me cry now. I enjoy when an anime can make me cry. I'm glad I decided to watch it again, now of all times. 
    Tonight, I have Rurouni Kenshin (vol. 7, i believe) in the DVD player, ready to watch for whenever I get into bed. 
    other than that, I've been rewatching Lost. I'm also really into The Sopranos right now (I began watching on a whim, and boy oh boy was I in for a wild ride) 
    Oh, and right now I'm reading Billy Bat by Naoki Urasawa. Anyone that's into mystery manga, paranoid fiction, etc etc, should really give Billy Bat a shot. 
  19. Kazuwa Nomura added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I.... I had no idea Des was suffering from cancer. I hadn't spoken to him in years... This really breaks my heart. I always looked up to Des. I would be more than happy to try to donate to his family if I can. 
  20. Sangome added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    Me too, I might not be able to donate, but I'll be more than happy to spread the word.
  21. The Spectacular Professor added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    Be sure to update if there's a need for that, I'd be happy to contribute.
  22. Japan added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I talked to Shinmaru about it. Seems like a good idea. Let me talk to Mrs. Goudy to see if I can get a response first
  23. Charles added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    I was thinking...cancer treatments and funeral costs are expensive even with insurance. If Desbreko's Mom (or even Laura on her behalf) want to set up a gofundme page I'm sure that we could all pull together and help a bit. I know that there aren't a lot of us left around here and the total raised won't be a huge amount, but if we can help the family of a young man that meant so much to this community, then I say that we show why we are a special place and pull together! 
  24. Japan added a topic in General Discussion   

    World Series 2016
    I am still very depressed that Desbreko is gone. However I don't think he would like this place that he loved so much or worked so hard for go to waste or gather dust.
    Sooooo what did everyone think of the world series game tonight? That was one crazy game to have lasted so long PLUS a rain delay.
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  25. Solo Tremaine added a post in a topic RIP Desbreko 1988-2016   

    Wow, it has been... a very long time.
    Des was a moderator when I joined, so in my teenage excitement that automatically meant he was super cool and awesome; I later came to know this was a completely accurate description of him. He was always honorable, funny, charming, and immensely knowledgeable and encouraging. For the few times I did get to speak with him directly, he was nothing but kind and well-spoken. I always admired him, and I still do. It's such a shame that he's gone. I can only hope, and try, to enjoy life and know my passions as deeply as he did.