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    The Reckoning

    Name: Christian Brookshire   Age: 29 Years of Age   Gender: Male   Origin: United States of North America   Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_oUd0eKSUIR8/TNbL7J1wkSI/AAAAAAAAFHo/lD2ynmroswE/s1600/Cody_copy.jpg   Personality:  Christian is a hard at work kind of guy, able to lose himself when figuring out complication or working on a long extended project of his choosing.  He is quick on his feet as he is thinking of multiple scenarios for many situations, it's helped him in the past to stay alive and get himself to where he is at today.  Alone since the age of 14, Christian has survived through countless odds and had always come up top through his trials with hard work and quick thinking.  The man tends to stay to himself and open up seldomly to newcomers, but as long as the task gets done; he'll make sure to push forward until the end.   Job:  Mechanic   Skills:  Mechanical engineering and repairs is Christians specialty, able to fix machines old and new has added to his reputation as a top notch mechanic for his time.     AMP:  "Solar Burst" http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/w/xxxg-01h.jpg   Weaponry:  Solar Burst comes with two gatling guns attached to his suits left arm, covered by a small hexagonal shaped shield, both guns are stacked above one another and turn opposite rotations when firing to avoid overloading.  Missile compartments are stored at the shoulders, hips, chest, and ankle portions of the suits body for a wide spread assault.  All compartments having three rounds each for multiple  firing capacity.     Special Equipment:  Christian's AMP suit, Solar Burst, is equip with long range sensors that's functional above and below water, a rarity for a single AMP since his suit primarily stays above water.  The range is calculated directly inside his AMP's computer system, allowing targets to be known before they come into close contact with Christian or anyone else in his squad.     Snippet:   The sun had already rose above half past noon in the Dallas region, already the summers heat was bearing down on its citizens early into the Month of July.  Christian walked outside of the bank's main headquarters downtown, looking over some paperwork he had received on his personal spending account, apparently it had balanced itself out thanks to his banker who handled his funds, which was a smart ideas considering Christian was horrible with managing his own money.  Flipping through the paperwork, he noticed the expenses he had made to upgrade and restock ammunition for his AMP.  Smirking and giving a light sigh, the man stopped at a streetlight before continuing to read.     "Goodness, almost 50K just for a single part to be installed.  I swear, its highway robbery just to keep you alive my friend.  But, I'm in no position to complain one way or another.  You've done a mighty fine job, and deserve a little reward for it.  Sucks that the reward is coming out of my ass, but hey, its needed".  Christian folded up his paperwork letter style before crossing the street as the light turned green.  As the man made it to the other side, his phone began to ring in his pocket.  Surprised, Christian reach inside and brought out the device playing the alarm for attention.  "This is Christian"   "Howdy Christian, it's Zane.  Listen buddy, the last of the H.S Missiles are in for Solar Burst, should he start installing them in now?"   "Have everything separated and organized, I'm on my way to the warehouse now to make sure they delivered everything.  I trust you guys to always double check, but sometimes these guys can be shady with their deliveries."  Christian replied as he made his way to the garage lot to find his car.   "Will do, also we have new orders from the top.  So installation and restocking are going forward as we speak.  I'll let the boys know to put everything on overdrive."   "Gotcha, see you soon"  Entering his car, Christian started the engine and slowly pulled out into the street, shifting gears the engine roared as the vehicle made its way towards the warehouse where the AMP was being stored for repairs and maintenance.   
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