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  1. Venna gets pulled out by impmon and Megidramon, just as she did david activiates the last stone. Venna closes her eyes expecting some gigantic blast, but then she opens them to see something else has happened... Venna: Oh my..
  2. Hey umm i guess ill sign up, i'd like to be a night exalted but could you maybe post something with a form for us to fill up so we can create our character, and maybe more on what we are supposed to do and what the roles are. Thanks
  3. Beelzemon Flew over the last stone as Megidramon followed behind. Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!!!! the beam carved a landing area for the two digimon, once megidramon landed Venna devolved. Impmon: Yo guys ready? this is it, so don't blow it. Venna; Let sdo it. She looks at david and sees a small sparkle in his eyes, she then smiles as the two hold up their digivices. Jus then a peice of hte D-reaper latches onto Venna and begins pulling her. Venna: DO it now!!!!!!
  4. Venna: Ok fine whatever. So fourth Stone now? David: Yes Megidramon: We got a problem They all look to see the D-reaper forming a wall around them, there was no escape except Venna: Lets blast out, Biomerge to Venna/Impmon: Beelzemon! Megidramon: Pyro Force! Beelzemon: Corrona Blaster!!!!! The two blasts impacted but the wall jsut closed in David: This isn't good, it's too strong to crack! Venna: Wait a minute... wasn't there a group of destined who could combine powers, Dna digivolve or something. David: well yes Venna: Could we do that, Me and Megidramon!?!? David:
  5. Venna: One I ain't killing you cause it won't get you, two someone else needs to know in case u aren't there to set it off, and three come on i can take care of my self thk you very much the D-reaper getting me is just as likely as it getting you, especially when we r toghether. David: When we get to the stone I'll tell you. Once they got to the stone Venna could see a bright light glowing around it, She looked and the fourth guardian appeared upon it. Guardian: Quickly activate it, NOW!!!! The digimon then vanished into thin air, Venna and David both shook their heads and held their
  6. Megidramon's tale swept up and knocked the david that was on him, off of him. The newcomer smiled as Venna and Impmon Digivolved. Impmon/Venna: Biomorph to Beelzemon Just then the copy again changes form, once again the wretched creature spurts it's wings. Beelzemon: Corona Blaster!!!!!!! Megidramon: Pyro Force!!!!! Once again the two blasts seared into the copy, but this time it only stood smashed against a cliff, weakened. Beelzemon: Now your gone for good. DOUBLE IMPACT!!! The shot ran out as the bullets cut through the copy, destroying it to nothing. David: Saffire Activate
  7. Beelzemon: Dam that thing could ake a beating David: Not that much though, one big blast took it out Venna and Beelzemon devolve Venna: Once we hit it. David; Yah Well cmon we got to reach the others. Venna: YAh so the dam guardians can come David: you met her too? Venna: You mean him, guardian of data, looked like a cross between a dragon, a bat, and a soldier David: Hmm tell me about it on the way over The three hop on Megidramon and take off
  8. Once back Venna began to pace around, Tina watched amusingly as Lauren and Hunter looked at the two oddly. Venna: We need to find out whose behind all this, NOW! school year is almost over only another week. Lauren: I think it could be that new teacher, tina: I don't know, I think we should ask Abod, anyone seen him around
  9. Beelzemon: A big fight. CORONA BLASTER!!!!!!!! The blast streaks out at Cdavid but it dodges the attack. David: If you can go in and distract him, We can hit him. Beelzemon: Great.... Beelzemon flys in and attemptes to parry with Cdavid Beelzemon: Take this you slime ball! HIs Claws whizzed through the creature cutting off one of it's arms, he copy flew back, then it regrew the arm. Beelzemon: Any time NOW!!!!!!
  10. wow this seems familiar but ok here we go, again Name Venna Narul Age: 15 Pokemon: Houndoom- Bite, Flame Thrower, Beatup, Crunch Houndor- Bite, Fient Attack, Ember, growl Feraligator- Bite, Hydro pump, Surf, Blizzard Golem- Earth Quake, Magnitude, Dig, Rock Throw Charizard- Slash, Fire Blast, Flame Thorwer, Fly Jolteon- Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Thunder Chosen Legendary Pokemon: Moltres Specialty: Familiarity
  11. Beelzemon: The others know what to do, I'm not going to leave you to die. David: GO!!!!! I can handle this on my own. Beelzemon: But you won't, we need you, I'm not going to let you risk your life to save us all. the others dont need my help to open the stone, you need my help to fight this! David: I wont forget this Venna: You won't regret it either
  12. Venna:That's it I officialy dispise dragons now, If any of you like them well your just sick Ryan:Lets stop, I need to rest Valen/Venna/Karina: Do you want to die!?!?!?!? Ryan:No, but there right in front of us anyways... The group looked in fornt of them and saw the five dragons smirking a bit getting ready to launch another blaze. Venna:That's it, time for some real pain Venna's eyes suddenly turned black, quickly her body rippled with black veins, a dark aura suddenly came around her Ryan: What the.... Venna: Dont touch me. Valen: She's created a daeth aura within herself,
  13. Venna:Uhoh, davids goin at it with the copy Phelesmon: Yoo bad for him Venna grumbeled at the fallen digimon she is riding, Venna:LAND! Phelesmon lands and devolves to impmon Venna: he is so annoying Impmon: Ready? Venna/Impmon: Biomerge to Beelzemon beelzemon flys beside Megidramon, Beelzemon:You ready?
  14. Venna shrieked out even more, the shrill cries echoed through the area, she could sense Tina just near her, the men didn't realise it, but Venna new. She could here her freind,even sense teh scent of death almost present. A snap of a twig near by sent the sack to teh ground. In an instant Venna reformed to her human form. There she saw one of the men reaching for his wand, this was it she thought, kill or be killed. Venna: Deprivar Vitano!!!!! A White blast Shot out of Venna's wand before the man could even flinch, as it hit his body it began to spread into a flurry of white flames. Wit
  15. Venna and Impmon began running, Destamon said he would be watching them but he had to go find the other guardians. They began to follow the blips on her digivice when they saw david. Venna: David!!!!! David turned slowly, he looked half dead, and guilmon wasn't with him. Venna: David are you ok? and where's guilmon. David: Guilmon-Data, too complex must be destroyed. He then looked at Venna, David: Ahh the final form... Venna then looked down, her digivice was beeping birght red, this wasn't david. Impmon:DIGIVOLVE TOO.... PHELESMON!!!!! Venna oped onto pheles mon, Venna:L
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