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  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Harry [/i] [B]I feel sorry for your future children. Your whole "it could possibly maybe hurt them" ideal will completely suck all fun from their lives. [/B][/QUOTE] actully no it will not, children are able to have fun without toy guns. When i was younger i didnt run around playing with toy guns, and i had quite a bit of fun.
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Harry [/i] [B]You don't absolutely need your computer either. Just because something isn't needed doesn't mean that we should just go ahead and get rid of it. Also things haven't changed that much at all, quit trying to deny kids some fun. [/B][/QUOTE] i am not trying to deny children some fun, all i am saying is that i know that my daughter will not be allowed to play with any type of gun when she gets older, i think its to dangerous. and you are absolutely correct i do not need my computer, i choose to have it. but there is a huge diffrence its not like u can kill a person with your computer, as with a gun all it takes is one touch and its --- over.
  3. Why do kids need toy guns? What does having a toy gun teach a child? Guns are for adults [and even they seem to have a hard time using them properly ], and kids need to know that. If you give a kid a toy gun, who's to say that he/she wont find daddy's gun and play with that too? Why not give the kid a book to read, a toy doctor's kit, or a train set? There's no real reason why kids need toy guns. While I don't think that toy guns are really the problem, incidents like the one with the police officer, as well as others, could have been prevented if the kids were not allowed to play with guns or if the guns did not look realistic. I don't think the officer dealth with the situation in a reasonable manner, but if it would've been a brightly coloured gun, he wouldn't have been put in that situation. If all toy guns were made to look unrealistic, then maybe kids would be better able to tell the different between pretend and reality. And don't blame the parents for not giving their child a "sensible upbringing". Do you think the parents taught the child to point guns at people? Did they ever think that a situation like this could happen? Probably not.. and you probably wouldn't have thought of it either. Kids see people using guns and pointing them at people all the time.. it's all over the place--video games, television, movies.. the 6 o'clock news! So what are parents supposed to do short of not allowing their kids to be exposed to any of those things? And even if the parents don't allow their kids to watch television and whatnot, they'll still see it when they go to their friends houses, etc. So yeah, I agree totally with this woman that toy guns should be banned--or at least made to look as unrealistic as possible. I notice that one other people who said something that when they were littler they played with guns too , that applies to most of us. But we grew up in a whole different time. Things changed--a lot. And I'm sure that little boy who got shot would've grown up fine too..if he still had a chance to grow up. P.S. I think going to the extreme of painting a gun to make it realistic would probably not happen, so I think that's a stupid argument, but the tip could be broken off on accident.
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Oradriel [/i] [B]Incredibly well done... I have to agree with the others on a 10/10 :p draw more plz! :) [/B][/QUOTE] :> i drew some more today , ill post it up in a few once i get it Scanned.
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Juuthena [/i] [B][color=ff00cc] [size=1]Wow! At first, I thought that second half was from a real picture. o.o; *hands you cup of coffee* 10/10. ^^[/color] [/size] [/B][/QUOTE] *smiles*.. *nods*...*drinks the coffee*. hi misses, i missed you :D &thanks for the 10 outa 10.
  6. thank you. i drew the un coulored one, scaned it, then i used flash for the coulored one.
  7. here is some more art i did for Artclass, what do you think about it?
  8. could any one please tell me what they thought of a drawing i made, it was suposed to be a picture of a girl i know .
  9. 1) What do you collect? buttons 2) How much of the item(s) do you have? 123 3) What is your favorite out of all the items? The Good Charolette ones. 4) How long have you been collecting it/them? 1 year
  10. Are you male or female? [b]female[/b] How long has your longest relationship lasted? [b]2 years[/b] What was the worst ending to a relationship you have been in?[b]he cheated on me with 4 of my friends.[/b] ..I dont know if that is the worst.. but its good enough. What is the one thing you hope to find in your perfect mate?[b]Love,Trust, Alot of other things.[/b] what is your pet peve about the people you date? [b]um when they call me woman, or Girl..or pretty much anything besides my name...I hate that.[/b] Have you ever used a pick up line? [b]Nope[/b] -if so, did it work? [b]Probably not[/b] Have you ever had a pick up line used on you?[b]Yep[/b] -if so, did it work? [b]YEAH RIGHT.[/b] Girls only What do men want? In your opinon, what is the general behavior of women? [b] WONT ANSWER THIS ONE FOR MY OWN GOOD:) [/b]
  11. Great Review!..I really liked it, *hands everyone a cup of coffee*.. i take it most of the people will probably [b]NOT[/b] See it.. inless they like rats *shudders* no rats for me
  12. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DuoMax [/i] [B]Willard=NO! [/B][/QUOTE] ^_________________^ *drinks her biiig cup of coffee Juu Gave Her* ....No= what..No as in good, no as in bad, no as in i havent seen in, no as in i wouldnt see it, no as in your wrong.. no as in dont drink the coffee...No as in what. [on a lighter note]....YES I AM HYPER.....*POINTS AT JUU...*...sHES THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE COFFEE...
  13. redsilhouettex


    did anyone see the movie "willard". The one with the mice and him, i thought it was quite pathetic & a waste of 8.50 . ^.~; but that is what i thought about it,
  14. ^^;; it was a great movie, i saw it and yeah, i really enjoyed it, especially when he was in the club..sence.. i belive it was called the "downlow".. Lol i thought it was funny how he was dressed, & when he was on the phone about to call the cops and then he started to speak in chinese ^^;; although.. the best part.. was when he was @ the dinner table.. i was laughing... okay enough of what i think about it.
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