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  1. My favourite death scene, Hmm it would have to be when Rei ayanami (the first one) Kills herself by putting the mine on the angel.
  2. Well it all started about 4-5 years ago,I sat in my favourtite arm chair sipping my 20 year old brandy, I slowly picked up my remote and clicked it onto SBS (a really poor australian channel) and thier on the screen was the face of a huge robot, it as Evangelion i sat thier and watched it and was hooked after that time on.
  3. i Play the book ones written by ian livingstone and steve jackson, thier really fun.
  4. What famous dance show is parodied in 'Final Fantasy IX' when Freya and others of her kind dance at Cleyra to strengthen the sand storm?
  5. Steiner has been booted from otakuboards, So may i ask the next Q ?
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