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  1. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet']Ok, how is a child like oh say a one year old, sinful? [/color][/quote] when it says that everyone is sinful in the bible it refers that ppl inherit this from Adam and Eve since they were the first humans and they sinned everyone is sinful, it doesn't mean the child that has no common sense is sinful in the way that she or he is doing a bad thing its inherited..
  2. thewanderer

    3 Wishes......

    [QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet]Why you'd want to be a one armed dog demon with an annoying 1/2 brother, an annoyiong servant and a kid is beyond me but hey it's not my life. Of course if I was wishing to be Sesshomaru, my sesond wish would be to have my arm back and my third would be to become a real living thing instead of a 2-D drawing. But that's just me[/color][/QUOTE] umm.. that would be under the implied powers of genie code.. :animeswea
  3. thewanderer

    Anime Favorite Gundams

    wing zero: awesome wings and fast too tallgeese III: although its not a gundam it freaking ownz
  4. thewanderer

    3 Wishes......

    1. Become Sesshomaru the ultimate youkai and have all his powers dont care for the other two
  5. thewanderer

    Where do you live?

    live in Georgia about 45 mins north of Atlanta its not bad...
  6. Sesshomaru cause im really aloof of most of the people around me and i dont talk much unless its important or to brag..
  7. thewanderer

    Anime Trigun

    Trigun is great I like how Vash changes his moods all the time and how good he is at doing it and the same goes for Wolfwood. Also I like how Legato character is so complex and hard to understand
  8. thewanderer

    Anime which cartoon do you prefer out of..

    Rouroni Kenshin is probably the best of the group its a cool series and the storyline is pretty good..
  9. thewanderer

    Anime Characters

    definitely Crim..he is just laid back and does what he wants but he is a nice guy too and he is realistic..the world is not controlling him.:rolleyes:
  10. thewanderer

    Anime Something going between Tsukasa and Subaru?!

    Tsukasa is a girl..heh.. i knew it he is too sensitive to be a guy and i thought subaru and tsukasa had some type of relationship..saw that episode where she was waiting for him or something like that..thats weird.. i must be .hack//sign challenged..:p .. oh yeah almost forgot is subaru in a wheelchair in the real world or something cause it looked like she was when she was crying?
  11. thewanderer

    Where do You live?

    i was born in David, Panama.. i live in Hall County..Gainesville, Georgia now
  12. jeez when i was about 2 i used to eat dirt..i stopped after my mom made me ate a whole plate of dirt so i would stop..sad isnt it..:(
  13. thewanderer


    Jason means God is my salvation in Hebrew and my middle name Kenneth means handsome in Irish... i dont know if that was a very realiable source...:D
  14. thewanderer

    Anime What anime character do you look like?

    well out of most anime ive seen i look more like Miroku from Inu Yasha i dont have a pony tail though and i dont act like him..
  15. thewanderer

    What scares you..?

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ruby [/i] [B]^^; Forgot one...biggest fear of all is being rejected. Heh, if I have a chance for rejection. Well I probly won't take that chance. By the way I LIKE THE DARK, just because it gives me away to hid with out actually having to hide. I also have a answer to what thewanderer had said. You can never be alone your whole life. Even if you think your along your not. Cause there will always be some one on this planet waiting for you, always. You just might not know it, but that person waiting for you will always be with you. Yeah I know most likely thewanderer is never going to read that. [/B][/QUOTE] hehe..i did read it and besides i was going to put my greatest fear is being rejected but i wimped out...:D thought my opinion was going to be rejected