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    'artist' i do lots of things that have to do with the arts.
  1. twixy


    dreams...that's a big question. especially if you take into concideration any sort of religious/spiritual content. i have all kinds of dreams some even become short stories. most of my dreams as of late have been either ultra violent or apocolyptic. what i find to be the strangest thing though is that the dreams which most would see as scarey don't frighten me and dreams that are a lot more tame and normal seem to startle me. *shrugs* i use to do dream interpretation...among other things so...it's hard to say really wether theres some deep meaning or not, i will say that theres a lot of symbolism in dreams. 'sometimes a cigar is just a cigar' -Sigmond Freud.
  2. twixy

    Piercings and Tattoos

    for the longest time i had a piercing in each ear, then i went to college...got two more in my left ear one above the first one and one in the cartilige. then i dated a tattoo and piercing apprentice, his boss pierced my belly button and later my tongue. this past winter i pierced my nose. so all in all i have 7 piercings. there are reasons i've never gotten any of the other piercings i thought i wanted done. the funniest thing hapened at a party once, my roomate (who has his sceptum pierced) told some kid he did it himself with a drill..heh. but i hear that one hurts. ALOT! oh there's work and what piercing are acceptable and what is not... i was thinking about getting a tattoo, my husband has 2 of them and wants to get a 3rd when he gets back from serving overseas. i have the flash for the tattoo i want, it's now just a question of, do i really want this on my body for the rest of my life?
  3. twixy

    Problems facing today's society.

    there should be a hurricane named after me.....maybe we should take a capitalistic nature on the whole thing and let people buy the right to name them after themselves...like a star. >.o
  4. hrm. actually i was resently told and given webspace, an old roomate and friend just opened a freewebspace server. [url]http://www.m0nkeyb0y.org[/url]and i got to make the freaking cutest banner for it on my page heh.
  5. the banner i use is saved to my geocities site and i can't always get them to load and i was wondering if that was a glitch in the geocities cite because i know on some other message boards and systems sometimes they aren't compatiable. i used the [*img][/img] commands like it says to use...(without the * of course...) and usually a little image icon will pop up and disappear once the page is completely loaded. any thoughts on it? sorry about putting the thread under the wrong place.
  6. *giggles* i know exactly what you mean Ramen....like it's cool to think about the possiblities and usually you need some time to gather materials together...if i come across some blonde haired blue eyes chicas i'll let you know....what about the more stereotypical sailor moon ? heh. >.o *LOL* what about dressing up as a chobit? althogugh they are kinda..i dunno....well...er..mechical replacements for female companionship...there must be some lonely anime artists out there...
  7. I've spent the entier day trying to ignore the fact but in all honest truth. my husband is gone. (returned to Korea cause the Army is mean) man i feel old saying that. He's so far served 13 months overseas....and everytime he comes back i tell him to bring me something interesting and unique to asia. like imported gadgets, clothing, anime.... i'm trying to think of some things i'd like him to bring back...other than a freakin cold which he gave me over the 2 weeks he visited. my roomate has tried to give me suggestions as to 'good' anime or anime he thinks i'd enjoy. But both of our knowledge on the topic is limited...and i'm so far away from the places where you can rent a wide selection of anime...not to mention the some of the small privately owned stores where i use to be able to rent subtitled anime and buy manga books. so i would like to have sugestions on interesting anime series and such as most of the sites i've looked at don't really answer that question well, or maybe i'm just entering the wrong search criteria. -i really hope i'm not breaking the rules with this post.- i truely appoligise if i am. Neon Genesis Evangelion (seen some of it) Trigun (er heard of it) Hellsin (not seen it) Serial Experiments Lain (seen all of them- really interesing) Love Hina (not seen) Iria: The Zeirem Animation (not seen) Akria (thought this was an anime cult classic-seen it) Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (saw it and the original as well) -i've also seen blood the last vampire. really liked it. -i saw some anime were they were demon hunters and named after deserts -seen cowboy bebop. (loved the movie) -seen techi muyo hrm seen a few sutitled versions of Cardcaptor. and maybe a few others that i don't know the names of. :(
  8. twixy

    Art OutLaw Star banner....

    my roomate suggested Outlaw Star for a banner...i think it came out alright.... [img]http://www.m0nkeyb0y.org/~betwixtimes/images/outlawstar.jpg[/img] Gene's so cute...:D i think the fuzziness has to do with the ffact that it's a low quality jpg. which makes the image smaller but the quality go down. *shrugs* i think i might be able to find a way around the fuzzines and keep the image size low.
  9. twixy

    Art really good at making people mad.

    hrm i see it. what the heck oh well. 3 months is nothing compaired to the 13 months he's be gone. oh well. umm i wish the pic would show up. wonder where it's hiding. thank you sara. :love: the reason there's no color is because it's flash for a tattoo. there's a lot of symbolism...the 'cat' is supose to be a fox...the shapeshifting animal type that wore masks... ---------------------------------------------- if any cares to know what the mask means... the mask is representation of my personal avatar, the fox. she's supose to remind me that all of my depression is a transitional period in my life and that i can work thru it with help. the ribbons are supose to draw in the sorrows/trials/tribulations and pull them into the webing set behind the mask and ribbons (similiar concept to a dream catcher) and remove them from my daily thoughts of ugh...i'm depressed and replace it with the thought of inner strength. alright that's about it. heh. i think i've yammered on enough about personal goals and stuffs. ;) hrm come to think of it maybe i'll put the kanji for strength in there... i think you'd be able to see the pic better if i had a scanner. the image was actually taken with a quickcam.
  10. so i've been on this board for like 3 days and managed to irritate a bunch of people. i think. *sigh* i guess it's just empty nest syndrome. my hubby just got sent back to Korea today...i think he'd going to bring me back some manga though...which is cool...i guess. in three months if the army doesn't lie to me again. i like doing graphics and i'm obsessive compulsive so that coupled with insomnia isn't fun. too much time and not enough to do. so basically i'm really sorry. this is a drawing that was inspired by japanese style masks for the mystism aspect of the culture. [img]http://www.m0nkeyb0y.org/~betwixtimes/images/tattoo.jpg[/img] whatcha think.
  11. twixy

    Art Stuart's latest and greatest

    umm i just started making banners and i've really enjoyed the ones i've seen of yours. as for font, it's a really big part of the over all composition. and although font can be plain there's all kinds of things you can do in paintshop with blending and eyecandies. [url=http://www.dafont.com/][/url] that's a good free font site. then you simply click the download link of the font you like. they'll download using winzip. when you extract the ttf files: click extract click local disk (C:/) click WINNT click font and extract to that file. now you have a new font. :babble:
  12. i was more stating along the line of cosplay. what you look like. if someone did a hair and makeup number on you. i found a better forum though, the 'your picture' one.
  13. *drool* very nice rendering. what kind of graphics programs do you use? i've tried using maya but it makes my brain smoke. i always knew there was a lot of work in games. :)
  14. i've been looking around this site and i've enjoyed all the images soo much. normally all i do is real picture alterations...give people wings ears horns put them somewhere else etc. but i tried making a banner and now i'm wondering what image size is a good one. i think i may have to do more editing. :devil:
  15. twixy


    um hm..well my sn here is twixy which is the shortened version of my sn for several other things. betwixtimes (i know betwixt has a -t- at the end but the first time i used the sn there weren't enough spaces...) and that's because all more than often i am neither here nor there...or something. my actual name was alicia sujin tarr before i got married. i guess my parents thought it was pretty. >.o