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    obviously i dont have a life you can tell that from were i live
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  1. Dragon Tamer 89

    Anime FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

    i love flcl but i am sad that it is over that is one of my top 5 shows i understood it as much as humanly possible for that show i am looking for it on dvd or vhs wich ever one i can findbut they should make it longer than that i mean 6 episode come on!
  2. Dragon Tamer 89

    appearance or personality

    i would choose personality i dont go by how hot they are if they are notso called "hot" then i dont care
  3. Dragon Tamer 89

    Art Art trade :D Pretty girl.

    juna was talking about her pants because the way she is standing her pant should not bow out like that
  4. Dragon Tamer 89

    Art Another new banner...

    that last banner was one of my favorite banners
  5. Dragon Tamer 89

    Art Best Otaku Boards Banner Contest

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Vertigo [/i] [B]I'd put my money on: 1. Get picture(s) that you want in the banner 2. Open your graphics program, and make a new document banner-size 3. Act like you know what you are doing and/or play with transparency, colors, and other effects of the sort. 4. Post. (At least, that's what I would do...) [/B][/QUOTE] newbie question can u list some of the programs that u could use:D
  6. will someone tell me how to insert the banner i have made please:D
  7. Dragon Tamer 89

    Art Nomad's new banners

    can someone tell me how to mak a banner [color=teal]EDIT:[/color] and also an avitar [color=teal]Please do not double post. Use the edit button at the bottom of your post to add whatever you need. Read the messege below for the answer to your question, though I think it's time for a sticky on this. -Syk3[/color]
  8. Dragon Tamer 89

    Anime Does anybody know

    i just started watching and i need a fill in on what is going on