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  1. Um, I dont get cable, but I get the DVDs of cowboy bebop, and one guy over the internet says Spike dies, is this true?
  2. Anime

    I just tend to not like seeing all of the people of earth being whiped out to become one....its not my style.
  3. Anime

    Ooookay.....that sucks...I think i'm just going to go by the sries ending, considering it far more positive and less....apcalyptic
  4. Anime

    I'm wondering what happens to the world, the people, its just mind-boggling
  5. Anime

    Okay, I have no freakin idea of whats going on in this film....can someone help explain this to me?
  6. Anime

    The first Anime I saw was when I was five, I saw 'Gigantor' on the sci fi channel. I had no idea it was Anime then (problably cause the term 'Anime' didnt exist yet) but it was just some giant robot show to watch in the morning. After that all I saw of Anime was on TV commercials selling Akira for 19.95. But then I god into Pokemon and DBZ and yadda-yadda-yadda. I think the real turning point in anime for me was when I picked up a copy of Evangelion at a import store. I thought it was just gonna be a cool robot anime with sexy ladies ;) Needless to say, I was wrong, it was like going from cheap apple sparkler to a fine vintage champagne. I was hooked....otherwise why wouldnt I be here.... But my whole family thinks i'm a freak for: "Watching that crap". But the sacrifice is worth it....okay, shutting up
  7. Anime

    Yeah, that battle with the autopilot scared the crap out of me....
  8. Anime

    I sure hope so, because the end is a major freakin bummer....I personally enjoyed the series ending more cause certain people didnt die!
  9. Anime

    Yeah, the animation is far too good. But why must Rei always appear without a shirt in everything....erm....not that i'm complaining.....
  10. Anime

    Soytenly! this is all the info I have:[URL][/URL]
  11. Anime

    Okay, i'm a n00b, and I dont know if there has been a thread like this recently so bear with me here..... Just say your favorite anime battle (duh) and why Mine is the fight between EVA unit 01 and 02 late in Neon genesis evangelion because of the emotions going through Shinjis head, even if he does manage to stop the EVA, he will have to end up killing his friend the angel Kaworu.
  12. Anime

    Yeah heard rumors of it too, I also saw a poster with a grown-up Shinji, Rei, and Asuka.
  13. Anime

    I agree abouth the comment on the hospital scene, after all Shinji has been through a massive amount of mental trauma and he has to do....erm.....something to take his mind off it.....okay I think I just better shut up now..... Anyway, I just bought End of Evangelion and am planning to watch it tonight, although I am not looking forward to it.....
  14. Anime

    I just got this yesterday, i've already watched it like five times. I really liked the commentary,"OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED KAJI!!!"