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    RPG Those who Hunt: By Night (Mature)

    Two hunters and two Wampry.......Kuroichi what have you started?? Eve thought to herself as she rased her middle and pointer fingers up between her eye brows. A spark of purple glowed brightly inbetween her fingers and forhead. Slowly she moved her fingers away pulling out a small purple orb. Lowering her hand to lip level she again whispers to the orb as if giving it a command. She then spread her two fingers apart making two orb, each now glowing a bright violet. Her ruby lips blow out a breath of air and send the orb spiraling over to the two hunters heads. The first one reaches Daki and disapears into his head the seconed one entered Hirohi's head as well. Eve rases both hands spread apart at her head, purple glows at the end of her finger tips......"DAZE!" she yells and instently like a bomb the purple orbs graspe the hunters minds bluring their vision and imparing their ablity to walk. "This is for your own good, you two do not know of Kuroichi's power" She said drawing out her throwing stars, each of them spread out in her hands like a fan. "Now Kuroichi your ruining my plans so i must ride myself of your ignorence. She said throwing the stars at him, two of them slice his shirt as for the rest pining him to the wall. She then aproched the dangaling Kuroichi, placing her right hand over his heart she slowly begins to press down. With the other she places her pointer finger at the middle of the back of her right hand. With a swift movement she strikes her hand sending a black orb into Kuroichi's chest. For a moment nothing and he lets out a laugh. "Was that it? Was it suppose to hurt?" he said laughing again. "Poor Kuroichi when i ment angel i ment your angel of death.....you finaly get to know peace Kuroichi take it with bliss," she said as a shocking pain shoots through his body. A black light protureds from Kuriochis chest and up Eves arm slowing but surely draing Kuriochi of his strength "What do you say Kuriochi to you take death with pleasure??"
  2. SpirtOfAnime

    RPG Those who Hunt: By Night (Mature)

    Eve walked away from the park and headed toward Kiroichi sent. "He has moved quite a bit sence i last tracked him," She said changing into a howk. She flew through the crisp night air, wind blew the sent of fire in her face. "Hmmmm a hunters spell, but Kiroichi escaped........now he's," She sniffed, air filled her beak she picked up his sent again. She traced him into an apartment with a human. "Wait no ragular human a hunter.....and looks as if Kiroichi's going for his next meal," She said diving close to the ground she instently changed into a cat and scampered up the apartment steps. Soon she reached the girls appartment, changing back into her self she turned the door nob it did not move "Its locked, why do humans think locking doors are going to keep out the creatures of the night??" She lightly tapped where the locks should be if they where on this side, a few seconds later Eve heard a thump on the floor as the door slowly swung open. She stepped in to see the locks and door nob laying on the carpet. It was dark but Eve could easily see Kiroichi pinning the young girl to the wall. He looked up,eve swiftly turned into a cat and ran under a table. "Who's there?? Come out i know your here," He sniffed the air as if to pick up the smell of the being in the room with them. A sweet smell of roses filled his nose along with the overpowering smell of blood. "A vampire.....Hahahaha show your self girl!" He said turing around and dropping the girl on the floor. "Not vampire Kiroichi, Angel," she said changing back and stepping into his veiw.
  3. SpirtOfAnime

    RPG Those who Hunt: By Night (Mature)

    ooc: great posting everyone! I have a good feeling about this rp! [color=darkorchid] Soft pink petals flowed around Eve as she smelled the air, blood was everywhere as the battle of night creatures and hunters begain. Eve sat up on the bench distrubing the petals around her slinder frame. "Whats this??? Kuroichi going into another fit of rage," she said gazing at the charry blossoms "He is going to get himself killed, weather he likes it or not death is always close behind," A grin crossed her pale face. Standing up she serenly walked down the dirt path, a small girl played jump rope. Her golden curles bounced up and down with every hop. "So innocent, not knowing of the dangers of life........Foolish of her of parents to leave her here by herself, the horriable things that could happen to her.......oh the horrible things," The girl suddenly looked up casting a frightend look toward Eve. The girl began to run away from Eve, leaving the rope behinde. Eve swiftly dashed after her easily apearing in front of her, the girl let out a shrill of fright and tryed to run the other way. Yet again Eve rushed in front of her. "Why are you so afraid of dying child? You know nothing of this horried world.....why would you want to return here? Why not stay in the clouds of the heavens? Im giving you a blessing girl take it with bliss," Grabing the girl she sprinted toward the biggest charry blossom.. the girl let out a scream but it was muffled by Eves hand. Eve quickly took out four of her stars and pinned the girl to the tree. The girls eyes glazed over she looked up at eve and gave her a faint smile, "I guess im not afraid of dying after all...." Eves eyes begain to fog as her fangs grew, they glittered in the moonlight. She removed the girls scarf and sunk her sharp fangs into the girls soft neck. Her blood was pure....so pure. Tears flowed down the girls face as her heart beat slowed and finally stopped. Eve let go of the girl and her frail body lay limply on the tree. "Return to the heavens now........have peace like i will never know," With that Eve turned away and walked out of the park. "I guess this is the beginning of the end........"[/color]
  4. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Those who Hunt: By Night (Mature)

    Name: Eve (does not remember last name) Age:251 (looks about 20) Gender: female Species: Vampire Height: 5'7 Weight:119 Description: [URL=http://www.we-love-anime.com/gallery/index.php?g=Angel Sanctuary&p=58&frpg=3&f=#pic] Click me! [/URL] Weaponry: She uses a double bladed knife and throwing stars which are tipped with poison Gifts: Animal form- Eve can turn into two animals a hawk and a cat Drain- Eve can concoct an orb that can steal a general amount of energy to restore her own she can however only do this at certain times Daze- When Eve's eyes begin to turn red they make the looker dazed as if they are drunk almost like they are half asleep. Vision and hearing are impaired Bio: Eve's parents were killed by hunrter when she was a young vampire. She gave herself for money and then she would drain her clients blood dry. After awhile the town she was staying in grew suspicious of her and drove her out. She fell in and out of clans and some even excomunitcated her for careless behavior and reclessness. She is now in search of a clan that understands her and her so called "carelessness" She is for ever searching for her parents killers to take revenge upon. Most of the time Eve can control herself but she sometimes has outbreaks of blood rage. Most of the time she is quiet and only says things when they are needed.
  5. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Cowboy Bebop: The new crew

    hey guys i think im gonna shut this one down i've been having writers block and i am alittle to buzy to work on this right now but thank yo for signing up
  6. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Apartment Building C

    [color=maroon]Name:[/color] [color=black]Seara[/color] [color=maroon]Gender:[/color] [color=black]female[/color] [color=maroon]Age:[/color] [color=black]19[/color] [color=maroon]Description:[/color] [URL=http://www.csusm.edu/anime/gallery/Nat/sm/tiedup.jpg] This is D[/URL] [URL=http://www.csusm.edu/anime/gallery/Nat/sm/breadbun.jpg] This is Seara[/URL] [color=maroon]Biography:[/color] [color=black] Seara was sent to a mental instatution at the age of six after she killed her dog and hung its guts around her room. Seara swears her imaginary friend D made her do it. While in the instatution the doctors found out that D was her alternate personality. She was released at the age of 19 on good behavior. Seara's alternaite personalitly D read alot of books on black magick and vamprisim and is now convinced that she is a vampire. D is always bringing home new pray, she also performs black magic rituals several times a week and is always summoning ghosts and spirits that haunt the apartment building. D works part time at a gothic bar as a dominatrix. When Seara is herself she still acts like a six year old girl and is always playing in the halls of the apartment and annyoing the inhabitants. [/color] [color=maroon]Reason For Moving In:[/color] [color=black]D thought it was chep enough for her and Seara to live in, plus D likes old crappy places.[/color] [color=maroon]Idiosyncracies:[/color] [color=black]When D takes over Seara's apperence changes and so does her personality, she is practicaly a different person. D looks 19 and acts older then Seara does when she is "herself". When Seara is "herself" she acts like a siz year old girl and looks like one too. One weird thing that really freakes Charlie out is when D and Seara talk to each other they swich apperence's depending on who is talking. Most of the time D comes out at night and Seara is "herself" during the day.[/color]
  7. SpirtOfAnime

    Request Parasite Banner

    Hi ummm i was woundering if someone could make me a parasite eve 2 banner with the main girl character (sorry i cant remember her name but she is my avatar) And ummm could you put the words "In a world of chaos love is all there is" Ummm that would be cool Thank you!
  8. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up OtakuBoards: The Movie(s) [PG-13]

    Name/Codename: SpirtOfAnime/ The Space Cowgirl Age: 17 Gender:female Appearance: [URL=http://www.animezen.net/gallery/Anime_Babes/anime_babes486.jpg]Click me![/URL] Personality:Fun (Laughter is the best!) Silly, usualy tries to stay up beat and happy. Loving, can be lazy if wants to :) is her own person and does not like the mainstream thing finds it boring :) Very open will talk about anything (really anything) Open minded and a free spirit (child of the earth if you will) Likes to act like a cat (hey dont lie im sure you talk to your cat too!) History: moved to the OB awhile ago about a year, left for vacation and has recently returned! Likes to take part in most of the rpgs that go on here. Does not like the kiddy rpg's that much. Recently created a Cowboy Bebop rpg that i must say was a good plot but so far only one person has signed up but hey not every one can be a host! :) Movie Morph: Feye Valentine Cowboy Bebop Movie Morph Character Name: Feye Valentine Movies: Cowboy Bebop Gender:female Appearance: [URL=http://www.animezen.net/gallery/Cowboy_Bebop/cowboy_bebop24.jpg] Click me![/URL] Powers: very skilled at guns sharp shooting cowgirl! knows karate (Added power, just because thats all she can do is shoot a gun and kick but :( ) She can use basic lighting spells (Hope thats ok) Annoying Quirk: Just in it for the money Stereotype:The conseaded type someone who is all into themself oh and stupid people. Personality: She is more closed (with her personal feelings) Does not talk alot about her past. More tough and can take alot of pain. Does not get to close to people. She is a very suductive women and she does not let people get in her way or push her around. But deep down she really wants someone to share the pain with.
  9. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Cowboy Bebop: The new crew

    Well I guess if no one else signs up in the next couple of days im gonnna have to give up and delete my form :(
  10. SpirtOfAnime

    RPG Phoenix Collective: Underworld Law [17+]

    May quicked her pace she passed the many testing rooms and labs on her way to the main meeting room. Her cell phone began to ring again. She picked it up, Lillian "You best hurry yourself, he's ready for you now," "I'm on my way girl you better cool the tone of yours or you wont have a voice at all," May said hanging up the phone. "Why doesnt he fire her, she's a little brat," She turned the corner and was stopped by a man. "Where yah going May?" It was one of the sciencetist thats been givng her a hard time. He was jelous that she got to work in the lab and on missions. "Why do you need to know Gill?" "Your going to see him arnt you, maybe you could tell him he's doing a hell of a job keeping me out of feild work," he said in a mocking tone. She stepped side ways to avoid him but he swiftly moved in front of her. "Get out of my way Gill, I have little nerve for your ******** right now," "Oh and what are you gonna do about it hummm, you cant touch me you'll get booted," he said with a smirk. "Oh really, well if you dont move im gonna have to do something about it," "Come on May, you dont kill people your to afraid to, let alone fight," she clenched her fists "I do when i have to and your making it hard for me not to knock your lights out," She pushed him into a garbage can and made her way to the basement.b "I feel much better now," she giggled. She arrived at the doors to the main meeting room, two husky men stood in front of the door. She stepped up to them,"Im here to see the boss" "Who are you?" "May, now move," They moved out of the way and opened the big doors and May stepped in......
  11. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Cowboy Bebop: The new crew

    [color=purple]Faye's gone......Jet's gone.....Ed's gone......even Ein's gone. Where is everyone? No data on them in the international space ID center. Its like they were never born. Spike was released from the mars national hospital this evening. No money, no clue as to were the Bebop is, or any of his crew members are. They told him he was in a crash. They said he must have fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a building. He had been in a coma for a week. No one came to visit him no cards or flowers. All he has is his space ship and himself. After the first day Spike tried to find out about where Jet was by asking one of Jets close friends Bob, he acted like he never new him. What the hell was going on here. Spike desided to lie low for awhile. He stayed at a pub slash apartment. Working part time for the owner. It wasnt to bad, he got the news on some badies that had big bounties on their heads. But could he live like this forever? "Hey Spike you can take your break now," said the burly man behind the counter. Spike waved and stepped outside. Just as he was about to light up he heard someone step behind him. "Where are they," he said as the flame licked the end of the cigaret. "You want answers, I can give them to you..but we can't talk here. It's too dangerous," said the smooth voice of a women. "Meet me at this address at midnight,"slidding a paper on the ground next to him. "If your a minute late I'll leave," Picking up the paper he slipped it into his pocket, took a long drag of his cigaret and turned around. She was gone. He was to meet her at an old abandoned apartment building. Spike got there right at twelve and went up to appartment 15. The door was slightly cracked. The sent of rose's hung in the air. He stuck his head in to see the women sitting at a table with two chairs. "Come in Spike, your right on time," She said gestering to the other chair across from hers. He sat down and looked at her "You never told me you name," "Jill...Jill Rouge," "Are you a bounty hunter?" "You could say that, I work for a retired bounty hunter. But thats not whats important right now. Have you ever heard of a gang called Hypnos?" "Nope," he said lighting a cigaret. by al "Well my team and I have been tracking them for quite some time. Resently they have been kidnapping bounthunters. All we know so far is that they are testing a new drug on them. They wipe the memmories of the hunters families,friends all clean. Even their national space ID's are erased," She said handing Spike a folder. He opened it and skimmed through the reports. "So they got Faye, Ed, and Jet. But why would they go through all the trouble to make them seem as if they were never born," he said closing the folder. "We dont know why yet, but we do know that the drug is a weapon." "So are you asking me to join with you and you team?" he said his eyes closed. "Yes, we need all the help we can get. And with you i know we can stop them and save your friends......Your a legend you know......your known most every bounty hunter and bounty........The lone Cowboy," He smiled,"Guess i cant work at a bar forever," Ok kitties here is the low down on the Hypnos gang. They are lead by an x-millary sciencetist who goes by the name of, Psyco Dango. They wernt to much trouble until resent when some of Dangos agents started to kindnap hunters. Now there is word that they are testing a new drug on them. All we know is it is dangreous and we need to stop them before the drug hits the blackmartket. Now for the good guys. Jill works for a retiered bounty hunter who now owns an underground hunter agentcy called Halo. They try to stop the top badies and for the most part have done a good job. But with this new case its proving to be a challenge. Jill is on a special team called Angel. The Angel team takes care of the grusome badies. They are the top agents in the Halo corp. (Ps. the retiered bounty hunters name is Bill Halo) Ok here is the sigh up sheets! Name: any name you please Age: 19 and up sex: male or female organisation: Hypnos or Halo corp. weapon: nothing that can wipe out a building no magick apperence: Bio: not to short and not to long Ok here is the hard part im not going to be playing Spike. I will be playing Psyco Dango and Jill. So if you want to be Spike its who ever sighs up as him first. Heres Jills Info ( I will not give info on Dango) Name:Jill Rouge Age:23 sex: female Organisation: Halo corp. weapon: two atomatic hand guns and a pocket knife. She also knows jet kun doe and tie chi apperence:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/6-5.htm]Click me![/URL] Bio: Jills father and Bill where like brothers. After Jills father retired Bill let them stay with him. Every thing was going great untill Jills father made a deal with the wrong people. Jill woke up one morning to find her father dead. She was to young to understand why someone would do that. So Bill took her under his wing. When she became 18 he told her about the Halo corparation and she desided that she wanted to become an agent. She trained for about 2 years and worked her way up to the Angels team by the age of 21. She is forever searching for her fathers killer and tries to catch anyone with a bounty on their head.[/color]
  12. SpirtOfAnime

    RPG Phoenix Collective: Underworld Law [17+]

    They came at her all at once. She ducked as one of the cretures threw a punch. She fired hitting it right in the head, it fell lifeless to the stone ground. Now five of them came, she shot hitting one. More of them coming now surrounding her she took out some but they quickly came back more and more each time she killed one. There was a mob of them now and she pulled out another pistol. Two fell, three but ten came back. "**** there's so many ," she cursed to herself. She dropped her guns and raised her hands above her. She uttered some words to her self as the ground begain to shake out of controll. Clouds rolled in and thunder boomed. They where closing in on her now, lighting striked and fell into her hands with an explotion the lighting went out of controll, it hit a whole row of monsters and took out a building. She opened her eyes and screamed "Damnit!" trying to aim she almost hit a house and a car. The lighting hit a metal poll and bounced back heading stright for her, in seconds she was on the ground and the creatures were all around her. Game Over..........Flashed in front of her eyes as she took off the VR helmet. She unhooked the wires from her VR suit and hit the "Open Door" button. She cluched her arms as a rush of cold air blew on her bare arms. The VR suit was like a one piece bathing suit. "Nice one May," Said a deep voice. "Like to see you take on 50 warewovles at a time Hilton," She said giving him a playfull glare. "Still cant get that damn lighting spell undercontroll, oh well guess Ill head over to the locker rooms." May had been working for Jon Tack for most of her short life and when she was not here or on an assiment she was at home or her side job at a small cafe. She headed down the long corridoor of the Tack Bio building and turned into the girls locker room. She pealed off her VR suit and stepped into the shower. The hot water trickled off her far body. She turned the water off and wrapped a towel around her walking back to her locker. As she oppened her lock her pager was vibrating. She took it out and read the number. It was a cell phone and it was Lillian, her supervisor. "What is it now?" she said quickly getting dressed and grabbing her cell phone and calling her. "Whats up Lil?" "You need to report to the boss "Meetin i think" she giggled and hung up. She slid the phone into her cut off shorts and went toward Jons office.
  13. name:Lara Hill age:25 gender:female weapon:she carries a gun around her belt and a emergency pocket knife around her ankle Bio: Her father had been invetagating this case for years before he passed on. He was haunted by the things that he had found out about the clock tower murders. Before he died he told Lara to stay away from there and take her paranormal invetagations some where else. That was 2 years ago and Lara know had been studying her fathers old things and believes that the killer is infact a imortal being but she tells no one of her beleifs. Now she has the opertunity to finaly go to the clock tower her self. Personality: It takes alot to scare her but if someone is chaseing her or fallowing her she starts to freak out. She is out going but is very serous about her work and gets very mad when people talk about her family. apperince:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/34-10.htm]click here[/URL]
  14. SpirtOfAnime

    Sign Up Essence: The Haru's last defense

    hey sorry guys but im withdrawing from this post nothing personal :)
  15. SpirtOfAnime

    Request Cowboy bebop banner

    Ahhh no i love it its perfect thank you!