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  1. Everybody's comin' over here for Thanksgiving this year. I like it that way so we get all the leftovers. ^_^ This'll be my first year without my brother at Thanksgiving with us, though...he'd rather go skiing. -_-
  2. I love ANYthing by Christopher Pike. And I just started reading the novel Fight Club since I'm so obsessed with the movie. I was already addicted after the first page. ^^
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by peekabooicu [/i] [B]um.... im not good at these problems but i know how to dump a gurl 1:dont talk 2:dont reaspond to her messedges 3: Go out with their hot firends (if thir firends are hot and nice)(LOL) but really just ask out some1 else and then everythin will go back to normal:p :p :p :p :p :p [/B][/QUOTE] I'm sure you're [b]very[/b] popular with the girls. A lot of girls liking you at one time...I really don't see the problem...unless they're all stalking you or something. Or you're like Matt and feel guilty that you're being unfair to them...ahh...Matt...:love:
  4. Gaming

    I watched my brother play the Nintendo versions when I was younger, and then watched him play MGS when he got it for Christmas...I thought it was the stupidest thing...until I played it for myself and got addicted. ^^;; Now I won't let him take it back to college with him...gahaha. ^_^
  5. You are a manwhore. Manwhores are evil. I suggest you get an exorcist and purify yourself before these girls come and castrate you instead of just kill you. Or you could just pick the one you like most and tell the others that you're already involved...
  6. Here...feel better. ---> :toothy: Was it you or Teoh who always said "toofy"? ^^
  7. Cammy...[b]almost[/b] spelt that right. ^_^;;; Is that something nice? O_o
  8. Gaming

    8's was really ingenious...but I just didn't care for it. I guess I liked 7's or 3's the best...lazy little me. ^^;;
  9. He's showing everyone his "OH" face...eheh...-_-;;;
  10. But if it "doesn't not suck"...that means it confused. O_o
  11. I hope everything does work out for the two of you. :) I'm very shy in real life, at least around people I don't know very well. I've been called "submissive"...which is sorta related to being shy. I've always been in relationships with a guy who's louder and more out-going than me, though, so I'm not sure exactly how to handle a girl/boyfriend who's best advice would be to just not worry about it. Nobody's always happy. You just need to be yourself...if you can't do that, what's the point of being in the relationship anyway?
  12. PSP isn't super great...but it's easy to use so that's what I have. ^^
  13. [SIZE=1]Wow. Those are all amazing. I'm afraid to post my poems and have them compared to everyone else's...(Chris, that poem was amazing! Why didn't you ever share it before? :p ) long one and one short one. *takes a deep breath* (Neither one have a title, either...) Did you try To take the path That opened easily? Lost inside Yourself, you lose More than you can see A million times I've tried to warn Your feet to watch themselves But you continued Aimlessly, not glancing Back, I could tell You guessed the road Was easy dirt, A rockless, simple tread While you were looking Deep inside I looked far ahead And saw the road Curve up and back With barriers and sand The shadows formed From empty friends Who stole from your dead hands They keep on reaching For you now As you blind yourself I give in And push them out I'm sick of worthless help They follow you And your sight To look inside, I know But they see air And so do I Your heart echos hollow You were looking Through yourself But just a bit too far You caught a glimpse Of someone's happiness On that far, far away star Don't compare Me to you Or yourself to it You've lost my heart And misplaced your soul Amid all this vanity sh*t. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Lie Awake amid the dirt You have dug yourself Walked upon By nameless faces Lost inside themselves Pulling through The crowds, to reach A darker path than this They stumble on Your face, your hands, Spikes sticking to their feet One spike stays Point trapped within Your heart, inside your chest That face recieves A name just then Lie Await your death. Um...explaination? Well, for anyone who made it through the whole first one...(soo long...gomen. ^_^;;; ) I wrote that when I was having problems with certain people...Chris, Cammy, you guys would know who...¬.¬ Lotsa stuff came crashing down then...and that poem just kinda came out. *_* The second attempt at a moral in a poem. I dunno what else, since I can't remember what I was thinking when I wrote it...:drunk:[/SIZE]
  14. Farting/Burping on purpose. Talking about gettin' drunk or high like it's the coolest thing in the world. Being a manwhore. I know too many of those. :p
  15. He's like...the evolved Barney or somethin'. He's also very sexy. ;)