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  1. Name:Micheal Nathan Gannon Weapon: 2 Dussack Knives (Blessed by a priest) [img]http://www.medieval-weaponry.com/media/dussack-knife-2654.jpg[/img] Bio:Catholic warrior sent by a vision of God. His mission is to find and distroy both soul blades so none can use their power for evil. Weapon Type: Katar/Punching Daggar- About 2'7" in length and approximatly the size of a normal sword, though large for a daggar.
  2. Actually, each DVD is $30. With 4 DVD's that's a big chunk of money for a 13 episode series. I just record em'. P.S.- Hellsing manga comes out early December.
  3. If you get the Action Network, (Encore Package) tune in to Animidnight, Fridays at 12AM to see Hellsing. They're already on Order 7-9 this week, but they do re-run the other ones too. Oh yeah...it's good
  4. Kinda off topic, but what's up w/ the song "Trigun" in the jukebox? First off, there is no song called "Trigun" in Trigun and second, it isn't even an anime song, they just put a MIDI version of a Korn song! If anyone else said this already, sorry ahead of time.
  5. One of the major guys who worked on WW (forgot his name...and it wasen't Miyamoto) said that he was able to include everything he ever wanted in a Zelda game in WW, so I think that this sequel, while being similar to WW, will have a very innovative plot, such as the 3 day limit thing in MM, and probably will have nothing to do w/ Ganon. Who knows, maybe the game will involve Link and the pirates setting up villages on new islands, in a Dark Cloud style "get stuff from dungeons and build a town" thing. Just a guess.
  6. If this has already been posted, I am sorry ahead of time. It has been announced that the next big Zelda game will be released on the GCN in 2004. Also, the game will have the cel-shaded style that the Wind Waker used. YAHOO! I can't wait for more news!
  7. You people had better at least like the Sonic/Shadow type running stages from the adventure series cuz it looks like thats what this game will be based on...at least I hope, those other stages like the treasure hunting and robot ones aren't very good.
  8. Wow, that Metroid item would be cool. You could pick up a containment test tube thing w/ a Metroid in it and it could go and suck the life out of other players! For characters, they need to add Megaman, Banjo and Kazooie (not going to happen now), Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Wario, and a Waluigi clone of him (like Mario and Luigi are in the game), a realistic and cel-shaded version of Link, Samurai Goroh, Baby Bowser, Mr. Resetti, Captain Olimar, and Star Wolf. Thats all I can think of now.
  9. MM3 is my favorie,(Protoman is really cool and so is Rush), but I can see why MM2 is most people's favorite. I only own 2,3,and 4 but I've played all the original ones through rentals. I even still have a faded code to reach Wiley's level in MM6 written on one of those little stickers that come w/ blank video tapes; it's stuck on my NES lid. Original Megaman rules!
  10. Whenever I get into something new I usually incorperate it into my SSBM play time. Dragonball (Mewtwo is a good Frieza), Cowboy Bebop (Blue Fox for Spike, Black Marth for Vicious and some Mario's and Luigi's for Yakuza), the Hulk (Green DK of course), FFX (Captain Falcon w/ a green turtle shell for a blitzball; he really can do the sphere shot), Gundam Wing, Star Wars, Daredevil, and tons more. It helps me bring new life into a 2 year old game.
  11. You're gonna have to tell us what you've already seen first, that should narrow it down for us.
  12. You didn't get it? Lan is a computer term, as in, like uh...Halo or Mario Kart: Double Dash! lan play.
  13. I'm not saying Blue Gender is the best thing since sliced bread, it isn't, but so far it seems to be ok enough for me to watch the remaining 25 episodes. In the same way, FLCL may be weird but I'm still going to watch the other 5 episodes.
  14. CN's Blue Gender area of AS.com does basically the same thing, it's pretty spoiler free too.
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