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  1. Jingthebandit

    Anime Inu Yasha

    i also flat out love inuyasha.the anime is good but i think manga is better.My favorite characters are inuyasha,Kagome,Miruku,and inuyasha's brother.does anyone else like characters off inuyasha.
  2. Jingthebandit

    theOtaku.com on Adult Swim!

    :smirk: :angel: ;) :naughty: :therock: :D Saying that was so cool how they posted theotaku.com on Cartoonnetwork.I agree that was tight. And Aquila they did when Trigun had a commercial.
  3. my moms say that its spioling my brain so she took my computer because i was using it to play anime dvd(i didn't have a dvd player).
  4. Jingthebandit

    Anime Blue Seed!!

    i think blue seed is okay but i think they need to work on it. Does anyone know how many episodes and seasons there are and will Momiji ever kiss someone.
  5. Jingthebandit

    Anime FLCL [Fooly Cooly]

    isn't it about a girl who searches for a alien on earth with the help of a boy with stuff coming out of his head. i think flcl had to much funny and strange things in the first episode. can i join anyones buddy list
  6. Jingthebandit

    Teen Titans

    well to me i think the reason starfire acts so strange is probly because thats how they acted on her planet.