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  1. I'd have to be a Ninja Turtle. Yeah.....Vincent (van Gogh). I'd have a naginata and a cool headband and everything. Turtle power, baby.
  2. Well, to repeat the repeated, I would like to be me also. I think everyone else should want to be me, too. But if i haaaaaaad to go through the torture of being someone else, I would be.........a clone of me. Yeah.
  3. Well, Angelus, it seems that he was cheating more on Danna by flirting with you (although that depends on your definition of "flirting"). He might have been trying not to hurt you by not telling you about Danna, although he could just as easily be a jerk. I'm just assessing all possibilities, here.
  4. Yeah, I'm a creationist too. The more in-depth you go in things like these, the more you realize there must have been a creator. Now, how the universe will end or how it operates, or if there are extraterrestrials is beyond me (not that I would care if there were. Those types of thoughts are the ones I save for rainy days).