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  1. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KnightOfTheRose [/i] [B]I recently found out today that if you put thirtyfive people in a school room together at 87degrees, turn off the lights, and put a movie in, the entire class will be asleep by the end of the period. Now that's amazing. [/B][/QUOTE] At my school, everybody will be asleep at the end of any class period.:p
  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Wrist Cutter[/i][/QUOTE] [B]Have you ever heard the quote "A butterfly beating its wings in China may cause a hurricane on the other side of the world"?[/B][/QUOTE] Yeah, the Chaos Theory. I practically live by it. Y'know, I once heard that when scientists tried to figure out what the most intricate and overall best body-system in the world was, it turned out to be the human body. Is that cool or what? Ok, now on to the flames: [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] [B]Note he said "some god" (and also did NOT capitalize the word "god"), which does not necessarily mean he means "your god."[/B][/QUOTE] Don't take everything so literally. You can naturally suppose that when he says "some god" he is using that to state that he has no belief in a god, and is therefore using the term nonchalantly. The same goes for why he didn't capitalize it. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] Later, Knight says, "And if so, *the god* is a moron." He is not talking about any god in particular, if my interpretation serves me correctly. By using "the god," Knight is again not referring to any god in particular, simply referring to "the god" that created existence, provided there is one and provided that humans are the only specie in existence capable of comprehending emotion.[/B][/QUOTE] Calling ANY god a moron is discriminating against all religions that worship a god. For everything else in that quote, see above. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] Sorry to break it to you, dude. Your reply...was totally useless and has no leg to stand on, because you didn't pay attention to use of language and syntax.[/B][/QUOTE] So because he didn't use proper grammar and spelling, his post was useless? He still got his point across. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] I've read Knight's post for a few times now, and there is NOTHING in there to insult your religion. He does not finger your god, he does not call your god stupid. You're bringing petty childish crap into this. Grow up and read for once, before attempting to teach someone a lesson or rip them apart.[/B][/QUOTE] He's calling any god stupid, which includes his (and my) god. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] Are you proposing YOU have the answer? "Surely you couldn't be claiming some sort of rebuttle [sic] agaisnt [sic] his point when you yourself cannot claim any point of veiw [sic] with some sort of fundamental evidence?"[/B][/QUOTE] I go with drix on this one. If you haven't even experienced God working in your life, you couldn't [B]possibly[/B] understand the way we think, whereas we've experienced both sides of the table. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] Gee, correct me if I'm wrong...but aren't you attempting to display an understanding of God?[/B][/QUOTE] He's trying to say that nobody has an understanding of God. Is it really that hard to figure out? [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by PoisonTongue [/i] ?unbeliver? what is that? Is it an organ of the body? Maybe an alternate liver? Or is it a nonliver? I believe the correct term you were looking for is ?nonbeliever.? Doesn?t that fit a whole lot better? ;)[/B][/QUOTE] Man, you [i]are[/i] going to be an english teacher, aren't you? I've seen a whole lot of literalists in my life, but you just might top them all. One last thing for you, PT: what is it that causes you to be so spiteful towards drix? Maybe you do think he had some things wrong, but any normal person would just state his point and be done. The only reason I can think of is your enormous ego (and don't say it isn't true until you read the entire last half of your post where you are saying nothing but how you will be high and mighty by getting low pay for shoveling facts into the minds of kids who would, for the most part, rather be [i]anywhere[/i] than there). Are you honestly that convinced that you're better than the rest of the planet? Either way, it gives you absolutely no right to be a dick to someone who did nothing to you. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KnightOfTheRose[/i] [B]If we are the only beings in this vast universe, wether we arrived through evolution or being placed here by some god, that can comprehend emotion or the such, then it is one hell of a waste of space.[/B][/QUOTE] Is it really that hard to imagine that God loves us enough to create an entire universe just to satisfy our natural human curiosity? Anyway, you shouldn't even try to match the thoughts of the guy who brought you into existence. It's just a stupid thing to do. And so I shall shut up.
  3. I'd have to be a Ninja Turtle. Yeah.....Vincent (van Gogh). I'd have a naginata and a cool headband and everything. Turtle power, baby.
  4. Well, to repeat the repeated, I would like to be me also. I think everyone else should want to be me, too. But if i haaaaaaad to go through the torture of being someone else, I would be.........a clone of me. Yeah.
  5. Well, Angelus, it seems that he was cheating more on Danna by flirting with you (although that depends on your definition of "flirting"). He might have been trying not to hurt you by not telling you about Danna, although he could just as easily be a jerk. I'm just assessing all possibilities, here.
  6. Yeah, I'm a creationist too. The more in-depth you go in things like these, the more you realize there must have been a creator. Now, how the universe will end or how it operates, or if there are extraterrestrials is beyond me (not that I would care if there were. Those types of thoughts are the ones I save for rainy days).