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  1. Me and my friend were just discussing this a few days ago! Anyways, you should be able to go swiming! And there should be more shops, and you can date the animals, and get a car!
  2. In pre-school my teachers thought I was deaf, because they called me by my full name, and I only knew my nickname, so I never answered when they called me. And when I was 7 my bro was teaching me how to climb trees, and he took down the ladder once I was in the tree, and I was stuck there for a while.
  3. I have to get up at 7am during the week to get to school on time, but I usally don't fall asleep until 12-2am, and my parents get mad if I go downstairs to watch Inuyasha if i'm still up then(which I usally am), so I just play Pokemon Sapphire, or read. During the summer I usally go to sleep around 2:30-3:30am, and sleep until around 1-3pm.
  4. I have lots of nicknames: Katie~Short for my real name Katt~Another short version of myreal name Smart Freak~I'm in the advanced classes in my school Psychic Freak~I'm too into new age stuff Lemeur(another long story) Spaceshot~People think i'm a spaceshot cuz I meditate a lot. D.A.~Short for Dumb A** Dumb A**~My mom+bro call me this. Grace~Yup! I'm really graceful! *trips over nothingness and falls flat on her face* Auntie Kate/Sissy Kate/Mommy Kate~ This girl who I babysit for calls me those sometimes, I dunno why though. Err... those are the only nicknames I have
  5. I dunno exactly how I feel about this. I do think that it should be the mothers choice, but then again it does take a life away from the baby. I do think that if you were raped you should definetly have the option of abortion.
  6. I want a better CD player than the one I have, some more jewlery(jade! jade! jade!) more CD's and video games, ane e-reader cards, and more dragon figures(I collect em') I really want a puppy, but I know my mom won't let me get one.
  7. The hardest thing i've been through is still going on, it's calming down though. I know that it'll leave a permenant scar on my life, it's already greatly alterd my persnality. It all started when I was about 11. I was afraid of a whole bunch oc stupid stuff, I was shy, and never stood up for myself, I was a goody-goody. Then it started. My brother tried pot, and got hooked. His once honor-roll grades dropped to F's. He skipped school. He'd run off and be gone for days, and when he was home my parents always fought with him, i'd run off and hide in my room and cry. I'd stay up all night wor
  8. I don't like Busch at all. He lied about the whole Iraq war thing, I still don't understand it. Before he went and declared war on Iraq he shoul have at least gotten solid facts, and not made a big cover-up about it. I don't think we should've even had a war. We didn't find any weapons or terrorists did we? Nooooo!!!!! War is bad, I know that sometimes it is nesscary, but this war wasn't! Why are we losing soilders? Why? Busch dosn't have many solid facts, and so why is he letting the lives of our soilders be lost? Even one life lost is one too many. I'm aginst his tax cuts too. The coun
  9. Denying te rights of gays is wrong! It's just as bad as back in the 50's when there were the jim crow laws. everyone deserves equal rights! If you love someone you should be able to legally marry them, unless you're too young. Although i'm straight, I have abesoutely nothing against gays! It's just a diffrent lifestyle than mine, whay should I be aginist it? I just wish the world was just free of predjudisim. P.S. It's great to see so many people here who are so open-minded about it! In my school most people object it, they think there's somthing wrong with me cuz I think its morally right
  10. I've lived in the northeast usa all my life. I'm stuck in a tiny town, where theres never anything to do, but hey, thats what message boards are for!
  11. If I could control my life I'd want a pet dragon, and more action and adventure in my life, and i'd want wings.
  12. I believe in a sixth sense. I've had many 'gut feelings' that have turned out to be true. Also, on what everyone is referring to as the 'sci-fi' sixth sense, I do believe is ESP. It just took one day to get me to believe in ESP. One night I had a dream that I had gotten a bad grade in school, so i was exiled to another school on an island. To get to the school I had to cross a bridge. My mom, and grandma had gone with me to say goodbye, and as we walked across the bridige it collapsed. We all fell into the ocean, my moms jewlery fell off, and sunk, so it was unable to be retrieved, and my gran
  13. My friends think i'm a superstitious paranormal freak. I believe in some stuff like Tarot cards, and pendulums, and I definetly believe in spirits and ghosts. I have seen a ghost before. I was in Boston with my parents and my brother. We happened to be walking past kings chapel burial ground, one of the oldeset european graveyards in the usa, my bro stopped to read a plaque on the gate, and suddenly my mind went completely blank, and my feet started moving into the cemetary, and then suddenly I stopped, I could once again control myself, and then as I looked up, for a split-second I saw a boy,
  14. My school dosn't have uniforms, and I'm soooooo thankful for that! I'd hate being surrounded by the same outfits everyday, it would ruin my freedom of expression! It would just be so bland and boring, plus noone at my school would wear em' anyways, we'd all rebel!
  15. Niknames: Katie, Katix Etak, Kat, Tak Hair color: depending on the time of year it can range from dark brown to dirty blonde or red-brown. Eye color: It changes alot. it's usally blue, gray, green or hazel. Personality: Very free and independent. I'm very strong willed. I also seem very mysterious to peolpe until i get to know them. a lot of people think i'm kinda crazy if they don't know me too well. Wardrobe: preppy, punky, cute, gothic, glitzy, and almost anything else. Fave music: techno, jazz, most rock, and some classical. Hobbies: playing video games, dr
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