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    I'm a girl I'm 17, I love Sesshomaru.
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  1. OMG! Haven't been on here in FOREVER!

  2. [quote name='Nina']Woot! I give it a 10! Though there were some spelling errors and words that should have been used differently. Also, I think Sessho-Maru's fur was a blueish.[/quote] believe me, I love sesshy, it's either light pink or white :catgirl: lol
  3. Ok here's my wolf pic, hope ya like it! :D Oh it's for a friend too, and I edited this post n.n ok's seeya!
  4. Dear Rin, INUYASHA WILL NEVER END!!!! At Least I hope not :bawl: It would be Terrible if it did. But as far as the new episodes right now... ya I think They did end, for now, I hope they get more!!!!! T.T oh well Can't wait for more new ones! :wigout: :D Ok see ya'll later
  5. Hands down, Sesshomaru. Duh he's my fiance! lol He's a great fighter, he's hot*giggle* and he's sensible(sometimes) ok I must go now, hope I can find a avitar and a good banner soon ,I'm geting tired of them, ok , See ya! Kisha
  6. Wolfs Rain is one of the best anime that I watch, that is if not the greatest, lol. I love the story line, how they do little historys about the characters, its great. The episode this past saturday was soo sad! :( And it was soo cute too! ;) With Blue and Hegay :love: (sorry if I spelt it wrong), then Clar and the other guy :love: (srry havn't learned his name, the Blue and "Pops" :) . I also injoy the action, even if theres some blood, :rolleyes: lol. Wolfs rain is probly #2 on my anime list, only to Inuyasha :love: . Ok SEE YA! :D
  7. Hey this is a story that I made a lil wial ago, I like it alot, probly because Sess is in it, lol :laugh:. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, and a character thats name is Kisha are all in this one, ok? :wigout: PLEASE RATE IT!!!! :wigout: 1-10 10 being best, :rolleyes: please give your truthful opinions and sorry for any miss spellings, ok SEEYA! :D PS it is long!!! PSS. some, ok lots of violance. :flaming: :laugh: Kisha And the battle with the destroyer of life Introduction. I was cornered And I was cornered between a cliff and a skilled demon, his name? Sesshomaru, of c
  8. Inuyasha ROCKS OUT LOUD!!!! It's One of the greatest anime I've ever seen!!! I love the romance, action, comedy, and music, I love everything! I expesally like the guys on it, except miroku, even if he is cute, and Naraku, Duh Too evil! My fav. of course is Sesshomaru!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my future husband any way, lol :laugh: :D I can't really think of anything bad about the show over all....nope nothin, well seeya!! :D :wave:
  9. I LOVE Yu Yu!! It's a great anime and manga, atlest of the manga I've read, seen whatever..But I love it!!! I love Hiei and Kurama, they're both so Hot! I like the new episodes too so far, I hope the shadow guy is ok though, he's cute too. I've seen pics of Hiei and Yuska fighting again, I think that in a soon to be seen episode, hiei will be controled, and have you noticed that he's been missing in action?? That just adds to that possibility, but I'm not completly sure on this, but you never know, the phykick(srry can't spell it) might be powerful enogh to control Hiei's mind, man I feel sor
  10. I must reply!!!! ok anime guys that I would date.... 1. Kurama from YuYu Hakisho, hot, calm, cool, collected, not tooo emotional but still shows his emotions, good fighter, had a dream with him as my bf 2. Hiei from YuYu Hakisho, calm, cool, collected, good fighter, hot, I'd like to know what really goes on in that head..., and had a really good day dream with him:D 3.Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, Duh basicly same reasons. calm cool, collected, HOT! I'm his future wife anyway lol, wrote a story with him in it 4. Vash from Trigun, can be serios, funny, good with a gun, hot 5.Yuki from Fru
  11. my most embarissing moment was in the cafiteria at school in 8th grade. I wasn't feeling at all well, and I just finished my lunch :gulp: , and then as I was about to go to dump my tray, I felt afal, I knew I was going to be sick, and I did:sick:, fortunatly not right at the table, Everyone of course said "ewww" and so I went to the nurses and was sent home, what a day! well now everyone knows! SeeYa! Kisha
  12. I don't do too much, I just do Otaku stuff, school, draw, church, hang with friends, watch anime, thats about it I think.....ya, thats not much at all :sweat: :wow: name: Kisha age:17 hair:curly, blonde eyes: dark green nails: filed to a point ^ gender: female zodiac signs: Capricorn, technicly a Tiger( chines newyear 22nd of january) or other wise a rabbit there more Yay! :D
  13. [QUOTE=Ouka][size=1]When I viewed your site, it said that it was turned off. So, just head into the 'Edit Profile' section of the backroom and on the part of the form that asks Off or on?' set it to 'On'. This should solve your problem. [b][color=indigo]-Ouka[/b][/color][/size][/QUOTE] Um, its not that I turned it off, and I never have. I had the site for a wial, but I tryed to logg in, and it says "wrong password" and such not, but when I put my email address in for the "forgot password" it says that my email is not in the data base or what ever, I can't even get to the backroom, and i
  14. Hey there, :wave: I'll be friends with you, :) I don't have many on here either, :sweat: if you want to pm me you can, I'll talk to ya later, ok? :D lol , Seeya, Kisha :rolleyes:
  15. I love it! Ramen ROCKS!!!!!! Its my fav. ffod, at lest sence Inuyasha, lol. I love that it goes with RawHide too, its so cool, I hope you make more, ramen that is, lol. See ya later! Kisha :p :drool: :haha:
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