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    PM me and you'll find out....maybe
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About Me

So I decided to fill this thingy out since it's a new feature and I like new features.


My name is Korey and I'm 21 years old. I've been a member of OB for a few years and one thing has kept me coming back. The user base. Other forums you see rampant flame wars and trolling, but not so much here at OB. This community is a light-hearted community that really prides itself on being so close-knit. You often see us goofing around and kidding around with each other. I'm currently the moderator of the Lounge (previously the Arcade). I love contributing things to the site, whether it'd be games or threads or even just being around to comment and interact with my fellow members.


As for myself, I'm currently living in Heltersberg, Germany. Military move. But my one true home is El Paso, Texas. I'm a Texan through and through. But I don't say y'all and I don't own a ten-gallon hat. I don't ride a horse either. Sorry.


What I do have, however, are these three traits. I'm honest, caring, and direct. I love to help people out in any way possible and most of the time you see me, I'm goofing around and poking fun at others. I'm a passionate person and I believe in true love, peace and pro-choice. I strongly dislike liars and those who trample on others' feelings for personal enjoyment. I tend not to take the little things in life seriously. If you don't stop to enjoy life, then it will pass you by.


Hit me up if you want to know more. I'll talk to you.