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  1. Here's mine, if you'd still like another person. :) [b]Name:[/b] Arisa Chucci [Sasa to her close friends] [b]Age:[/b] 26 [b]Appearance:[/b] 5'2�, 110 lbs [she's a little stocky], with brilliant blue eyes [url=http://tinypic.com/r/152cdax/7]Sasa[/url] [b]Personality:[/b] Arisa is a little abrasive, a lot sarcastic, and has a rough exterior that few have the patience to penetrate. Her witty comments aren't meant to be insulting, just lightly barbed, but she often hurts peoples feelings. If she's alone, she feels it's better that way so as to avoid being hurt. No one's quite sure how she would act if you got past the thorny outside shell. [b]Weapons:[/b] She carries an extendable steel pole that she uses as a billy club and bo staff. She carries a Beretta Px4 Storm on her hip as her only firearm, and a razor sharp machete in a spine sheath. [b]Ability:[/b] Arisa is a technomancer. She can telekinetically control mechanics of almost all sorts, reprogram machines from the inside, and completely take apart and remake things into items she needs. The only draw backs are that if she tries to use something larger than she is, it drains her rather quickly and will take her a while to recover, as well as having the complete inability to work with anything silver-based.
  2. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1298683263' post='705273'] Um.. I think the new OB version deleted him... It probably thought he was Malware. [/quote] That's sad. [quote name='The Professor' timestamp='1298684445' post='705274'] [font="Comic Sans MS"]He wasn't?[/font] [/quote] xD
  3. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1298677029' post='705270'] Hush with those lies! you will get Botar jealous! [/quote] Psh. Speaking of Botar, where is the dude?
  4. [quote name='Lilt' timestamp='1298663676' post='705262'] [b]Heyo! <3 How have you been? *Hugs*[/b] [/quote] I have been amazing, actually! :) So, I am contemplating going to school to be an ASL interpreter. What do you guys think?
  5. This would be so much fun. :3 OMG. On the note about replacing characters with their doppelgangers when they switch realities: I read a book like that, once. Where the only way someone could go from one world to the next was when their counterpart was dead. :3 Iunno.
  6. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1298630257' post='705245'] NO BANNER/AVI SET FOR YOU!!1 [/quote] :'( But... I pick on you because I LIKE you. [quote name='Lilt' timestamp='1298658443' post='705254'] [b]@Steph: Welcome back~![/b] [/quote] Heyo, Taryn! <3 [quote name='Linkukun' timestamp='1298658731' post='705255'] D: B-b-b-b-b-but its fun in a deep-fried bun! [/quote] I DO NOT LIKE CORNDOGS. End of story. BANISTER CAT HAS SPOKEN.
  7. [quote name='CaNz' timestamp='1298496166' post='705211'] Of course I missed you! (since I missed you does this mean you won't pick on me anymore?) [/quote] Of course not. Silly. [quote name='Vicky' timestamp='1298501834' post='705217'] HI STEPH. [/quote] HI GOAT. <3
  8. I like the first one the most, and the last one second. :3 Thank you!
  9. I want this to be about cute. ALL cute. If you can turn a cute, chibi fox into a cute, chibi banner and avatar, I will love you forever. Banner: "Kawaii, nee?" And no quote on the avi. :3 Pretty simple right? Anyone who would be willing to do this would be amazinggg. <3
  10. Hey, guys! :D [hugs CM] Missed me? And I do not like corndogs. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust sayin'.
  11. [tip-toes in and sits at the back of the room as if she's been there the whole time]
  12. So, apparently there are patriotic demons in my closet.
  13. Depends on the ferret, but probably Treewee. :3 I'm also [according to a couple of dreams] supposed to get a white cat and name it Ferret, and a black poodle/scottie mix and name him Ziggy.
  14. So, apparently, I now fit into a size EIGHT pants, USA. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! *happy dance* Also: hamster. I <3 my hamster. HE IS SO CUTE. But really, I want a ferret.
  15. ZOMG300! By the by, I made mochi. It has got to be the stickiest thing on the planet.
  16. [quote name='NeedMoarRope' date='26 August 2010 - 11:52 PM' timestamp='1282877572' post='699906'] [font="Comic Sans MS"]You people are looking at it from the wrong angle. Being smart makes you a lesbian.[/font] [/quote] If this was Facebook, I would like this post. ;D
  17. Current Display Name: Stephanie Username: Stephanie Previous Usernames: None, according to the new OB. WHICH IS A LIE. D: But I didn't know they'd go away, so I didn't save them some place. Join Date: March 6, 2004 [this account :D] Usual Name IRL: Stephanie Age: 19 Gender: Female Member Picture/Description: [url=http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa82/brierlotus91/109.jpg]ohaistephsface[/url] Desktop screenshot: [url=http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa82/brierlotus91/steviedesktop.jpg]Ohaistephsdesktop[/url] Do you play any sports?: Soccer, and parkour if you count that as a sport. What do you study?: Languages :D I'm a Theatre major Job: Don't have one at the moment... What languages do you speak/write?: English fluently; ASL passing fair; learning Spanish and Welsh, currently Location: Monroe, GA, USA Religion: Pagan Opinion on Religions: They area coping mechanism for the human mind because we fear what we do not understand, and what we fear, we seek to destroy. Sexuality: Bisexual Opinion on homosexuality: I like me the ladies, as well as the men. :3 Some might call me a whore, but I like having both gender pools to pick from. Political opinion: I don't have one... Opinion on Political Opinions: ^ Operating System: Windows Vista Opinion on Operating Systems: It'd run better if my computer wasn't ****. Do you text/call while driving?: Nope. Opinion on Texting/Calling while driving: Texting = stupid. Calling = fine for other people, shitty if it's me. Opinion on Evolution Theory: It could happen. Opinion on Tasing: DON'T TASE ME, BRO! Opinion on Health Care: It'd be nice to have? Opinion on Abortions: If the baby is meant to live, it'll live. If not, it has another chance the second time around. If you're stupid and got pregnant, you should take the baby. if you were raped... well, doesn't seem like a fair choice to me. It really all depends. Opinion on Euthanasia: What does your user name/display name mean?: It's mah name! :D What members would you like to meet?: Lots of them? Um. I've met Maud'Dib or whatever his username is now. I'd like to meet Korey, chibimaster, Lilt, Allamorph, and Botar, currently. But that's just off the top of my head. :] OB Family: .... Lemme dig up Mistress Roxie's old family tree, from forever ago. I don't have time or resources to list my family on here. Ninjas or Pirates?: NINJAS. For every pirate you see, there are 20 [or more] ninjas you don't see. Chicken or the Egg?: Sushi! XL Basic or Wet Paint?: Basic Why did the chicken cross the street?: [url=http://philosophy.eserver.org/chicken.txt]These.[/url] (My personal favorite is Ralph Waldo Emerson's answer.) How wrong was Kanye for disrupting Taylor's MTV Awards moment?: Made me wanna slap a... hoe. Are you from 2001-ish?: No. D: 2003-ish! The Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done: Wow... I'm not sure I could pick one. Your celebrity crush: .... Joe Jonas. But not the real one, the one that I dreamed about cause we wrote a song and sang together. And he was SO much cooler in my dream than in real life. Do you like cooking?: YES. Baking = therapy. Do you procastinate much?: Sometimes. If you could go back in time five years, what's one thing would you tell yourself?: DON'T TAKE THE RED PILL. Your worst crime ever: Never committed one, unless you count love. What book are you currently reading?: The Hobbit and Gakuen Alice [rereading the first] Best April fools Moment: Valentine's Day ideas: </3 What did you get for Christmas?: A pretty necklace. Among other things. Best birthday gifts you ever received: A vase full of sunflowers. <3 Favourite Sandwich: Not a big fan of sandwich's. Favourite Recipe: MOCHI. Favourite Class In School: Theater. And Lit. Favourite Sock: My panda socks! Least Favourite Sock: The annoying white ones. Favourite Band/Musician: Mayday Parade or The Maine. At the moment. It changes. Favourite Song: Lullaby by The Spill Canvas Your Theme Song: Everything I Ask For by The Maine [according to a friend] Favourite love songs: See favorite song Favourite Anime: Sailor Moon Favourite Manga: xxxHolic Favourite Film: The Last Unicorn Favourite TV Show: House or Hex Favourite Actor/Actress: Favourite Director: Favourite Video Game: Silent Hill Favourite Board Game: Scrabble Favourite Game Console: Game Boy Favourite OB Thread: Favourite OB RPG: Favourite OB Member: Stephanie Favourite OB Staff Member: Korey Favourite OB Memory: Favourite OB Version: My Neighbor Totoro Favourite All-time OB Forum: Favourite OB Inside Joke: Favourite LolCat: Banister Cat Favourite Youtube video: Shameless Plug: pandaonpaper.tumblr.com Other: So, yeah. Bznitches. <3 You love me. Banister Cat, out.
  18. [quote name='Lilt' date='24 August 2010 - 10:39 PM' timestamp='1282700392' post='699812'] [b]That's funny, I just got back. I have leftovers. What's your favorite meal? Oh and who is this 'one' by the way? He must be pretty special. :D[/b] [/quote] like just about anything. :x It's the boy I'd been with for a while; I think I rambled to you about him, Taryn-chan. But, he is not mine at the moment. D: So. Yeah. [quote name='CaNz' date='25 August 2010 - 12:53 AM' timestamp='1282708425' post='699819'] Also, until further notice no boys are ever gonna leave you alone. (nothing is more irresistible than a girl you cant have) [/quote] Except a sexy girl you can't have who likes girls. :D [quote name='CaNz' date='25 August 2010 - 02:51 PM' timestamp='1282758663' post='699830'] dish washing is my least favorite use for dishes. [/quote] This made me giggle WAY more than is necessary or warranted for that particular line.
  19. I could go for some chinese food right about now. Also, until further notice, I've given up boys. I'm still a little - okay, a lot - attached to the one and the others are just annoying. So! :D
  20. Yay, chibs! Me, too. :3 If you know ASL and English, you're considered bilingual.
  21. I don't watch a whole lot of YouTube anymore, but when I did, I was basically addicted to KinaGrannis, charlieissocoollike, and nerimon. When you say those last two, you kind of have to include Toddly00 and that other guy who's cute with the cute accent but it's been so long since I watched him that I don't remember his screen name. Now, I mostly just put up random videos of my life. MY videos end up at CaoimheFaelan, while the videos I make with my best friend, Jon, end up at linknpikachu.
  22. [quote name='Lilt' date='08 August 2010 - 11:44 PM' timestamp='1281321864' post='699126'] [b] I want to go on a trip this winter.[/b] [/quote] COME HOME. NAO.
  23. [quote name='Botar' date='08 August 2010 - 04:35 AM' timestamp='1281252945' post='699077'] she doesn't eat hun, she does my diet. [/quote] This. Also cutting out soda AND coffee at the same time; I also eat a limited amount of red meat because it will sit in your stomach FOREVER. Also a limited amount of pastas and potatos.
  24. My goal is whenever I feel I need to stop - so probably around now. Or maybe 5 lbs from now. I'm not sure, but here feels good right now. And I'm not sure. D: I'm honestly not. I've dropped from 180 to 150 in two months, which I'm sure isn't healthy.
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