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  1. Gaming

    Another tip would be use Lulu's Bio to gradually weaken his HP.
  2. Gaming

    It's after the "Destiny" FMV- the one where [spoiler]Yuna meets Shuyin. After Nooj and Baralai hand over their Crimson Spheres, there's the scene with Yuna talking to herself. After she says [i]"I'm all alone..."[/i], keep mashing X through the rest of the scene. At four points you'll hear Tidus whistle. I think you have to listen to Maechen's little segue in Chapter 3 in Guadosalam also.[/spoiler]
  3. Gaming

    And I think you're having us all on, mate. I've never heard of such a thing, and I know people who have done everything to do with the game. At least not in the American version. [spoiler]In [i]FFX-2: International + Last Mission[/i] (which is Japan only) there's a way to play against Tidus, Auron and Seymour in some kind of Coliseum thing,[/spoiler] but I can't remember all the details.
  4. Gaming

    It´s out on the 20th, slightly earlier for some if you pre-order.
  5. Anime

    I don't see how, YVD is updated as far as Dark Crisis in the English sets. I understand that you want to play Japanese cards, but bear in mind that hardly anyone uses them here, and you'll most probably using most of the same cards, the only real difference is the language. Plus there are some cards (I think Megamorph's one), whose effects change from Japanese to English. Not many I admit, but there's a few. Now as for Apprentice, no matter how many YGO patches are made for it, it's a [/i]Magic: The Gathering[/i] program, designed with that game in mind. There are many commands in it not used in YGO. YVD is YGO-specific and easier to use. There, I've said my piece.
  6. Anime

    The other one was Amazon Magician, and the answer to Tom's is Fearful Earthbound.
  7. Anime

    I believe something like this has been tried before. It didn't go too well, but it doesn't hurt to try again, does it? I'm itching to have some decent duels. I don't get to duel too often, you see. My only major concern is timezone differences. British duellists (like me and Solo) might kinda get left out of the loop due to that. Also, I think we'd be in agreement that YVD is the accepted program for the duels. Some strange people seem to think a patched Apprentice is better, but personally I think it's the most annoying thing ever.
  8. Gaming

    Tidus is permanently affiliated to the Besaid Aurochs. A good player is Brother, fastest player in the game, level him up good and he completely kicks butt. Some of the best players come from the Al Bhed Psyches. Guados are annoying when it comes to techniques, Ronsos are hardy, but very slow (their goalie's rubbish, as well). Evey other team can be on a par, really.
  9. Anime

    It's there for its highish defense. Like I said, I'm needing decent monsters. I should be getting some on Saturday though.
  10. Anime

    I posted my deck again a while back, but nobody's rated it, and I've made some changes to it anyway. I've taken out my Skull Knight fusion cards and added in another monster to replace Polymerisation (I need more decent monsters). Any possible suggestions for side-decking are welcomed. [b][u]Monsters (22)[/u][/b] [i][b]Non-Effect Tribute Monsters (3)[/b][/i] Summoned Skull x3 [i][b]Tribute Effect/ Union Monsters (2)[/b][/i] Jinzo Kiryu [i][b]Normal Monsters (7)[/b][/i] La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp x3 Dark Blade Giant Orc Battle Ox Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams [i][b]Normal Effect/Union Monsters (9)[/b][/i] Witch of the Black Forest Second Goblin Pitch-Dark Dragon Man-Eater Bug Royal Keeper Big Eye A Man with Wdjat Des Koala Wall of Illusion [b][u]Spell Cards (20)[/u][/b] Graceful Charity Ground Collapse x2 Malevolent Nuzzler Mystical Space Typhoon Giant Trunade De-Spell Axe of Despair Swords of Revealing Light Card Destruction Scapegoat Soul Exchange Remove Trap Monster Reborn 7 Completed Poison of the Old Man Mystic Plasma Zone Spiritualism Change of Heart Fissure [b][u]Traps (5)[/u][/b] 1 Trap Hole 1 Robbin' Goblin 1 Enchanted Javelin 1 Waboku 1 Magic Jammer
  11. Anime

    He said it's not your name that wins the duels, but your skill as a duelist. Or something like that. Throwing as usual.
  12. Gaming

    Vengagun was built 1000 years before FFX dude, during the machina war that's mentioned.
  13. Anime

    [spoiler]Helmos, Critias and Timeaus.[/spoiler] I'll ask shadow's second question.
  14. Anime

    My Dark Deck, updated as far as Magician's Force. [Color=sandybrown][u][b]Monsters (21)[/b][/u][/COLOR] [COLOR=indigo][i][b]Fusion Monsters (1)[/b][/i] Skull Knight[/COLOR] [Color=sandybrown][b][i]Normal Tribute Monsters (3) [/i][/b] Summoned Skull x3 [COLOR=orange][b][i]Effect/ Union Tribute Monsters (2) [/i][/b] Jinzo Kiryu[/COLOR] [Color=sandybrown][b][i]Normal Non-Tribute Monsters (7) [/i][/b] 3 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 1 Dark Blade 1 Giant Orc 1 Battle Ox 1 Ancient Brain[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange][b][i]Normal Effect/Union Monsters (8) [/i][/b] 1 Witch of the Black Forest 1 Second Goblin 1 Pitch-Dark Dragon 1 Man-Eater Bug 1 Royal Keeper 1 Tainted Wisdom 1 Des Koala 1 Wall of Illusion[/COLOR] [COLOR=teal][b][i]Spell Cards (21) [/i][/b] 1 Graceful Charity 2 Ground Collapse 1 Malevolent Nuzzler 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Giant Trunade 1 De-Spell 1 Polymerization 1 Axe of Despair 1 Swords of Revealing Light 1 Card Destruction 1 Scapegoat 1 Soul Exchange 1 Remove Trap 1 Monster Reborn 1 7 Completed 1 Poison of the Old Man 1 Mystic Plasma Zone 1 Spiritualism 1 Change of Heart 1 Fissure[/COLOR] [COLOr=deeppink][b][i]Traps (5) [/i][/b] 1 Trap Hole 1 Robbin' Goblin 1 Enchanted Javelin 1 Waboku 1 Magic Jammer[/COLOR] Also, any suggestions for a side-deck to help this would be appreciated.
  15. Anime

    I'm not sure exactly what's going on in this deck, but you gotta cut down on the tribute monsters, I count around 10 (depending on what Ra needs) sacrifices.