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    im cool and funny
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    i cut grass all the time for 20 bucks
  1. [COLOR=Navy]My fav anime character has to be hiei.Because he is laid back and the strong silent type.And everyone knows of all the of the abilities he has [/COLOR]
  2. I would simply be a demon because there abilities are natural [color=#ff6600][size=1]Please expand on your choice. There are other creatures whose "abilities" could be natural. Why did you pick a demon over, say, an alien or a demigod? Put some effort into your posts, please. -Lore[/size][/color]
  3. bracy

    Anime Inu Yasha

    we inyasha fans know who's the best ......sesshoumaru
  4. omg how could goku annoy hes the best and the strongest of db/dbz/dbgt???
  5. let me ask u something when did that come on tv??
  6. when did that come back on tv?
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