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    Lived a few normal years, disappeared, reappeared, had a boring life, played games, got tortured, then became nothing but darkness. Thanx for asking.
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    bringing misery to those I despise and a student
  1. Cysword6

    Request Sephiroth Avi and Banner

    Both banners are awesome, but, I can only pick one and I have to go with Ozy's, (cuz of the matching avi thingie). Great thanx to both of you though!:D
  2. If anyone out there could possibly do this for me, then thanx big time. For the banner I'd like a dark backround with the KH version of Sephiroth on it. And for the Avi, a backround that pretty much matches the banner, and the words "One Winged Angel" or just "Sephiroth". Again, thanx for anyone who'll put the time and effort into this.
  3. Cysword6

    Sign Up Digimon: Light vs. Darkness

    [u][center][b]The Story[/b][/u][font=Times New Roman] [/font][/center] [center] [/center] [left]For years a darkness has haunted the Digital World, taking innocent digimon and shredding their data apart. This darkness entered the Human World for a short time, when 6 kids went missing for a short time. After they reappeared they had no memory of what happened.[/left] These 6 children received digimon and crests in strange ways, and were sent to the Digital World. In this world they'll have to face their worst nightmares, and themselves. For they will have to fight their evil counterparts created by the Mysterious Darkness. Will they or their copies survive the fight? The answers lie within...... [center][u][b]Sign-Up Sheet[/b][/u][/center] [b]Name:[/b] [b]Age: (10-16)[/b] [b]Appearance:[/b] [b]Bio:[/b] (Short story of their life and how they got to the Digital World) [b]Side:[/b] ( Your crest will automatically decide) [b]Crest:[/b] [b]Crest Color:[/b] [b]Digimon Partner:[/b] [b]Digivolving Levels:[/b] (Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega, Omega) [size=2] [b][u][center][size=1]My Sign-Up Sheet[/size][/b][/u][/center] [center] [/center] [left] [u][b][/size][font=Times New Roman]Name:[/b][/u] Reis Terras [/left] [b][u]Age:[/b][/u] 15 [b][u]Appearance:[/b][/u] Reis has short black hair with silver tips, brown eyes and light tan skin. He wears a dark red shirt with black jeans and a black over coat. His eyes make you feel like you'd drown inside them and his voice carries his mysterious look into the surrounding air. [b][u]Bio:[/b][/u] Reis, the counterpart of the bearer of Courage. He was created a year ago when the kidnapping incident came. He has just now awoken from his slumber, along with his power-hungry partner Lunarmon, and is now ready to hunt down his counterpart......even if it costs him his life. [b][u]Side:[/b][/u] Evil [b][u]Crest:[/b][/u] Fear [b][u]Crest Color:[/b][/u] Blood Red [b][u]Digimon Partner:[/b][/u] Lunarmon [u]Digivolving Levels[/u] [b]Rookie[/b]-Lunarmon( Dark Scream, Blinding Claw) [b]Champion[/b]-Eclipsemon( Eclipse Blade, Shattered Moon, Deadly Eclipse) [b]Ultimate[/b]-Exilemon( Lonely Shadow, Exile Blaze [b]Mega[/b]-GigaExilemon( Giga Shadow, Shadow Rockets) [b]Omega[/b]-Nightmaremon( Nightmare Whirlwind, Burning Claws) So, I know who everyone is and so you know what's taken here's a chart. [color=darkred][b]Good Crests:[/b][/color] [b][color=orange]Courage-[/color][/b] [b][color=cyan]Friendship-[/color][/b] [b][color=magenta]Love-[/color][/b] [b][color=royalblue]Truth-[/color][/b] [b][color=blue]Honor-[/color][/b] [b][color=lime]Consolation-[/color][/b] [b][color=darkred]Evil Crests:[/color][/b] [b][color=red]Fear-Cysword6(me)[/color][/b] [b][color=gray]Rivalry-[/color][/b] [b][color=black]Hate-[/color][/b] [b][color=darkolivegreen]Lies-[/color][/b] [b][color=darkslategray]Shame-[/color][/b] [b][color=darkslateblue]Desolaion-[/color][/b] [b][size=1][color=black]Note: I guess up there it didn't explain, but the counterparts will be in this as much as the Originals. heh :sweat: [/color][/size][/b] [/font]
  4. Cysword6

    Should gay marriages be legal?

    Since it's still before midnight, I'm taking you up on the custom avatar thing deathbug. :)
  5. Cysword6

    RPG The Third Stage of Human Evolution

    [color=deepskyblue][i]God such destruction.....he can't be a new gifted kid, he has way too much power, [/i]Reis thought as he watched Asim destroy the soldiers. He noticed that one of the helicopters was still up in the air and immediately began to freeze the tail blade.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue]He heard the pilot's screams as the copter crashed into the ground. [i]Is this really what I want to do with my powers? To destroy 'normal' humans?, [/i]he kept questioning himself, moving over to the side of the road. "I think I can use my powers to make a road block, it might stop them...", he said quietly, Hunter being the only one to hear him. "I think that's a good idea, but maybe before we put it up we should use my powers and yours to make a fog. It'll give us some cover time." she said as she began to think of the soldiers that were still coming.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue]"Asim, you shouldn't enjoy such bloodspill, but I have nothing to say myself when I smiled at their lives slipping away" Reis shouted at the lightning weider, "Just be quiet and do what your told, like one of these fallen soldiers" the boy yelled back. At that Reis could feel the ice particles swirling into sharp icicles around him. Aria put her hand on his arm to hold him back, "Stop, we have to deal with the government now, you two can fight later". With a nod Reis began freezing the road[/color] [color=#00bfff]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOC: Grr your mighty powers Asim! lol, sorry it's so short, I'm in a rush and I'm having a huge writer's meltdown.[/color]
  6. Cysword6

    RPG The Third Stage of Human Evolution

    [color=deepskyblue]Reis stood up as he heard the principal call them freaks. [i]How dare he.....he should be taught a lesson...and I'll make sure he does, [/i]he thought to himself as he saw many of the children leave. "Fine Mr. Hast..I'll go to your stupid special classroom, but make sure you watch your step, you never know when you might slip," he said as he walked to the door of the office, making a swift move with his arms.[/color] [color=#00bfff][/color] [color=#00bfff]"Mr. Terras, you'll find it w-wise not to th-threaten me a-anymore," the principal said as he sweated more profusely, "I'll remember that Hast," Reis sneered back. As the principal moved to shut the door he slipped on a sheet of ice and heard the two Alexes laugh. [i]Damn that freak, I'll have to keep my eye on him, [/i]the man said getting up and telling the other students to get out quickly.[/color] [color=#00bfff]Reis walked into the classroom and saw the others listening attentively to Mr. Freeman, "Sorry for my lateness, I just had to get my say in this," he said sitting down next to Aria. "No problem Mr. Terras," Mr. Freeman replied, "Right now you can study what you wish to". [i]Heh, why can't more teachers be like this?, [/i]Reis thought as he pulled out his pen and began adding onto a book he had been writing.[/color] [color=#00bfff]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry...I've been busy with school, I'll probally be on every other day from now on though so I'll make sure to keep up with this one.[/color]
  7. Cysword6

    RPG The Third Stage of Human Evolution

    [color=cyan][/color][color=deepskyblue]Reis walked through the school halls eyeing the other students. He noticed two cheerleaders making faces and pointing at them. He turned to them launching two icicles out of his hands and clinging the two girls to the wall by their sleeves.[/color] [color=#00bfff][/color] [color=#00bfff]As Reis turned to continue to his classroom, two jocks crept up on him and punched him in the back. When Reis fell he created a sheet of ice causing the guys to slip and slam into the lockers. Reis walked away hearing the whispers of others and the PA turning on, "ATALANTA HUNTER-To the principal's office immediatly". [i]I wonder what that's about[/i], Reis thought to himself as the PA switched back on. "REIS TERRAS-Principal's office NOW", [i]damn did they already find out about that fight?,[/i] he questioned himself as he moved his way to the office.[/color] [color=#00bfff]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOC: I love the evil fight scenes ^_^, that's the best I could do with the beginning you gave me Goddess, great RPG though.[/color]
  8. Cysword6

    Costumes = Chick Magnets

    I'm so goin trick or treatin! THe candy, the mischief, everything, why wouldn't you? I' wanted to go as Cloud, (I had everything planned out), but then my friends basically attacked me for that idea and chose a vampire costume. So meanie friends, if only I could've been Cloud. Ooooo well, yay for vampires!!!! (payed to say taht) ~Cysword6
  9. Cysword6

    Discuss New Digimon RPG

    I've been working on this new rpg, entitled Digimon: Card Wars. There will be around 12 characters each representing an element (Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water, Light, Darkness, Metal, Wood, Poison and Undead). The different elements apply to the human's power, and when you pick a digivolution line it should mostly be that type of element. The digivices in this game are like metal fingerless gloves that stretch from your palm to your elbow, with a glass circle on the back of the hand to show you information, scan data, and cards....etc. Each enemy digimon you encounter has three cards inside their data that they can activate. Each time you destroy one you gain their cards to use for Digi-modify. Most of the time you'll be by yourself and can attack any other Digidestined, some times there'll be teamups. Also, the main evil is 10 digimon called the Apocalypse. There'll be many twists and surprises. Please tell me ur suggestions, thank you in advance. :)
  10. Cysword6

    Sign Up The Third Stage of Human Evolution [M - LV]

    [color=deepskyblue][b]Name:[/b] Reis Tyriz[/color] [b][color=deepskyblue][/color][/b] [color=deepskyblue][b]Age: [/b]16[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]Gender[/b]: Male[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]Appearance[/b]: 5'9, short spiked black hair, light tan, brown/black eyes[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]Personality[/b]: Reis is calm under any situation. He prefers to be alone, but under some circumstances he'll work with others. Once someone has done something for him (like save his life), he'll pay them back in any way he can to get out of his "debt". He is very laidback at times though and will joke around with others.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]History[/b]: Reis was born into a family with many children. All the little children would bother him so he'd lock himself in his room for his alone time. As the years wore on he just drifted farther and farther away.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue]As the comet passed he began to get a huge fever. He decided to sleep with ice on his forehead to make the temperature go down. When he woke up the next morning he found himself in midair surrounded by chains of thick ice.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue]He whirled his hands through the air, causing all the chains to come loose and him to fall on the floor. He realized that he could manipulate ice at will and began to make them pick up his room.[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]Power[/b]: Make and manipulate ice[/color] [color=deepskyblue][/color] [color=deepskyblue][b]Power Holder[/b]: Metal chain that comes out of his jeans pocket.[/color] [color=cyan][/color] [color=cyan][/color]
  11. Cysword6

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Chaos of the Millennium Items (PG-VL)

    Reis saw the group leaving, and climbed down the tree. He heard a small pounding sound in his head and begin to follow it as it got louder. He found himself next to an old building. He entered the broken-down building and doubled over in pain. Memories began to consume his mind as he rolled in pain. Memories that he knew he had to put together for everything to make sense.......... OOC: SOrry for the shortness I might add a little of the past here or wait til my next post to do that.
  12. Cysword6

    RPG Yu-Gi-Oh: Chaos of the Millennium Items (PG-VL)

    [i][font=Arial Black]4200 years ago.....[/font][/i] [font=Courier New]Sorona walked the streets, loving the heat of the fire. [i]So humans...do you still think you can control the flames?, [/i]Sorona thought to herself, grabbing a handful of ash and throwing it on a charred skeleton. [/font] [font=Courier New][/font] [font=Courier New]She laughed to herself manically, getting on her knees and throwing her hands in the flames. She screamed loudly, showing that the fire was her master. She heard the shouts of guards coming closer. [/font] [font=Courier New][/font] [font=Courier New][i]Master...please give me another chance to fulfill your orders, I will not fail you again, [/i]as she finished the thought, she was grabbed by 5 guards, struggling to keep ahold of her. [/font] [font=Courier New][/font] [font=Courier New]"You idiots, you'll never get rid of me for good, I'll be back, soon.....too soon for the world to handle," she yelled as she was thrown into the flames and burned alive...[/font] [font=Courier New]__________________________________________________________[/font] [i][font=Arial Black]Present.....[/font][/i] [i][font=Arial Black][/font][/i] [font=Courier New]Screams were heard echoing across the streets as a young teen ran for his life. "Get the flames away from me!!!!!!" he yelled as he kept running, "Please just make the burning stop...". "Why?" he heard the voice in his head, "Why do you want it to stop? It's just heat, get used to it boy, because now you're part of me". [/font] [font=Courier New][/font] [font=Courier New]He ran into the park and plunged himself into the lake, finally feeling the heat disappear. As he walked up to the shore, he saw two others sitting on the bench. He walked up to them and saw a group of others, he noticed one had an unusual hairdo with the red, black and blonde.[/font] [font=Courier New][/font] [font=Courier New]He climbed into a tree and began to listen to their conversation, wondering why he had the urge to do so...[/font] [font=Courier New]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/font] [font=Courier New]OOC: Hehe I finally got on long enough to post! Sorry for the holdup.[/font]
  13. Cysword6

    Sign Up Yu-Gi-Oh: Chaos of the Millennium Items [PG]

    Name: Reis Terras Age: 16 Description: Has black spiky hair that sticks out in odd directions. He has light tan skin and dark grey eyes, causing most people to be hypnotized by their deepness. He wears a black shirt marked with red gashes across it, making it look like it has been in many battles. He owns a pair of black jeans that have two chains hanging from the pockets. He has a marking of the sun and moon interwoven on his upper left arm. Bio: Reis was always a magnet for trouble, when he was 15 he had found himself behind the school with a spraypaint can in his hand and graffiti all over the wall. He had many memory lapses but his parents thought this one as the last straw. They chained him to his wall after he got out of jail shortly after he became 16. For nearly a year he was stuck down in his basement, his hatred for his parents growing every day. He finally unlocked himself when a golden mark appeared on his arm. He escaped from his house and found a paper streets down. He saw on the front cover a news article reporting how an archeologist had died in an ancient ruin uncovering something called the eclipse..... Favorite Card: Chaos Sorcerer Millenium Item: Millenium Eclipse (the marking on his arm is the millenium item) Millenium Item's Power: It can blind enemies temporarily with a blast of darkness or light. Sometimes the light can burn them. Side: Card Raider Name: Sorona Description: A lot like Reis, though she is a girl and her temper is more firey. She has brunette hair that spreads out over her back. She wears a black cape and shirt, with night black jeans. Short Bio: Sorona was another failure to her parents, she would terroize any city by burning it to it's grave. She was in every sense of the word "crazy" yet was sane enough to function normally. She was finally caught and sentenced to death, her final words were...."I shall be back to destroy all you miserable people, and I will rule....". As she was dieing her mind trapped itself in a last attempt to break free. Her mentality left her and appeared in the Millenium Eclipse, allowing her great powers to flow through it, becoming it's protector for eternity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I really really hope I'm not too late for this. Great RPG btw ^_^
  14. [size=2][center][b][u]The Story[/u][/b][/center] In a galaxy far, far away, much farther than our solar system, past hundreds of stars there is a small planet. Now this plant is not to small or to big, it the same size as the planet earth. On this plant there are two main continents one the Royal Continent and the other the Fallen Continent. Each continent is made up of seven cities. The main city on the Royal Continent is Serpaly. Six towns Azalcron, Tilapata, Deraghin, Isanova, Graplre, and Jiemojoshio, surround the main city. Anstrike is the main city of the fallen Continent, than surrounded by Nertas, Orsamoch, Tygaradorn, Lommo, Cycerion and Zianaxia. These two continents were at peace once, living happily together in peace and harmony. They had a fair trade going on and ever thing was happy. Than a dark cloud came across these two places and war had struck out. One year and fifty-two days ago the Great Evil Lord of Evilness of the Fallen continent attacked the Royal Continent. The Great Evil Lord of Evilness has rallied his troops the Army of Zurgolians and has stormed the wonderful, supery dupery Royal continent. King Zelfred of the Royal Continent has rounded up our army of Carbonitemares. For the past year the Royal Continent has been beat, stomped and getting a major beating to a bloody pulp. The Great Evil Lord of Evilness has located the Evil Choatix Blade which makes him even more powerful. What is the Royal Continent ever to do? A legend is told and is handed down from generation to generation. About the seven Booyaka Knights and the Shattered Heart Saber Pieces. I guess you would like to see the legend, I know I have it around here somewhere. Ah here it is: When the Evil Choatix Blade has been unsheathed the world will be thrown into chaos. Two lands will lock blades and hundred will be killed. Evil will prevail if unstopped. One thing can stop this evilness and that is the Seven Booyaka Knights. One will rise out of each town in the Royal continent and will rise up against the evil forces of evilness. Each knight is very unique and easy to spot. A crybaby, cool, ditzy, pessimist, optimist, crazy and short tempered they each represent a state of mind. They will come together and find the Shattered Heart Saber pieces. When they are all together the world can finally be at peace for a time being. Your mission if you choose to accept, is to save the Royal Continent. You will become one of the great Booyaka Knights and save this fair land from the Great Evil Lord of Evilness. You will meet your fellow Booyaka Knights along your journey to collect the Shattered Heart Saber pieces. The road ahead will have many perils but if the great Booyaka Knights come together at last this Continent will be saved and all will be at peace for the time being. For there is always more evil after you have defeated the evil at hand and normally they are stronger. [center][b][u]Sign-up Sheet[/u][/b][/center] [b][size=2]Name: [/size][/b] [b][size=2]Age:[/b] [b]Knight: (one of the knights listed below)[/b] [b]Appearance: (pic preferred but description is acceptable)[/b] [b]Weapon: (energy type, well just highly advanced, very fancy)[/b] [b]Element Properties: (fire, water, ice....etc..., this will be what you'll be resistant to and sometimes use in your weapon, only pick 1)[/b] [b]Hometown: (one of the 7 towns on the Royal Continent)[/b] [b]Personality: (look below, add some info of in what ways they perform that personality if you want)[/b] [b]Annoying Habit: (something you do that annoys the other knights)[/b] [b]Bio: (just the way you grew up and how you became a knight)[/b] [b][center][b][u]Other Info[/u][/b][/center] [left]The Evil Lord of Evilness is up as a signup his personality disorder is Paranoia, the Knight and Hometown part don't apply to you. The world of Garatrinia is highly advanced in technology, all weapons are laser, or element weapons. They have teleporting technology and are under monarchy. [/left] [center][b][u]Available Spots[/u][/b][/center] [left]Broken Knight=crybaby-[/left] [left]Dragonfly Knight=cool-[/left] Fairy Knight=ditzy- Dark Knight=pessimist-Cysword6(me) Angel Knight=optimist- Psycho Knight=crazy-Kittychanann Mystical Knight=short tempered- [left]Evil Lord of Evilness=paranoia-[/left] [left][size=2][color=red]BIG PROPS TO KITTYCHANANN FOR HELPING ME!!!! (is that good enough credit?) ^_^[/color][/size][/left] [left][size=2][color=#ff0000]I'll post my sign up later after 3 people sign up! ^_^[/color][/size][/left] [/size][/b][/size]
  15. Cysword6

    Discuss Booyaka Knights!!!!!!!!

    lol ok!:) that's one idea, thanx Sage, I have 7 knights made, I think that's small enough, do you agree? Here's my list!!: Broken Knight=crybaby Dragonfly Knight=cool Fairy Knight=ditzy Dark Knight=pessimist Angel Knight=optimist Psycho Knight=crazy Mystical Knight=short tempered oh well, that's there just to let you know