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    I love art, anime, and animals. Fav Animes- Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and more.
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    Student, Artist
  1. I read manga because I am utterly obsessed with it. I find the best mangas to be absolutely amazing and I cannot find myself to hold back the desire to buy them. I get deeply entralled with each and every storyline, and as an artist and an aspiring mangaka, I find the art inspiring and amazing. With nearly 70 novels in my collection (I need a new shelf! Out of room!) I compulsively buy manga nearly every other month as soon as the new titles come out! With manga, it is a different experience than watching anime, though I love anime to death as well! Anime and manga rock my socks!! It mak
  2. One summer day I was at Boarders and wanted to buy sometime to bring to read on an upcoming trip to the beach. Unknowning of the manga world at the time, I saw a shelf with several titles of what looked like interesting comics and finally decided on which one to buy. The chosen one was Brain Powered and was the manga that started my manga obsession. (hahaa... I didn't wait to bring it to the beach; I read it that night ;) )
  3. Awesome ^_^ The color is beyond amazing and I really adore those flying bird-things :P You've got some real talent :D
  4. Let's say that they each have their pros and cons... Shonen Jump- PROs: Since SJ has its magazine, as well as it's graphic novels, you can either buy individual manga titles or the magazine with multiple titles. So, that gives you more freedom in how you buy. Also, the SJ graphic novels are two dollars cheaper (at least here they are). $8 a graphic novel! ^_^ Also, like someone else mentioned, it's like $30 for a year's subscription... that's about 300 pages in each mag, and 12 a year, that's 3600 pages of manga for $30!! CONs: If you buy the magazine, you can't chose which manga
  5. It's confusing to know which ones you want to compare, but in any case... Saiyuki vs. Naruto- I've recently bought the first two Saiyuki novels, and they were quite good. Interesting art style, well-developed characters, and a thorough, and "legendary" persay, storyline. I have been a long and devoted Naruto fan however, and have both seen and read it, I must say that I like Naruto better. It's complex plot and characters, unique art style, and humor brings Naruto to be my favorite anime and manga out there. However, both are awesome in there own way. Saiyuki vs. YYH- I've only r
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