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  1. Katie!

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    oh man, I wish I wasn't broke.
  2. stop. a fire/psychic starter. nintendo is after my own heart.
  3. [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1343832119' post='712258'] [color=#0000ff]I was going with what Pumpkin quoted for the way it was typed though I suppose all caps could look good as well.[/color][/quote] artistic license is a beautiful thing. [color=#0000ff][quote]The font is Trebuchet MS - I'm not sure if it's the default elsewhere. I'm open to an actual suggestion for a font.[/quote][/color] It just looks like myriad from illustrator. regardless, it looks like a default font and that's a no-no. I might try gotham or arial black but I don't know what fonts you have and I can almost guarantee you don't have all of mine so just play around. [color=#0000ff][quote]Color-wise, that can get tricky here. All I did was bump up the colors with an adjustment layer. Adjusting one side separately from the other is going to do weird things to the main background color though, which does match between the two images. I'm sure there's more I can do with the adjustment layers themselves but this is well beyond my normal Photoshop work so it's going to be a bit of a learning experience. Suggestions there?[/quote][/color] ... no it doesn't. one is black and one is light blue. the left has a dark purple blue background (at least where the light hits) and the other is light blue. that's an easy fix. and adjustment layers aren't a "one and done" type of deal. usually you have to use 3+ in order to get things to work together in harmony, and not 3+ of the same type of layer. I'm talking b/c, saturation, selective color, curves, photo filters, gradient maps, etc. I already told you how to make the colors even. the beauty of adjustment layers is that they're masked, so you can erase parts of them and create that harmony. and that's why I said adjust the individual images first. you're not gonna make them match if you don't selectively change the colors [color=#0000ff][quote]And yes, I figured that's why you were offering but you can't master anything without practice so teaching is welcome (and appreciated) but I'd rather do the actual work myself.[/quote][/color] well there you go then. I told you what to do. I'm not going to tell you what values on selective color you should change but when you actually open up all the menus, it becomes fairly easy to learn.
  4. if there's one thing in the world of typography that irks me is when caps and lowercase are mixed. for this one, I'd say that you should go all caps. the font choice is okay, not spectacular. I'm pretty sure it's the default for illustrator? keep playing around with them and post the ones you like most. as far as the colors go, they look like they're not in the same picture. obviously they're not the same picture, but the point is to make them look like they're the same. the image on the left looks like it has some weird gaussian blur on it and it's pretty contrasted, versus the one on the right that looks a lot sharper and is dull. are you doing adjustment layers or just applying the effects to the actual image layers? if you're doing the latter, shame on you! they're okay to use on specific layers when you're trying to create the same atmosphere in both images. you can see that the left image has more purple/red tones with blue undertones versus the right that has blues and purples with blue undertones. it's important to get them to match a bit so that way, when you do adjustment layers, the colors even out. the downside to adjustment layers is that they do take a lot of practice to master, which is why I offered to do it to begin with.
  5. okok. I'm used to romping around KHI being an asshole. the first thing about fonts is that they should never be picked randomly. the font needs to go with whatever you're making. so for this banner, you already got a lot going on with the images being used, I'd go with a fairly basic font with maybe a few flourishes. maybe. but for big headers, a basic font tends to work well. I don't mind drop shadows being used if they're necessary but here, it's really not. emboss is also something that's kind of unnecessary. something you might want to play with is a soft gradient overlay, like a white to light pink. drop shadows look pretty nice with this if they're minimal. I'd also suggest using some color adjustment layers on the images to make the colors pop a bit more since they're kind of dull and flat right now. I can do all that stuff if you want to send me the psd later.
  6. that font is terrible and whatever emboss/shadow you have on it is not doing anything to help it.
  7. something better looking. give me the psd if you have it.
  8. [quote name='SaiyanPrincessX' timestamp='1343009352' post='712209'] I thought it was horrible. [/quote] girl, you cray
  9. so it was pretty epic. aurora breaks my heart, though.
  10. [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1340022204' post='712035'] [color=#0000ff]You might not actually be too far off the mark, given everything that's happened in the US recently. Not sure if the infection has spread to other parts of the world yet...[/color] [/quote] Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's some bath salts, your face is tasty.
  11. Katie!

    Gaming E3 2012

    https://twitter.com/notasenator/status/209688487987920896 that's all
  12. I am allergic to the nuts :c
  13. http://www.adultswim.com/shows/toonami/ YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  14. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g8evyE9TuYk[/media] that is all.
  15. Last night, we had New Boyz, The White Panda, and Gym Class Heroes come to our school for our spring concert. I would take my clothes off for Travie McCoy.
  16. Yesterday, people could pay $1 to pie me in the face. I did indeed get pied in the face.
  17. I never wanted to grow up, and I still don't.
  18. after reading all the books before seeing the movie, I was indifferent to the movie. I think they did a good job overall, and there were obvious differences from the book (mockingjay pin, mutt introductions, etc) but I was disappointed with the relationship and character development. everything moved way too quickly and you didn't have nearly enough time to root for Gale/Peeta like we did in the book. there wasn't enough time to get attached to any of the characters.
  19. Katie!

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    I'll be excited when they make it available for Mac : (
  20. [quote name='Allamorph' timestamp='1333901638' post='711362'] [font=Calibri]Haha, no, I'm speaking as if [i]I[/i] have a choice. And truthfully, I kinda [i]don't[/i], what with being a direct representative of the Navy all the time, now, but if and when such a situation arises I'm going to be riding very hard on the "self-defense and the defense of others" clause. =P It's just the way I'm built, hon. My natural reaction is to run towards, and to stand in between. I ... just choose not to change that reaction.[/font] [/quote] more power to ya, then!
  21. [quote name='Allamorph' timestamp='1333833723' post='711345'] [font=Calibri]In the long term, does it matter? Nah, not really. Still gonna happen regardless, and even more in places you can't be. But in the moment, for that person, does it matter? You bet your ass it does.[/font] [/quote] you're speaking as if I have a choice. in my contract, it says that I'm not allowed to touch any student if they are either sick, in a fight, or otherwise. if I HAD the choice, I'd be helping people left and right, but I'd rather not lose my job.
  22. [quote name='Allamorph' timestamp='1333812813' post='711337'] [font=Calibri]Then again, I feel a blow to the nose sort of pales in comparison to being able to keep someone from being sent to the hospital. =P[/font] [/quote] eh, I've gotten used to it as part of my job. I've seen countless kids who are getting sick due to over consumption of alcohol and I can't do anything about that, either.
  23. [quote name='Allamorph' timestamp='1333743233' post='711310'] [font=Calibri]Only if you're in a supervisory role. The reason those rules are in place are because as an RA you are a direct representative of the school, and so your actions reflect on the school. So the school can then also be sued for negligence.[/font] [/quote] right, but it's still a good idea to not throw yourself into the middle of a fight regardless of your position. never know when you're gonna get a sock to the face.
  24. [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1333674305' post='711302'] Today I broke up a fight at school. Two girls were rolling around trying to rip each other's eyes out. One of them had lifted up the other and slammed her back on the ground. I had to kneel down and separate them until a teacher came to help me. The more aggressive girl tried to punch me but her arm was tangled up in the strap of my messenger bag so she couldn't move. Later I heard the fight may have been over the aggressive girl's boyfriend. Also she has a history of violence and anger issues. Oops. O_O [/quote] if I learned anything from being an RA, it's that you're not supposed to touch any student, ever. you never know if they'll get an injury from you touching them and then you could be held liable. just sayin' :\
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