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    What Superpower do you want?

    Like Panda, I'd go with time manipulation. -No one would be able to touch me (unless they sneak up on me). Someone's about to shoot me? Stop time and take their gun. -I could speed up the school day. -I would never have to worry about not finishing something on time. -I could have Malcom in the Middle moments. Stop time; look towards the invisible camera: "Woah, I can't believe Cindy just asked me to the dance."
  2. Jeebs

    6 Degrees of Wikipedia. [Game]

    [quote name='The Boss][color=navy][size=1][b]Queen[/b] > Progressive Rock > 1960s > Dwight D. Eisenhower > Stalin > [b]Stalinism[/b][/color'][/size][/quote] Wow. I had something completely different. (Queen > Elizabeth II > Commander-in-Chief > President of the U.S. > Superpowers > Stalinism) [b]David Lynch[/b] > 1970 > Japan > Nintendo > [b]Shigeru Miyamoto[/b] [b]EDIT:[/b] Connect [b]Great Depression[/b] to [b]Seinfeld[/b].
  3. Jeebs

    6 Degrees of Wikipedia. [Game]

    [b]Great Wall of China[/b] > Ripley's Believe it or Not > Television Syndication > Fox Broadcasting Company > Family Guy > [b]Seth MacFarlane[/b] [b]Queen (band)[/b] > [b]Stalinism[/b]
  4. The version in the game was done by Jesper Kyd, a composer at IO Interactive.
  5. I believe the opening music is called, "Ave Maria."
  6. [color=navy]I have no way of knowing what happens after I die, so I just hope for the best. For me that's reincarnation. Heaven doesn't seem too tempting. What's the point of existing if you're eternally happy? You'd eventually forget sadness, anger, etc. How can you be truly happy if you forget why you're happy? With reincarnation, you get to start life anew, without the knowledge of past lives. You get to re-experience what makes existence great as if it were the first time.[/color]
  7. Jeebs

    Gaming Halo 3

    Weren't there 4 other Spartan IIs that made it off Reach? Kelly, Linda, Fred, and Will. Then there were 3 Spartan IIs who were on missions when Reach was attacked, and another Spartan II who was launched into space by a broken jetpack, but it's unknown if he's dead. As for Halo 3, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of gameplay shown, but it still looks awesome. I was interested in some of the things you could infer about the plot from the trailer, especially if you read the Cortana Letters. If you don't know what they are, they're emails that were sent to the story page of Bungie's previous FPS, Marathon (which is very similar to Halo) in 1999, before Halo: CE was announced. You can find them [url=http://marathon.bungie.org/story/cortana.html]here[/url]. At the end of the first letter, Cortana says "Oh, and your poet Eliot had it all wrong: THIS is the way the world ends." She also says something about seeing your future. Another thing: if you listen to the first line, you can hear Gravemind speaking with Cortana, which may mean that Gravemind has done something to her. Aside from that, I do hope that Bungie makes some improvements to gameplay. I liked Halo 1 and 2 gameplay-wise, but there is room for improvement. One thing I think may make it interesting is to have a team gametype where everyone can choose from different races. This could provide more strategy. Certain races could specialize in certain jobs, such as Jackals for sniping and recon, and Hunters to fight vehicles and break through enemy defenses.
  8. Jeebs

    Gaming Final Fantasy X

    [quote name='PaganAngel']I'm pretty proud of myself right now... I'm not much of a monster arena buff but yesterday I managed to beat the Jumbo Flan, which really wasn't that difficult if you cast Shell and use Holy a trillion times, but still, I'm proud of myself. Don't interfere on my happiness. XD[/quote] An easy way to beat Jumbo Flan (if Anima is powerful enough) is to reflect Slow off of one of your party members onto JF. Then summon Anima and have it cast Haste on itself. Then just keep using Pain until you win. It's the only aeon special attack that JF isn't immune to, so you can do 99,999 damage. If JF uses Regen, just Dispel it (although it only sets you back a few turns). This is the easiest way that I've found, but it still takes about 13 hits to kill it. It's annoying if you're trying to get Magic Spheres. Sadly, my PS2 broke before I could max out my characters' stats. I had all of the celestial weapons fully powered and everyone but Kimahri with max strength, defense, magic defense, speed, accuracy, evasion, and all of their abilities.
  9. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=D. Resurrected]I float on the water back to front am the same come to think of it so is my name? two posible anwsers for this one[/QUOTE] Would it be ice?
  10. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [quote name='silver_blade']The poison is in the ice of their drinks. The first one drank hers quickly so the ice had no time to melt. The second sister drank hers slowly, so the ice melted and released the poison.[/quote] Correct. Good job.
  11. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=Rezzard]This may have something to do with the human body. The first one by drinking it all at once her body rejected it and threw it up afterwards before she could digest enough poison to kill her. While the second sister but taking her time there wasn't enough poison in each swallow for her body to reject it but she eventually had enough poison to kill her.[/QUOTE] Nope. Neither sister threw up.
  12. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=sakurasuka][size=1]A man took a two-day trip on horseback. He did not make any un-necesary stops. It took him [i]exactly[/i] two days. He rode out on Tuesday, and returned on Tuesday. How is that possible?[/size][/QUOTE] I'm going to guess that the trip took two days, but the trip back took five days. Here's one: Two identical twin sisters each had a glass of the same drink. Each glass also had the same amount of drink and poison in them. One sister drank all of her drink immediately, while the other sister took her time. The sister who drank it immediately lived, while the other one died. Why? (Keep in mind that there was no antidote involved and neither of the sisters had health problems, nor were they immune to the poison.)
  13. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [quote name='anime_dark][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]Riddle: A man while looking at a photograph said, "Brothers and sisters have I none. That man's father is my father's son." Who was the person in the photograph? [/COLOR'][/FONT][/quote] Was he looking at himself in the photograph?
  14. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=D. Resurrected]What's black when you get it, Red when you use it, And white when you're all through with it?[/QUOTE] Is it charcoal? [quote name='Sakura]Now, the answer to that riddle is because [B]He's Short[/B']. On rainy days he carries an umbrella so he can press the buttons with it, but on sunny days he can't reach the buttons so he just climbs the stairs.[/quote] But then how does he take the elevator from his apartment to the lobby on sunny days? [quote name='anime_dark']There are 3 light bulbs and 3 switches.Light bulbs upstairs and switches downstairs. You can only make 1 trip up and you can't come back down after that. How do you determine which switch is for which light bulb? Oh and you can't use a weapon like a stick or call a fren or something.. It's just you,3 switches, 3 light bulbs and the stairs.[/quote] Is there a floor/ceiling in between the upstairs and downstairs? If not, all you would have to do is look up as you flip the switches. That's probably not the answer, though.
  15. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    Sakura: I'm gonna take a guess and say roots.
  16. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [quote name='Sakura][COLOR=Navy][B]Jeebs:[/B] The answer to your riddle is that they're [B]Playing Baseball[/B'], because the batter's stealing a base, and the catcher's wearing a mask, crouched on the HOME plate.[/COLOR][/quote] Correct. [QUOTE][COLOR=Navy][B]Look at me one way and I'm heavy, weigh a lot, But turn me around and you'll find I'm not. What am I?[/B][/COLOR][/QUOTE] You are a ton.
  17. Jeebs

    Name that movie from the screen shot!

    [quote name='White][FONT=Tahoma][color=#555555]If someone gets this easily, I will be in awe.[/COLOR'][/FONT][/quote] Strangely, I figured it out in a few seconds, without looking at the URL (for shame Violet :nono: ) or noticing the "Elect Koopa" sign. I just recognized the cop car. Wierd; I haven't seen that movie since I was like 7.
  18. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    Sleep? [i]One man is stealing, while a man at a mask is waiting at home. What's going on?[/i]
  19. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=D. Resurrected]great job.ok heres another one enjoy everyone :D You can find us in darkness but never in light. We are present in daytime but absent at night. In the deepest of shadows, We hide in plain sight. What am I? hehehe try to get this one hehehe :animesmil[/QUOTE] Is it the letter D?
  20. I had to take the English II test last Tuesday. It was three hours long and there were about two ECRs (extended constructed response) and five BCRs (brief constructed response). The rest were multiple choice. There were also reading passages (some of them over two pages long) every few questions, which made it difficult because I don't read very quickly. Even worse, there's supposed to be another three hour test in May. Other than that, I don't have any standardized testing that I know of. I never stress out before tests. I usually remember what I learn in class, which is strange because I zone out a lot. :animeswea I rarely ever study for tests and get a good score most of the time.
  21. Jeebs

    Riddles: Care to solve?

    [QUOTE=Chabichou][COLOR=#004a6f]Here's 2 visual riddles: [FONT=Arial][SIZE=20]ll = Vl[/SIZE][/FONT] Move one line to make the above equation correct. [SIZE=20][FONT=Arial][U]XXll[/U] = ll Vlll [/FONT][/SIZE] Move one line to make the above equation correct.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] First one: [spoiler][FONT=Arial]ll = Xl[/FONT] (XI is the roman numeral for 11.)[/spoiler]
  22. Jeebs

    How did you get your signature?

    My sig is from one of my favorite Green Day songs, "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" The rest is pretty self-explanatory.
  23. Jeebs

    Gaming Video Game Picture Caption Game!!! YAY!!!

    Paine: "We weren't saying that you're fat. We were saying that your outfit makes you look fat."
  24. Jeebs

    Gaming Most Annoying Video Game Enemies

    I think you mean Demonoliths. They were annoying if you didn't have status-proof armor, because they would use breath and petrify your entire party. Or if you attack them, they counter with Pharoh's Curse and cast poison, curse, and darkness on you character (and maybe other effects; I don't remember). Another annoying FFX enemy is Jumbo Flan. It's immune to weapon-based attacks, including most aeons' attacks. It also has high HP, magic, and magic defense, so it takes forever to kill. Even worse, you need to kill it a lot to get enough Magic Spheres to max out your characters' stats. The easiest way to beat it is to reflect slow off of one of your characters and summon Anima. Then have Anima use Haste on itself and keep using his Pain attack (the only aeon special/normal attack that Jumbo Flan isn't immune to). Unfortunately, it still takes 14-15 hits at 99,999 damage to kill it (even more if Jumbo Flan starts curing itself).