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  1. Mass Effect: Main story was pretty short, especially for an RPG. You'd think the side missions would make up for it, but they don't. It's basically the same thing every time. Drive around a barren lifeless planet with sometimes frustrating terrain for 15-20 minutes collecting things (via simple button-pressing minigames that get boring [I]very[/I] quickly). Go to the base (occasionally bases) and clear out some enemies. Dialog. The end. And if you want 100% completion (and being a completionist, I did) you have to do most of them a minimum of 3 times (maybe 4; I can't remember). IIRC, there are at least 40 of them. The menus were pretty bad as well. You have to slowly scroll through a bunch of items one at a time to get to something at the bottom of the list. No sorting, no fast scrolling, not even a page up or page down button. Add to the fact that by the end of the game you'll probably be getting useless junk left and right and it's not very enjoyable.
  2. [COLOR="Navy"]-You can walk into someone's house and take their stuff, and they won't mind. (Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) -You can completely fool people with a cardboard mask. (Team Fortress 2) -You can fit nearly limitless items, weapons, etc. in your pockets. (Many games) -Speedy thing goes in; speedy thing comes out. (Portal) -Never...trust...bald people. (Hitman) -Zombies love going for the crotch. (Dead Rising) -It's not a spider. (Halo) -In the future, there will be [i]a lot[/i] of talking. (Mass Effect) -Jumping on someone's head can be lethal. (Mario) -Fairies are ****ing annoying. (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)[/COLOR]
  3. [quote name='Morpheus']I just couldn't get into this game and one of the main reasons is the graphics. I find them to be just too little an improvement over the older games in overall model appearance and it feels as though you're looking through a moderate haze to actually see what's going on half the time.[/QUOTE] [SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]I don't understand why a lot of people say this. GTA has never been big on graphics. The past three PS2 games looked almost the same as one another. Yet now they make quite a big improvement in the graphics and people say that they don't like it because it looks too much like the previous games. That just doesn't make sense to me. Then again, I've never understood why graphics are such a big deal for some people in the first place. Also, it would be very difficult to run such a huge game with high-level graphics without in-game load screens. ----------------------------------------- Grand Theft Auto 4 surpassed most of my expectations. The subtle details really make it seem like I'm playing in an actual city. At first I even drove carefully and obeyed traffic laws because of this (that quickly ended though). They've improved on nearly everything from previous installments and then some. My only problem with GTA4 is that they took out some of the fun from the previous games for the sake of making it more realistic. But there are still things in the game that are very unrealistic, like taking 20 shots and healing by drinking a soda. It's like they tried to appeal to fans of realism and fans of the over-the-top elements, but came up a bit short on both ends. I mean, I can take on swarms of police single-handedly, but I can't get a tank or apache chopper because that's too unrealistic? Aside from that, I have no big issues with the game. It's definitely one of the best games I've ever played. ------------------------------------------ And to add a bit more discussion to this thread, what do you think of all the controversy around the game? One thing that comes to mind (aside from Jack Thompson, but I don't see any point in discussing his issues with the game) is that MADD is against the game because you can drive drunk, which they claim encourages drunk driving. A couple of problems with this: 1. This game is meant for mature audiences, which means that people playing the game should know better and shouldn't be influenced to do something by a video game. And even if they are younger than the target audience, they shouldn't be drinking or driving yet anyway. And by the time they are old enough, they should know that GTA4 is just a game. 2. The game actually portrays drunk driving rather negatively, maybe even exaggerates it a bit, as far as I know (I don't drink or drive). You become dizzy and lose hand-eye coordination and therefore can't control the car well. Even if you're a good driver, it's easy to suddenly smash into a tree. Basically, you lose control, like when you really get drunk. Personally, I don't like driving drunk in this game because it's annoying and makes me nauseous. If anything GTA4 should encourage people not to drive drunk.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. [COLOR="Navy"]You mean there's a name for that?! I definitely had senioritis. I only needed two credits (English and one other). The only class I really wanted to take was Java programming. The rest of the classes were mainly to fill up space, so there wasn't much incentive to excel in them. Of the five, only Pre-Calc and Physics were remotely difficult. Latin 4 was easy because there wasn't too much new material and the teacher didn't give a lot of work. Computer Applications and Concepts was mainly just stuff I already knew. Computer Aided Drafting and Design was the easiest class I have [b]ever[/b] taken. There were seriously times where I finished the work in the first half of class, and that was basically it for the week. No joke. Most of the time I was just playing computer games and talking to my friend. The problem came in the last few months when I realized that I still hadn't completed my portfolio or my student service learning project (which I was supposed to do in 9th grade :animeswea). Somehow I managed to get that done though.[/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="Navy"][u][URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldorf%2C_Maryland"]Waldorf[/URL][/u] is known for the home of Dr. Mudd, who aided John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. It's also the home of Chuck Brown, 2 members of Good Charlotte, Christina Milian, and a few others. According to Wiki, it's been called the "shopping capital of Southern Maryland." And Hilary Duff thinks we're ghetto, lol. The worst we have are little ***holes who break windows or spray paint signs and think that makes them "gangsta.":animesmil[/COLOR]
  6. [quote name='Lia']I disagree with that purely because say that it was legal. I'm sure that it would be a lot more regulated. Prostitution businesses would have certain criteria to follow, which would probably be along the lines of daily testing. Kind of like a health code. [B]EDIT:[/B] Not to say that regulation would completely wipe out the possibility of STDs, but I'm sure it would be better than it is now.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Rachmaninoff']Wrong. I can't speak for other countries obviously, but the state of Nevada, here in the USA, has legal prostitution under certain conditions. Go and take a look here: Wiki and you'll see that STD's isn't really an issue, or rather they have strict regulations to prevent serious issues. So the real hang up over prostitution is people who object to it on moral grounds. Saying STD's is the real reason, when proper regulation keeps that from being an issue, isn't true.[/quote] [COLOR="Navy"]Sorry if my post was confusing. I'm not too good with words. I was referring to street prostitution, since that's what most think about when they hear prostitution. It would be difficult to regulate street prostitution, and I think that that's part of the reason why it's illegal. That's why at the end of my post I said I don't see why brothels should be illegal. It probably is mainly a moral-based law though, but I'm sure STDs are part of the reason.[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR="Navy"]I don't think prostitution is illegal necessarily because it's considered immoral (although I'm sure that it has something to do with it), but because it helps spread STDs. I've heard several people say that that's a risk that both parties agree to take, but I don't think you're thinking about it enough. Say a husband can't get any from his wife, so he hires a prostitute and gets infected. He doesn't want to get checked or anything because then his wife might find out that he saw a prostitute. So he goes on with life and eventually has a child. Now not only is the wife infected, but the child may be as well. They didn't agree to the risks. It's like if he had bought some illegal drugs, got high, and murdered his wife (although not that extreme, of course). He may have known the risks in taking those drugs, but does that mean the drugs should be legal? The point is that this sort of decision doesn't only affect him, so it's not only his decision to make. Breaking your leg on the job isn't the same as getting a contagious disease. That being said though, I don't see any reason why brothels shouldn't be legal. They require a license and have mandatory tests, so there's not much risk in spreading disease. No pimps or anything either. There may be stalkers or something, but since their job is legal, they can call the police for help.[/COLOR]
  8. Did he try playing it again after a while? When I first played Halo 3, the camera in theater mode gave me motion sickness. The next day I tried it again and haven't gotten motion sick from it since.
  9. [COLOR="Navy"]I actually looked up my birthday ([b]January 17th[/b]) on Wikipedia a while ago. I was surprised at how many well-known people have that birthday. [b]Benjamin Franklin[/b]: American statesman; known for his kite experiment, as well as many other things [b]Al Capone[/b]: American gangster in the '20s and '30s; Scarface was based off of him [b]James Earl Jones[/b]: American actor; known for his distinctive voice [b]Maury Povich[/b]: American talk show host; gives out paternity tests [b]Muhammad Ali[/b]: American boxer [b]Jim Carrey[/b]: Canadian actor and comedian There are a lot of others, including one who has the same last name as me. [b][u]Quite a few OB members too:[/u][/b] Hell Raizer QuantumCore Teknomanfan areo Tien darklightgirl83 Ayakojima Taka Seiyaryu pixielover98 sky Princess Arana blasphemousbun KitThe Fox[/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR=darkred]1. Me, my brother, and my sister each get to chose where we want to go out to for dinner, or just what dinner we want. 2. I got an Xbox 360 for my last birthday. Can't think of anything better than that that I've gotten for my birthday. 3. I turned 18 last January, so naturally I feel different now that I'm legally an adult. Now I can vote, smoke, and look at naked people! Whoooo! :animesmil 4. I guess this past one. None of my birthdays are all that memorable. I did have a birthday party when I turned 4 though. It was actually for both me and my brother, since his birthday's a week before mine. That was nice, and seeing as how it's pretty much the only birthday I remember despite being only 4, I'd say it was the best.[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR="DarkRed"]I believed in Santa when I was little. I don't remember how old I was, but one day my mom just suddenly told me that Santa wasn't real. I don't remember clearly, but I think I cried. I don't think I ever believed in the Tooth Fairy. It might be because my teeth didn't start falling out until a late age. I figured it was just my parents, but I wasn't going to say anything as long as they kept giving me money.:D I don't remember believing in the Easter Bunny either. It just sounded stupid to me, but my parents still hid my basket somewhere in the house so I could find it. I still believe in aliens. It just sounds unreasonable not to believe that a universe that's been expanding for so long hasn't produced some other planet with life, sentient or not. Although it's most likely bacteria or something. As for god, I don't really know what to believe. I'm sure there could be a higher power/higher powers, but I don't think it makes much of a difference either way. I probably believed in god when I was young, without really thinking about it. My parents didn't make me believe it (we never went to church or read the Bible or anything); I guess I just picked it up from TV. It was in my teens when I really started thinking about it. One day I was watching Dogma and my mom got mad and said that the movie was sacrilegious, and I told her that I don't believe in God. To my surprise, she started crying. Before that, I don't recall her ever mentioning anything about religion. She hasn't said anything to me about it since then.[/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='James'][color=#606060]Also, quick question. Is there any way to move achievements from one profile to another in any way? I had my old profile as just "James"...but I had to create a new one on Xbox Live. Now I have to start all my games over again! It reset everything to zero. Not sure what to do about that.[/color][/QUOTE] Unfortunately, no. If you had signed into your "James" profile, you could have made that into an Xbox Live account instead (you would probably have had to change the name, though), but I guess it's a bit too late for that now. Anyway, I have a new gamertag. I've actually had it for a while now, but I had forgotten to post it here. My other account was suspended because the Visa giftcard I used to create it ran out of money, so I probably won't use it anymore. [url=http://profile.mygamercard.net/Atticus][img]http://card.mygamercard.net/Atticus.png[/img][/url] [b]Online Games:[/b] Crackdown, Halo 2, Gears of War, Lost Planet, Halo 3
  13. [quote name='The Blue Jihad']Uh, Jeebs...I think you need to spend less time on Easy and more time on Hard. haha You get utterly punished for using the Creeping Dark on harder difficulties. You can get a few kills with it, yeah, and the hearts recharge your Darkness energy, but the A.I. is definitely not dumb enough for you to survive on the hearts alone. Once they spot the head, they'll start shooting, and very frequently hit you, especially on Hard. Light drains your energy too quickly for continuous stalking, too.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="DarkRed"]I beat the game on hard, and it just didn't seem much more difficult. You die quicker, and the enemies do have better accuracy (against the Creeping Dark as well), but they were still generally pushovers. Most of the time I could clear out the next area with Creeping Dark. If it got hit, all I had to do was send it back in. About 80% of the time I would succeed in a few tries. Even if I didn't, I would at least take a few down. I really liked this game at first, but you can only stab the same mobster/cop/[spoiler]German soldier[/spoiler] with a Demon Arm so many times before it just becomes boring. When I was playing it, I couldn't put it down. But now that I have put it down, I can't pick it back up.[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR="DarkRed"]I really liked this game when I first played it. The story and presentation are great and the Darkness powers are pretty awesome. The problem is that after playing it three times (twice on easy, once on hard) I can't really find a reason to play again. The encounters just seem too repetitive. You fight pretty much the same guys over and over again. Also, the Creeping Dark makes most of the game very easy. Most of the time the enemies won't rush you, so you can just hide and use it to take everyone out. [spoiler]On the mission where you have to kill the boat captain, you don't even have to set foot on the boat; you can just send your Creeping Dark in to do the job.[/spoiler] And there's no real penalty to doing this, other than being vulnerable for a short time, but as I said, enemies hardly rush. I know I could just not use it, but I shouldn't have to hold back just to make the game harder. The developers should have made Creeping Dark less powerful or made enemies smart enough to avoid it easier. The AI was a bit stupid as well. As I said, the enemies usually stay back and wait for you to come to them. Also, the Darklings hardly listen to me, which made them pretty useless, other than being distractions. I also found myself rarely using normal guns, other than the pistols and assault rifle. The loading screens and having to go back and forth repeatedly through the subways became very annoying. The cutscenes didn't help after I had seen the same ones over and over again.[/COLOR]
  15. Jeebs

    Gaming Xbox 360

    [quote name='dragoonreaper']hey people with 360's can you help me understand why I can't even get the new Halo 2 maps at all? Shouldn't they be on 360 dashboard n be paid with microsoft points? Oh, if u can spare 1600 microsoft points so I can change my gt I will be really happy. (oh the cards cost $19.99 a peice n is their a 4,000 microsoft point cards n how much do they cost?)[/quote] The new maps aren't found in the marketplace and you don't use points to buy them. Since they're for Xbox and Xbox 360 owners, you get them the same way you get other Halo 2 content - by going into Halo 2 and choosing content download. You need to use a credit card or something that works like a credit card (like a Visa gift card) to buy them.
  16. Jeebs

    Gaming Crackdown

    [COLOR=Navy]I first heard about this game on Bungie forums, when it was announced that it would include a Halo 3 beta invite. I wanted to play the beta, but I didn't want to pay $60 for it and a game I might not like (from want I had heard, Crackdown was going to be terrible), so when I got my 360 a few weeks ago, I decided to download the demo and try it myself. I was very surprised with it. For a demo, there was a lot to do. There was a barrier, which is to be expected, but I didn't even know about it until I played the demo a few times because I was so busy playing around in the area they gave you. It was about as big as one of the cities in a Grand Theft Auto game. However, once you reach two stars in any ability (or play for 30 minutes) a timer starts and you have 30 minutes left. This isn't enough time to get all of your abilities maxed out, which is annoying, but understandable. Basically, you're a genetically altered super cop who's mission is to rid the city of the three gangs that have taken over. There is law enforcement (called Peacekeepers), but they can barely defend their headquarters (the Keep). From what I've heard, there isn't much more to the story, which is disappointing. What's interesting, though, is how you take out the gangs. Each gang has a kingpin and six other bosses, each contributing in a different way. It's entirely possible to go straight for the kingpin right off the bat, but you could also try a more strategic approach. By killing the lower bosses, the gang becomes weakened in certain areas (i.e. killing the boss in charge of weapons means the gang won't be as well-armed). This makes the kingpin an easier target. Another way of increasing your odds against bosses is to attack their hideout in different ways. Obviously going in through the front door would lead to a lot of resistance. However, if the hideout is by the water, for example, you could swim there and attack from behind. Targeting in this game is great. You can lock on to targets and choose different parts of the target (wheels, gas tank, head, arm, leg, etc.) causing different effects. Shooting a gang members legs will make him fall. Shooting his arm will make him drop his gun. Shooting a car's tire will make it crash if it is going relatively fast (and sometimes it will even flip over). However, you have to use at least some manual aim if you want to lock onto the correct target. Also, some parts take longer to lock onto, such as the head. This takes less time if you crouch down or increase your firearms skill. One of the most fun things about this game is increasing your stats: agility, driving, explosives, strength, and firearms. When you reach level 100 for a stat, you get a star next you that skill (max 4), your appearance changes, and your abilities in that stat increase. [b]Agility[/b]: faster running and more jumping distance. [b]Driving[/b]: makes driving easier (obviously) but it also makes the three Agency vehicles available at the Keep faster and changes their appearance. Once you reach four stars, each Agency vehicle gets a special ability. [list] [*]The Supercar (which is used to wedge under vehicles in your way) gets two heavy machine guns, as well as looking suspiciously like the Batmobile. [*]The SUV (used to go over obstacles) gets the ability to jump, as well as being able to ride up walls for a short period of time. This was actually a glitch, but the developers decided to leave it in when they found out. [*]The Truck Cab (used to smash through obstacles) gets a nitro boost which allows it to send cars flying and causes them to explode. [/list] [b]Explosives[/b]: makes your explosions bigger and more dangerous. [b]Strength[/b]: makes your melee attacks stronger and allows you to lift heavier objects. You also gain more health. [b]Firearms[/b]:l increases your accuracy and makes it easier to lock onto targets. I've heard that it also lets you zoom in further with scoped weapons. My one concern with this game is that it won't have much replay value. However there are things that would probably keep me playing. For one, it has online and system link co-op play. I could team up with friends and take down bosses, do tricks, or just have a fight with them. Also, the game is going to have downloadable content, the first batch being ten new Agent skins, and later a replay editor. Realtime Worlds has also said that it would be nice to add an Agency Motorbike or more areas, which I hope comes true. Is anyone else excited about this game? I can't wait until next Tuesday.[/COLOR]
  17. [b]1. What religion are you CURRENTLY following? If you don't have one, then why?[/b] I'm pretty much agnostic. I don't have any reason to follow a religion.I have my own set of morals, and I'm not interested in how the world was created or why things are the way they are; I just accept it. There's no way to prove/disprove god, so he could exist. I don't care much either way. I believe that if god does exist, he/she/it wouldn't care whether people worship him/her/it or not, and he/she/it would have faith in us that we could live without god's guidance, like how (most) parents eventually stop supporting their children. [b]2. Why do you follow that religion? Parents, personal reasons, etc?[/b] My mom is pretty religious. She doesn't go to church or anything, but she has no tolerance for religious humor. It bothers me sometimes because she throws around the word "sacrilegious" a lot. [b]3. Do you ever feel that people often critisize you because of these beliefs?[/b] No; I'm sure my mom doesn't like it, but she doesn't say anything about it. [b]4. This one may spark a little bit of arguing: Do you believe that your religion is the [i]one true religion?[/i] If so provide evidence.[/b] I don't think that there is a true religion. No one can prove or disprove any of them, so you can't know what's true and what isn't; you can only choose what works for you. It's much the same with reality. Technically, you can't prove that anything exists, you can only believe it's there. It's just more difficult to believe in things one doesn't see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. That's why I don't argue with people over religious beliefs or say that they're wrong. Their guess is as good as mine.
  18. [b]#10[/b] [i]An older Brother to some, And a master of pixels to all.[/i] I think that this is [b]Final Flash[/b]. He ran Otaku Big Brother, and I'm pretty sure he made sprites.
  19. Jeebs


    [quote name='silver_blade']I know intro threads are bad, but I never saw anything in the rules about "I'm Leaving" threads. And this thread technically has a topic, even if the title needs to be changed, so...[/quote] Not like it really matters. What are the mods going to do, ban him? :rolleyes: Anyway, I wear a pair of grey, black, and red Vans skate shoes that I got last summer for school. They're comfortable. I also have a worn out pair of black and white sneakers that I use for yard work. Other than that I have a pair of dress shoes which I've never worn. My parents say I should get a new pair of shoes, even though my Vans are still in perfect condition. It seems my parents care more about what other people think about me than I do.
  20. [size=1][b]#3[/b] [indent][i]A year after the fact, They decide what was memorable and what was not.[/i][/indent][/size] I'm going to guess [b]OtakuBoards Nifty Fifty[/b].
  21. [QUOTE=Shy][size=1][b]#2[/b] [indent][i]Divine, Wise, Dangerous along the beach.[/i][/indent][/size][/QUOTE] [b]Athena[/b] Athena is the goddess of wisdom, and the member who posted the Bikini Bandits threads.
  22. A nun was standing next to a golfer. The golfer missed the ball and said, "Damn, I missed!" The nun said, "Keep speaking like that and the good lord will punish you!" So the golfer swung again and missed and said, "Damn, I missed!" The nun said, "Speak like that one more time and the good lord will punish you!" So the golfer missed again and said, "Damn, I missed!" The nun said, "That's it! Now the good lord will punish you!" Then a lightning bolt came down and struck the nun and God said, "Damn, I missed!"
  23. Jeebs

    Gaming Halo 3

    [quote name='White][color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]The level design for multiplayer maps just don't seem big enough (in my opinion). They are all very crowed and tall (with tons of different floors) and I hate that. I'd rather have a much larger arena with only 2 floors (similar to Coagulation).[/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote] But the problem with maps like Coagulation is that if you don't have a vehicle and your opponent has a sniper, it's almost impossible to get to the other base.
  24. [QUOTE=Shy][size=1][b]#9[/b] [indent][i]I'm almost always there when you have something to say. Sometimes people neglect to use me, and sometimes people use me incorrectly. I'm turned on and off easily.[/i][/indent][/size][/QUOTE] Link parsing?
  25. [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_H_Macy][b]William H. Macy[/b][/url] > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleasantville_%28film%29]Pleasantville[/url] > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_World_War]World War II[/url] > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Empire]British Empire[/url] > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Boer_War]Second Boer War[/url] (click on "Lord Salisbury") > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Gascoyne-Cecil%2C_3rd_Marquess_of_Salisbury][b]Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury[/b][/url] [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyborg]Cyborg[/url] > [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mask_%28film%29]The Mask (film)[/url] [color=crimson][b][u]EDIT:[/u][/b] Okay...maybe I should give a hint. [spoiler]If you know about a certain famous video game super-soldier, you should know where to go.[/spoiler][/color]
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