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  1. RPG

    OCC: hurray i get to post. oh and im back now. IC: Citain took a step back, following the movements of all the people before him. He started to think now, think about all the actions that could be possibly exicuted upon him. It came as no suprise then when the elemtalist shot rapid bolts of power at him. However, it was day time, she had no advantage here. Citain held his hand up in front of his body palm out, as if to stop the advance of the cat woman. " Excuse me, would you allow me a brief reprive. I must remove my coat ladys and gentleman. " He waited for no response, he simply sheathed the Omrigan, and walked slowley over to the nearest tree, Un-bittoning his coat and taking it off. His majestic white wings, stained in places with blood, were fully spread. He walked back into the light of the day, spread his wings and drew his weapon. " Im very glad I get to use this on you. I call it my finsh wing. " He took off towards the blue sky. Spreading his wings and started chanleing all the natures air and power into his wings.... ( damn gtg but you get the point BIG ATTACK )
  2. RPG

    Ryu looked around in confusion, was she not just there? She had gone as quick as the wind. A fresh breath of wind in Ryu's opinion. She was an athlete. Yet another turn on, in Ryu's book of complicated emotions. His phone rang again. " Um, boss. The fight is at 7 Pm. At okanihoro park. I forgot to tell you befor~" A resonding slap as his flip phone was slapped down and put into his pocket. He was rather proturbed now, after all it was his damn phone that made him lose track of Oki. His phone rang again for a third time in minutes. He was really angry and it showed as he shouted into the phone. " dammit, Pual get to work and stop calling me man! " A dark a mysterious voice, almost as if muffled by a rag rang back. " We found what is yours, bring 10,000 yen or we will keep it. We are at 1345 Spruce." He pondered if he should call Tony or Rob. Hed rather have some fun so he went by himself. As he arrived on the scene, he noticed that the place was a run down steall mill. Your everyday typicall drug lords place. He didint bother to knock just kicked the door wide open. Three men lay on the ground. Someone beat him here. On the round table where the sunlight hit the oak. There lay a parchment, written on it was a very short vuage note. " Bring it tonight " Within the parchment he found a small pen. Jet blue with small waves on it. He stuck the pen into his pocket. Lighting up a cigaret simultaniously, he walked towards his hidout to run his affares and get ready for the brawl tonight....
  3. RPG

    [COLOR=Blue]Ryu wanted to know her, he had found out through his chain of small minded spies in the Black Roses, that her name was Oki. Stunning, gracefull and she had a killer flirt issue. This was a major turn on for Ryu. He took one last drag of his cigaret, he had only started smoking just recently. It was a simple change to show that he was more mature. In his bussiness, that was all one needed. A look, and the muscle and charm to back it up. He slowly walked into the small gym, Oki had just got out of a pool. Her dripping, radiant hair only looked better as she dried it off. Her body was a pure and unspoiled work of art. She was a very gorgeuos woman. Perhaps the best looking girl he had ever seen. She dissapeared into the locker room, re-emerging after only 5 minutes. She was quick, He wondered if she had taken a shower... Then his mind snapped back into reality as she waved and winked at him. A bright red mark appeared on his cheak, he was blushing rather hard. It was quite strange for him, he was the leader of a simi-notorious gang of street thugs, and here he was blushing for a girl whom he had never even spoken too. Truley amazing! Was this love? As she walked away, his cell phone rang as he began to come back into the real world. " hey, boss. We got a challenge from the ReD SnaKes gang. Its in the middle of some field tonight. You in? " rang a lower class lackey into the reciver quite nervously. " Idiot! why even bother to call, we all know im the best. I have no problems proving it, now go do something usefull you no-body!" he shouted half voiced as he slamed his cell phone into his pocket and walked briskly to catch up to oki.[/COLOR] OCC: I say we all end up at the field, upon which the meter may hit. Just an idea. 1. Summon water. ( makes a golem of water ) 2. Healing rain. ( kinda self explaintitory ) 3. Burst of Tsunami ( big move, like a giant wave of water compact into his fist ) 4. Final Fight ( not realy a move, just his will to get up even after hes down )
  4. Sign Up

    Name : Ryu Habana Age: 17 Gender: Male Apperance: [url][/url] ( take away katana) Element: Waves of Water Personality: Your basic everyday ***. Hes very smug about his power, and he is convinced that he is the best fighter on the face of the earth. As such, he is a man who belives nothing until he is proven wrong. Bio: Ryu is an orphan, he was abandonded at the age of 5. His mother was a white woman and his father was far to proud, as an oriental man, to stick around and take care of a "white" boy. His mother nursed him into heath and left him at the age of five. Ryu was left alone,a nd has been for a long time. He was a natural born fighter, and as such he fluants it as much as possible. When he turned 7 years old, he was formally inducted into a 15 and older street gang. As a part of the Black Roses, he was the youngest member to ever become the leader, at the stout age of 11. Rules to this gang were simple. If you get beat, you are no longer the leader. As the leader of the BR gang, Ryu found himslef in love at the age of 16. A new concept, love, he was in love with a girl at a resturant he had stole from once. Her name was oki. Now he chases her for her beauty. Hopeless in love. He would die for her. ( i have to get off the comp right now, but i will finsh later )
  5. In a time long ago, perhaps in a dream. There was a world, very similar to ours. This was a world of unequivicall grace and beauty. In this world, a world with no name. Dragons reside. They look over all life, they govern all law. They are our gods. However, In a time of great strife, turmoil, hatred and envy. The humans, bieng the ever-evolving vines of greed and destruction they are, turned upon the dragons. Claming thier own destiny. Erecting a new god. St.EVA. Thus, the dragons disapated. Returned to nature. In esence were gone form all fascets of life. It has been a long time since the dragons were here, and most have forgotten the awe insipring power that flows through thier veins. The dragons however have been waiting, brooding, plotting and watching the pitious humans. They wait now for the "chosen few" dragons. For as it is written, these dragons will save the world from the corruption of St.EVA... ****** Welcome to Breath of Fire: CaD The dragons shall not be in dragon form at all times. Its more of a transformation. You will need a human form, and a Dragon form. BoF:CaD is set in midevil style world. No guns please. Name: Dragon Name: ( guardian or Trans ) Weapon : ( think era esk ) Apperance ( picture or discription 2 para plz ) Clan: ( optional ) Style: ( dragons breath atk... Ala : fire, ice etc..) Bio: ( 3 paragraphs minimum ) Note* not all sign ups shall be accepted. Its over all theme and quality. GL HF
  6. RPG

    As the monitors installed in the walls of his palace grew to a sharp buzz, Merich began to feel much better about his chances of winning. " Bwhahahha, Dias, pull back Gakna. I want Citain to take this one." " My lord, Should we not leave him and send our best weapon later?" A shrill sound was heard as merich drew his pentagon at a rate that was impossible to keep up with, thw ind inside he small observation room began to swirl around the blade. A deadly dance of energy and elements. He then held the sword high above his head. Planted it into the roof overhead, and called out CITAN! A tall man with a rather long ponytail emerged out of the sword. Hitting the ground landing in a servatude postition. He had one leg tucked under his body and the other rested infront of him. He said no word only used his telepathy to read the room and the castle. He drew his Omrigan. A lesser version of the Paragon. It was a standard Katana cleverly hidden as weapon of chaos. As he strode down the hall. His white wing were tucked under his green suit. The red ribbon on his waist and his golden glasses were the only things not green about him. He reached the main hall, where there semmed to be a fight in progress. An elementalist, Walking over into the side of the room he observed her and the fight. He sent a telepathic messsage to the beast, and as soon as the fight had started it was abrutly over. The beast faded into the floor. " Hello, A master of the elemnts I see you are... Fight? " OOC: more to come... trust me you need more than her to take me
  7. RPG

    Guys Im very sorry for bieng gone so long. I shall post again in about 12 hours from now... Thats a little long I know. I have a great post coming. and we might even get to see Citan come to the front lines. Oh, btw heres some links to who your fighting in the upcoming post. [url][/url] I realize that hes a new character and all, but I would prefer him to be slain 3 on 1. I wont god-mod him, but he does need to be very powerfull. Ill also get around to posting his back-end story. Damn, have to really get going now. PLease dont post before me, with citan involved. ---Zach
  8. RPG

    .:: A crash was heard. Nim, short for Nimhapo, saw the young man, slam the girl into the stall. He was angry, no doubts, anger. Anger was a weapon she could use against him. It lead all senses down a bad path. Your eyes cant see, you cant smell or hear as well. All you think about is the red-hot veins pumping even more rage into your body. Easy Target. ::. " Please Nim, Take him, Myself and Rico, we shall cuase the trouble in the courtyard." A tall and Rather brutish looking man with a spear and wings said. ( see link, previous post) " I understand, let youself have all the fun eh garr?" Replided a snappy young ninja clad girl. " You have far too much pride. You will die. " muttered a cold dark figure named Rico. .:: With that there were no more words. The girl jumped to the roof opposite of herself and the other too position. The too men grabed thier spears and readied themselves for a fight. It would be a an easy fight, if they played thier cards right. This vincent character would be dead soon, Nim almost never failed. They could not dissapoint master Citan, nor could they fail lord Dias. ::. OOC: lets spice it up. ^_^
  9. RPG

    Dais stood alone in a room a pure white. All his fealings and emotions were slowley moving away. All that was on his mind was the mission at hand. We put on his sword at first, then his cape, next came his armour. Very little armour. It showed his confidence. He knew he was a better fighter than most, not all, but most people would fall under his blade. However, this would not be a one on one fight. He wold need the Suki. Dias strode into the room where the four suki were kept. His head high. He knew that if he was even a small bit afraid of thier power, he would be killed. He could not take all four of them at once. Perhaps two, noone besides Marich had taken four at once. " Alright, time to play. Grab your weapons, work is to be done." shouted a proud Dias. OOC: IM sorry but I need help here. You can kill them, Ill only send em at you one at a time. Pics below. Dias: [url][/url] Citan : [url][/url] ( saved for last ) Menkido: [url][/url] ( brute ) Shipko : [url][/url] ( ill send her first ) Rico : [url][/url] ( caster with a kick ) got to jet have fun
  10. RPG

    Dues sat on his throne, nothing left to do. He had won the war and the battle. Empathy? No that was not what he felt at the moment. All that was left was to sit here and die. The most precious weapon in the world, Paragon, and he would never get to use it. A young man burst through the door at a rather stout pace. He had long blue hair and wore little armour, his eyes were as blue as the clear salty ocean. He had a rather impressive demnonour about him and a rather sharp sword to boot. " Ahh, Dias, how nice of you to knock." Said a half asleep Marich. " A thousand times sorry milord, we have a slight problem. The guards could not stop the march of the rebelious faction sir. " Bowed a proud Dias. " Hmmm? What should I care, are you not enought to stop them?" responded Marich. " Understood sir. " He got up saluted Marich and walked abruptly towards the door. Dias was the man for the job, a great fighter and smart. He would crush this rebel upbringing if he had to give his life. Pehaps if he won, he would kill marich also and take the paragon. ____________________________________________________- OOC: You can kill Dias, Just make sure he goes out fighting ^_^
  11. Sign Up

    Thank you ober for posting my charrie. What? Is noone on my side? Jeez, Im gonna have to god mod to simply stay alive. Why dont you people want to help me? Anyway, I have a quick question. When are we starting this up? I need to know incase I have to be multiple characters since noone wants to be bad besides me. _ZAch
  12. RPG

    OCC: sorry I was gone so long there " Time to die.... I think not!" Fei yelled out as his anima had come to a stop at the top of a rocky bluff over looking the battlefield. It had been a long time. His anima 'welta' had been a very hard anima to contain and controll. It was the outcast of the groupe. Just like him. A gear moved slowley and the tail of his scorpion mech opened up. " I want some action too you guys.." Rang out a call from the Intercom. " What, who is that?" Responded vick " Awww come on now vick, forgot me already? " A reounding boom hit the air like a thunder crack. From atop the bluff, the scorpions tail acted like a sniper riffle. It rang again and again, untill it was out of ammo. Then it leapt down from the bluff and skid all the way to the bottom opening its claws for a fight. " Im back kids, and i got alot to tell you, oh, and sorry ive been gone so long. Ive been doing some investigation. " He would tell them after the rest of these annoying tanks were gone.
  13. Sign Up

    Hey, I realy dont have time rioght now. Go check out the stats for my guy on the other forum. Im the main evil guy. Dues. Also, I will be playing Dias, Dues main man in the field. Ill post for both. No worries. I can just be Dues if somebody else signs up for a bad guy. If not Ill be both _ Zach. ( sorry mods, Ill get that post asap, but i got to run..)
  14. OOC: nobody wants to help me * sobs * So, I will help me. Name : Dias Flac Apperance: [url][/url] Age : 29 Race: Elf / Human Class: High Defender / Samurai Weapon of Choice: Katana ( Jupon ) [url][/url] Weapon Style : Muri-no-gatana-fei-munata. ( take no prisoners, leave no doubts ) What side thier on : Empire Why he fights : Simply put, Power, he wishes to one day take the sacred Paragon. He has studied under the emperior for many years. His right hand man. He is better than the emperior in all forms of combat. The only reason he is not able to surpass him, Paraon. With his skill and the Paragon in his possesion, he would be able to rule the land hands down. History : Not even the Emperior himself knows for sure, he one day showed up in the city. He was the leader of a ruthless gang of cut-throats. He challanged the emperior to a duel, not knowing of this paragon. He has been the emperors field-agent ever since. Nothing else is known about him. * I will flesh him out as we go along. I just dont want to be by myself *
  15. RPG

    OOC: IM very sorry about my first post you guys. The bell rang, I was at school. ^^ " Um, Mr.. uh, Fei, sir. You have to unlock the door." Said a shy young woman in the back row of the class. " Oh, I knew that, I was uh, testing you? " He knew he looked like a loser. He did not care. Nothing was important to a man who had it all. Popularity,Money,Cars, even the sweetest Girl in the world. It was even sweeter, though, when you know that you earned it, and it was not givin to you at birth-right. However, those were all just conceptions that meant nothing. He was a sub now. Nothing was important. Not after he had lost her... " Well, what are you waiting for? The food to get cold? " No, sooner had he un-locked the door then had a stampeding heard-like rampage of kids almost trampled him. It wasent important, as a sub he had permision to cut in line. As he ariived in the caffeteria he saw what could only be considered mass histeria with a side of controlled chaos. It was far to loud. Good thing he had a headache eh? It was far too much for him to stomach, he would not eat crappy cafateria school food [I]AND [/I] listen to all this racket. Not a chance in hell. He walked over to the nearest avalable chair... " Excuse me.... EXCUSE ME! " Nothing worked. He cuped his hands and with one finnal yell of deperation he emptied his lungs . [B]" EXCUSE ME!!!"[/B] The job was done, not a soul in the cafateria wasent looking at him right now. He simply put his fore-finger upon his lips and made the 'hush' motion. " What a loser." A young mans voice rang out. The entire cafateria let out a collective 'ooohhh'. Shortly follwed by an " get him vick ". "Yes, vick. Why dont you come get it. Dont worry Ill go easy on you. What, not so tough when you have to stand up? " It was an empty threat, he knew he would never get work at the school again if he struck someone. A rather buff loking young man, most certainly a senior, stood up and rang back. " Duck man, because its about to get heavy... FOOD FIGHT " The entire Cafateria erupted with a sheer extasy of emotion. Fei Ducked out just in time as the food really started to fly. The kids inside forgot all about class, who-is-who and the soforths and just had fun. " Damn, way to cheery in here. I need a cigaret." Fei mumbled to himself as he stood outside in the courtyard. Lighting up...