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  1. Darkmark

    RPG Heretic (PG-VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"Wait..where am I in the first place...?" said Dim[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]Siffing the air around him B.T. continue deeper into the woods searching for Sakura. She is this way. B.T. roared for Taille and Tom to follow. B.T. keep on running then he heared someone crying. B.T. let out a roar again. And started to go to the sounds of crying but it just stop.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  3. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System] B.T. pulled her in closer and kissed her. "Taille..." said B.T. "I love you, I never want to leave you.."[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  4. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"I never want to hurt you..." said B.T. "I just don't to see you get hurt...I ...don't want to leave you alone.." B.T. wraps his arms around Taille and pull her closer to him. "I..I think I love you..." said B.T.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  5. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]OOC:sorry it short B.T. turns around and pushs Taille againts a tree. He puts his face right next to hers and wispers in her ear. "I can't stop thing about you....I never had feelings for someone like this...I..."said B.T.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  6. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"I can't tell her now...I don't know the feelings that Tobais and her share...everybody see them together...together...can't do anything unti I know...l" thought B.T. "Ummmm...nothing...I..I think she is this way..." said B.T. turning away.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  7. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"She isn't here." said B.T. "How did you..How do you.." said Taille "You know to much." said B.T. "Don't talk about this to anybody. Follow me." B.T. changed into his tiger form and started running towards the woods.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  8. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System] B.T. continue to watch Taille pound on the punching bag. She turn around and was about to say something and that is when B.T. got a strange feeling. He look at Taille and she was looking out the window. B.T. looked out the window and saw the white tiger running by. "O..no" thought B.T. "What is she up to? Its 5:14 in the morning...anybody can see her..all that white moving on the dimly lit grounds. Now I'm sure Taille thinks that someone else unless she saw what color I am. Now she thinks there're two tigers on the grounds...or what if...( :wow: )". "Hey! Did you see tha...B.T. are you ok? Your foaming at the mouth.. ( :confused: )" said Taille. "O....yea..hurt my toe(she isn't going to buy that! thought B.T.)real badly(I thought of that!)...Ouch." said B.T. "O..I didn't see anything..." said B.T. [/FONT][/SIZE] [/COLOR]
  9. [B]VERY URGENT!!! PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE YOU HAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR. If you receive an email titled: "It Takes Guts to Say Jesus" DO NOT OPEN IT. It will erase everything on your hard drive. This information was announced yesterday morning from IBM; AOL states that this is a very dangerous virus, much worse than "Melissa," and that there is NO Remedy for it at this time. Some very sick individual has succeeded in using the reformat function from Norton Utilities causing it to completely erase all documents on the hard drive. It has been designed to work with Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It destroys Macintosh and IBM compatible computers. This is a new, very malicious virus and not many people know about it. Pass this warning along to EVERYONE in your address book! and please share it with all your online friends ASAP so that this threat maybe stopped. Please practice cautionary measures and tell anyone that may have access to your computer. Forward this warning to everyone that you know that might access the Internet. Joyce L. Bober IBM Information Systems Pittsburgh Mailing Systems 412-922-8744[/B] [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]I just got this from my friend and this is bad for computer users. If you don't know what a hard drive is, its where all your files, music, pictures,etc....is saved. Do not take this virus lightly. Send this information to everybody you know![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  10. Darkmark

    Anime Note: Sucky anime club. Need Help.

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]You know my school has an anime club and its getting worse every day. We just had a meeting yesterday(O_o...*sigh*). At the start of the school year we had forty people in the club and that was shocking! *faints* Nobody wants to come to anime club because they think its full of nerds!( that is partly true...3% of nerds come...not being mean but... *Shugs*..its true. *sighs*)Yesterday we had 21 people and half of them said they might not come back.( *curses out loud* ) [B]What we did yesterday is name what show that song came from or theme song...whatever.(thats a tip*winks*)And to let you know I'm not a nerd.[/B] I'm a socal outcast. [U]Socal outcast-[/U]is a person who is knows almost all and all knows back.(all the names I got to keep up with!O__o)but the reason I'm saying this is because most of the people I know like anime and didn't know there was an anome club or they thing its full of nerds(sorry again*sighs*).If they didn't thing it was full of nerds we would have about around 85 people. So my anime club is lost people(I have no power in anime club so I can't sit down and come up with Ideas. But play the music game(Its bolded) it fun and it gets people to think about anime.Drawing-I say do 15 min. drawing con. with a theme(like draw your fav. anime char. dieing...etc..) and to a theme for the next time you meet. Have them draw something untill you meet again. Thats all I have to say.*dances around the room* [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
  11. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"Well...i was wondering why you where running allover the place(O_o)?" said B.T. try to lead her to think what ever she saw was someone else. Or at least he thinks she got a good view of him. "It looked like you where looking or following somebody. ("Please let this work!" thought B.T. :sweat: ) said B.T.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. Darkmark

    RPG Pokemon Depression

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System](OOC:OK< I"M BACK :D "If I did know this Tajiri guy really well, I wound say I wound kill him." said Dark "And sense you don't know him..." said Satoshi "Still kill him for alot of good resons, but I think Dil wound give the pain first." said Dark (:flaming: :is Dil) "Ok, why don't we go..." said Dark. Dil has already taken off already. "Dil..Flame lets g.."said Dark. Azzura was right next to him, she jump in his arms and was ready to go."Lets go." said Satoshi one hours later "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No." said Satoshi two hours later "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No." said Satoshi three hours later "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No and no!" said Satoshi four hours later "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No." said Satoshi "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No." said Satoshi "Are we there yet?" said Dark "No." said Satoshi "Are we there yet?" said Dark "NO!!!!!!!!" said Satoshi [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. Darkmark

    RPG Heretic (PG-VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]"I got the place to myself now...I think..." thought Dim. He changed back into his self and walked outside. "Now to make a signal..." Dim said as his hand started growing.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  14. Darkmark

    RPG Knockdown High (PG - VL)

    [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]OOC: YEA :excited: I'm ungrounded, so I can go back on my computer now.... :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This..is...boring..." Thought B.T. " Sakura acked like she had no idea what I'm talking about...I have to see what's up with steve but first I'll go see Tallie but I know its four in the morning. That was a weird fight...Sakura is hiding something." B.T. walks over to Tallie's room and knocks on the door. "Hellooooooooo..."said B.T. He leaned againt the door and thought of the things he would ask her as he knock on the door again.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=System]I live on the panhandle of FL and the side of our house next to the roof has been ripped off and all the insulating from the house is all over the yard(Still cleaning it up!).And half of my deck in the backyard has been blown over.And raking isn't fun at all! And the internet just came back to day. Its been offline for days. :flaming[/FONT]: [/SIZE][/COLOR]