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  1. I does look awesome, but it didn't blow me out of the water the same way the Gankutsuou trailer did. It doesn't have the same visual edge that had, but then Gankutsuou is in a special visual category all by itself. I'm a little worried about stretching a play of 2 hours to a television series of 11,but I trust GONZO to pull out the stops on their flagship "artier" productions, as opposed to their pumpkin scissors and chrno crusades. Did anyone else notice the music was "Romeo and Juliet"?
  2. It's not really suprising at all, considering 3 of his defense lawyers were assassinated and the first judge resigned due to politival interference.
  3. Where I was at school, we had practically the opposite. Just explainations of how various methods work, relative safety and the biology. Hell, we even had to put condoms on pink plastic penises. For a program to incorporate abstinence is pretty sensible, really nothing has the same likelihood of preventing STIs, pregnancies and firebrand preachers, but to not educate people about other methods, and to make them hard to acquire, is just odd.
  4. Avast ye, Scurvy Swabs! I'd have to be a pirate, the larcenous part of me soul (ie the majority) could never stand the simple life of a ninja. All that effort for no loot, no doubloons, pieces of eight or my favourite, puffy shirts! To add to the keyblade debate, no ninja needs a keyblade. Why? Any ninja using a key would have to commit seppuku on the spot. It doesn't make a difference that its a valid weapon, ninji and keys mix modesty and Johny Borrell. May the blessings o' Blackbeard beam upon ye!
  5. Anything by Pratchett is great fun, if its available in the states. Also the old favourites like Feist, Gemell, Asimov, Banks, Dick etc. Also, when it come out in the US later this month, buy/borrow/steal The Lies Of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, you will be entertained.
  6. I'm a reaonable skier for a brit, since we have next to no opportunity for real skiing. Never done snowboarding, as since I only go once a year I want to make the most of my time in the mountains, rather than faff about on the nursery slopes.
  7. Leofski

    V for Vendetta

    The odd thing about this film is that post 9/11, films that just contained images of the twin towers had warnings labelling them as possibly disturbing and no film touched the subject for a number of years. On the other hand, 8 months after the London tube bombings, a film actually has a train full of explosives blowing up a major national landmark. On the other hand its true to the comic, so I'd personally blow up the director and editing team if they'd taken it out.
  8. Leofski


    Socks are great. They keep my feet nice and warm, and break through my university firewall. For foot warming, I tend to opt for block dark colours, since they go with everything and the style of sock varies from the sports style to the normal sock variety. These socks in no way affect my internet connection.
  9. I'm willing to admit that I have probably had this level of stench, but that was at the Reading festival. IE 4 days and nights in a muddy field, too busy rocking out for personal hygiene. I've known guys who've gone home with trench foot, and on the last morning things like tents and gas canisters get thrown on bonfires leading to one almighty stench if its been a rainy year. Dry ones are quite a lot better.
  10. Leofski

    V for Vendetta

    I enjoyed the film a lot, but I would recommend the original comic to anyone. Although it is pretty old (it was written in the 80s), it makes a bit more sense than the film and gives a slightly different spin to plot. The use of the 1812 overture was great though.
  11. I heard that as well. You've got to love an actor who will only be in a film because it is this dumb. Must have been why he was in the star wars prequels too.
  12. I have exams next week. Not too worried though, Multiple choice FTW!!! A decent mark in one of them will get me out of my final for that module as well, which would be very nice.
  13. I'm fairly fond of "start wearing purple" by gogol bordello at the moment. To paraphrase something else, its like Borat writing bananaphone, but much better than that sounds.
  14. I'd take the smell. At least you don't have it in your mouth. I'd also take the CATS. Being endlessly told that all my base are belong to him might be pretty funny. fail in style or cheat and win?
  15. Pirates would probably win. After all pirates have a huge number of advantages, including but not limited to: 1. Pirates are often drunk on grog. This has a combination of effects including anaesthetic and antiseptic qualities. Those crazy pirates wouldn't even feel a throwing star in the head, and that poison wouldn't do anything either. 2. Ever wonder why pirates wear eyepatches? I bet you though they lost their eyes in "accidents", eh? In reality, eyepatches merely conceal laser eyes! Or hypnoeyes! 3.It has been suggested that Pirates have no long range power. They have cannons, duh! Plus they can invoke the Flying Spaghetti Monster! 4.At least 30% of pirates also have the zombie subtype, making them practically unkillable. 5. Pirates can make illegal copies of the ninjas and samurai to fight for them in a pinch. QED Pirates win.
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