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    I am 18 and my parents are from south america so im hispanic
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    Sacker at smiths T.T
  1. I think goku contributes the most he beat the most bad guys vegeta didnt even beat anyone he just gets cocky and then gets his *** kicked ^_^
  2. Les Paul Studios kick *** two also another good guitar would have to be BBKings guitar aka Lucielle ^_^
  3. Neo vs 100 agent smiths was my favorite..
  4. I saw sky captain and the world of tomorrow last weekend :wigout: how about you?
  5. You act like this is some sort of contest.. The quality of yellowcard is nothing compaired to LP... not to mention they arent a one hit wonder like yellowcard T.T If I have to listen to ocean avenu one more time ill kill that stupid singer -.- Also LP is much better live proving that there more talented ^_^ :D
  6. I cant wait to see them at the nintendo tour I hope to meet the lead singer
  7. When is the second KH2 comming out??
  8. What is your favorite guitar make? Mine is a fender stratocastor
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