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  1. KiraStrike29

    Anime Favorite Gundams

    this is an easy choice for me. first i would choose the freedom gundam from gundam seed for 3 main reasons. 1. it has the ability to fly. 2. it has a nuclear engine so it wont run out of power. 3. firepower. my second choice aegis gundam because of its mobile armor mode. i also like the strike and wing zero but they dont compare to the freedom.
  2. KiraStrike29

    Anime Gundam Seed Vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Who Would Win?

    it is true that kira is a bit of a whiner but if he were to go into seed mode he could destroy any gundam hes put up against. he was constantly givin the la kruese team a beat down mostly by himself.
  3. KiraStrike29

    Anime Best and worst of Gundam

    well i think its obvious which gundam series i like the best.i think the animation is absolutlely stunning and it has some of the best action sequences around, but since its not on the list i went with my second choice gundam wing.
  4. KiraStrike29

    Anime Gundam Seed Vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Who Would Win?

    it is true that most of the gundams would run out of power, however you are forgetting about the freedom and justice gundams which have nuclear reactors, which means they wont run out of power. the phase shift would be active the whole battle which would spell trouble for the eva units.
  5. KiraStrike29

    Anime At what age did you start watching anime?

    i think i started watching anime about 3 years ago when i was in my freshman year of college.dbz was my first love until i began just buying random anime dvds. now i cant get enough of gundam and d.n. angel. i dont really watch dbz anymore but i still play the games.i also have a sub. to newtype usa which i think is one of the best anime magazines around.
  6. KiraStrike29

    Anime Gundam Seed Vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Who Would Win?

    in response to what darksesshoumaru said about the weapons, arent you forgetting about the phase shift armor which makes normal projectile weaopns and blades useless because they cannot penetrate the armor. so if you base it on weapons and armor alone then the gundams easily win.the eva units wouldnt be able to get past the armor on the gundams.
  7. KiraStrike29

    Anime Gundam Seed Vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Who Would Win?

    as far as which series is better i would have to say gundam seed is the winner. my reasoning behind this is that i believe that the story is much better. evangelion has a great story line, but at times i think it is too complex. also the characters in seed seem more real. they are constantly showing their emotions.thats just my opinion, anyway.
  8. I have always loved anime with giant robots and i have always wondered ; what if Kiras Strike or Freedom Gundams were to take on Eva units 1,2 or 3. Personally i would put my money on the Freedom Gundam do to the fact it is powered by a nuclear reactor so it wont run out of energy like the Strike or the Eva units. Please everyone let me know what you think?
  9. KiraStrike29

    Anime Gundam SEED

    Personally i think gundam seed is the best of the gundam series. it just really irks me that new episodes air at 1am on fridays. that time slot bites. fridays episode was insane, i cant wait to see what happened. i do know that in the next few episodes there are going to be some big changes to the characters, mobile suits, and even alliances.
  10. KiraStrike29

    Anime DNAngel

    I recently recieved a free copy of the first episode of d n angel with my newtype sub. i was wondering if anyone else has seen other episodes of this series and what they think about it. i thought it was a very interesting idea and the characters seem very real and emotional, but like i said ive only seen one episode. [COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]I've merged your thread with our pre-existing topic. Next time, please check the Directory before starting a series-specific thread. Thanks! ~Dagger~[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  11. [QUOTE=EVA Unit 100]I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news: As of October 22nd/23rd, Gundam SEED is being given the death pennalty by having the premieres moved to 1 AM on Friday late nights/Saturday early, early, early mornings. [/QUOTE] this really makes me mad. leave it to cn to remove one of the better shows in toonami to a horrible time slot and leave megas xlr in toonami. if you ask me they should put gundam seed in megas time slot. that would great if kenshin and dbgt could stay and gundam seed was moved back in there.
  12. KiraStrike29

    Gaming Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

    i have read at a few websites online that there will be ss4 goku and vegeta in the game on top of the movie characters. i also have heard that they have gotten rid of dragonworld.
  13. KiraStrike29

    Anime Wolf's Rain

    i was very ticked with the ending. there was hardly any closure.its a shame that such a good anime had such a bad ending.
  14. KiraStrike29

    Anime Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

    hmmmmm....? this is a tough one but id have to say kira from gundam seed. hes one bad mofo in the strike gundam and he is a very sincere character.hes constantly taking on 4 gundams almost completely by himself and he usually wins. other than that id have to say future trunks from dbz or kenshin
  15. KiraStrike29

    Anime Recomended anime?

    personally i like gundam seed and inuyasha. wolfs rain is really good too.akira and ghost in the shell you must see. i usually just go buy an anime i havent seen before on dvd and check it out to see if i like it. but you have seen some really good ones already.