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  1. LeaderShugo

    Manga Tempo - manga idea

    [COLOR=SandyBrown][FONT=Garamond]I live not to far from a girl who can draw so good! I just know she is going to be a pro artist for graphic novals and etc. As of now she is working on a comic called "Ren Of The Shrine" and it is absolutly wonderful. Her name is Jaycee Plont, her otaku board username is [b]SakuraMinomino[/b][/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. LeaderShugo

    to many rules

    Well there might be a lot of rules but they are easy to follow...
  3. LeaderShugo

    Manga Tempo - manga idea

    [COLOR=SlateGray]In my opinion that sounds like a great unique story... I would buy it anyways...[/COLOR]
  4. LeaderShugo

    Anime Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

    My favorite character by far is yoko kurama from yu yu hakusho. He is a very strong fighter weilding power over plants.
  5. LeaderShugo

    Anime .Hack//Legend of the twilight

    I love the show!!! My favorite character is shugo *Points to username* but I don't know why... Some reason he is my favorite character...
  6. LeaderShugo

    Anime Anime/Manga pairings least likely to succeed

    I don't really know if you have ever seen Inuyasha, Inuyasha and Kagome really like each other but arguee alot...