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  1. Okay, these are awesome bands: 1. Linkin Park 2. Muse 3. Nickelback 4. Maroon Five 5. Thousand Foot Krutch/Green Day This is a really hard question for me, and I can't decide on number 5. :(
  2. All right, I was wondering where?s the farthest place you have gone to visit, why you decided to go to that place, and what did you do? :therock: I myself have recently, two summers ago, visited Iceland. I was there to visit my family, which was awesome. While I was there, I went to the beautiful Island called Vestmannu Island. The town?s houses were painted with lots of colors: red, orange, blue, gray, white, yellow, green and purple. It greatly resembled a rainbow. The townspeople, at that time, were celebrating a volcano that had not erupted in over thirty years, so they had a big airplane stunt show. Puffins covered the cliffs of the Vestmannu Island, so it was a significant photo opportunity. :freak: However, the best part of my trip was going to all the breathtaking water sceneries. The beaches there have hundreds of shells of all sizes and color spread across the wet, dark sanded beach. I also went swimming in the Blue Lagoon, which people from all over the world come to swim in. Supposedly, the lagoon is known for its healing powers, but I have been in there tons of times, and I think it?s bogus. :smirk: :blah: Okay, okay, okay I also went to the one of biggest waterfalls in Iceland, Gulfoss. The water was clear with mist covering the bottom fall, and the most beautiful rainbow shinned over it all making it outstandingly perfect for taking pictures. There was the coolest cave underneath the waterfall that made it even cooler. :grumble: Anyways that was my farthest trip!!!!!!!!! :grumble:
  3. Well, when I was younger, I spoke Icelandic fluently. Then we moved to America, and it got hard to keep speaking it since no one here speaks Icelandic. So I forgot it of course, but I am currently now being forced to learn Spanish :flaming: for high school.
  4. Well, My mom is from Iceland, and my dad is Russian. On my mom's side, I also have other europian trates that I don't know about. When I was young, I spoke Icelandic fluently. However when we moved to the U.S., I forgot it all :( . Someday I would like to get a comeplete backround check on both my parents sides.
  5. I am also picky. Tacitly, I like him to be really hot looking: blue eyes, slim and muscular (considering that I am a swimmer), and tall. I don?t really care about hair as long as it?s not passed the shoulders. For personality, I like someone who makes me feel comfortable, but at the same time gives me a burning feeling inside my chest that makes my heartbeat, so hard. I also look for a bright and witty guy with a good sense of humor, but not over doing it, either.
  6. Anime

    Ya, I've read all three books out so far, and I love it. :D Tsubusa is a really cool series. I am really excited about the show! :love:
  7. Anime

    I cryed in one of the Full Metal Alchemist shows :( (can't remeber which one, but it was sad), and in the last episode of wolf's rain :flaming: (which i absolutely hated) :mad: ...anyways ya
  8. Anime

    I first liked anime when I was about 9 or10. I was really into DBZ, Sailor Moon, Orphen, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi Muyo. :eek: Then eventually my parents let me watch stuff on Adult Swim like Inuyasha, and other shows... ;) hehe