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  1. MonkichiRmon

    Gaming Favorite Game to Play

    The one game i can't life w/out is...DDR!! It's one of those im sure i'll be playing yrs from now. It takes my mind off all that's wrong w/ the world, and gives back my sense of peace... I'm also just starting w/ FPS and so far Hitman's been kewl. Some war games too. But...my all time fave will always be the Zelda series.
  2. MonkichiRmon

    Weird Things Seen on the Way Home from...

    Hm..that's a tough one. I've seen so many weird things! i don't think i can pick just 1... ^^
  3. MonkichiRmon

    Gaming Games You Might've Missed

    Yea, so many games! Hm...my 1st would have to be...[B]Baten Kaitos[/B]!! It was really one of the best RPG's i've ever played. Well, my [I]1st[/I] RPG actually...so i've grown to love it. Even if some ppl say the card-play was a little confusing, once u get used to it, it all runs smooth. [B]Katamari Damacy[/B]. Yes, definetly. I would suggest to get it, [I]now[/I]!! Lol, plus the soundtrack is awsome ^^. Others...hmm, yes theres more but...i can't think of them right now, lol. :animeswea
  4. MonkichiRmon

    Gaming PlayStation 3

    Yea, i think they should do that too. Being able to replace it and stuffs....it'll give hardcore gamers the most option ;) .
  5. Yea, definetly Link. I love his bow and arrows...and his bomb is kewl to start off mid-air attacks ^^.