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  1. Mutsume_Hina


    I don't think this is against the rules...I'm going to try to start a game. Rules: Since I'm the one starting this thread, I will write any sentence that starts with "A". The next person will start his/her sentence with "B", and so on. You can write anything you want as long as it is only one sentince and starts with the letter of the alphabet that comes next. A game thread...I wonder if this will work...
  2. Mutsume_Hina

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    I have been reading the manga since it first came out in the US and I love it!! It's one of my favorites! I just ordered Bleach 8 two days ago, and I'm hoping it gets shipped soon - because mail will halt on the 4th of July. I don't wanna wait another day!
  3. Mutsume_Hina

    Anime Love Hina

    I love the manga Love Hina!! It's so funny!! And I get so tired of people thinking it's porn...
  4. Mutsume_Hina

    Anime Digimon

    If they do start it back up, I hope they make it more like the 4th season than the others. That was the only one I liked...
  5. Mutsume_Hina

    Manga my manga master peice in process. (ur thoughts)

    It sounds alright, but you should try writing it in a script format. It would make it more interesting.
  6. Mutsume_Hina

    Manga Looking for an innovative manga that will suprise me

    Yeah, definately Rurouni Kenshin. You should also try: Shaman King, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Naruto, Hikaru No Go, Bleach, and Trigun!! Hikaru No Go doesn't have fighting action, but I still think you should try it.
  7. Mutsume_Hina

    Manga shaman king

    [SIZE=1][FONT=Arial] Who here reads Shaman King? It's one of my favorite manga. If you do read it, who are your favorite characters? Mine are Yoh, Amidamaru, Anna, and Bason. [/FONT] [/SIZE] [color=darkblue][size=1][b]I merged your Shaman King thread with one that already existed. In the future, pleae try to look on the first couple of pages of the board about the subject you want to talk about instead of creating an entirely new thread. Thanks. -Lady K[/b][/size][/color]
  8. Mutsume_Hina

    Anime Bann Anime!? Nooooooo!

    I didn't start this, but i feel it is my duty to continue it. Dear Online Anime Comunity[OAC] Hello My online name Is Rei Ayanami, I would like to adress you on a certian isusse that realy ticks me off, some christans on Petion.com or w/e it is, [U]are trying to ban Anime in the U.S[/U] That means no more trigun cowboy bebop inuyasha or any of those animes on adult swim, it also means no anime merchandise will be sold in the U.S. ALSO they are trying to make so that if you possses anime matirel you can be jailed/and or fined. Now thats just messed up soooo me and a couple of my friends decided this is not right so what were doing is makeing an anti petition that will be sent to the president if anime is actualy banned All you have to do is copy and paste this email onto a NEW email and then add your name[REAL NAME, rp/nickname/anime name afterwards if you wish, and what state you live in, age if you want] thank you and LONG LIVE ANIMEEEEE!! (Send this to all of your friends) 1>Lelian Maldonado/Rei Ayanami/CA 2.Jessica Sedig/Miako Shinto/Az/ 13 3. Michael Plevinski/ Naruto BloodSwarn/FL/13 4:Shadow Roman/Ja Karachi/NY/13 5.Sinthya Duffer/Miyoko/Sin/MD/12 6. Sabrina Stidham(/Kimiko/Salene/shadow/and more) 7. Amanda D. (kyoto/akimi/tsukiko/ and more) 13/ IL 8.Arianna M.(kattya/hayori/eura/and so on) 13/IL 9.Maryanne G. ( Suiko, Yuki, ect. ) 13/ FL 10. Rebecca M. (Lana/Kagome) 13/FL 11. Jessica M. (Inuyasha-chan/Vixen/Mileyu/Tobi/Sakura/etc.)13/FL 12. Matthew Stephen Huf (hotsuma) 19/NM 13.katie n (goth chick) 14.Apollo C.(hinaboy)(Keitaro-Sempia)15/Ks 15.SAM D.(MUTSUME_HINA) 16.SHANNON D. (SHU) Here you go long live animeeeeeeeee!!