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  1. Well 1st of all, for 16, i wound up presenting chikins at a livestock show. i dont recomend doing so. (though i did get some major money) . but, um, i would sugest simply getting a couple of friens, eating at a casual restarant, seeing a movie, then go to some place, an overlook, a beach, somplace semi-secluded. take some CDs some drinks, (preferably non-alcohlic) and just sit out there with your best buds atlking and hanging out.
  2. Ah, here we have it; I always knew a thread would start like this. Alas, here am I, probably the only active Mormon on OB. Yes, I openly admit, we are very much of a different breed of worshipers, Christians, religionist, whatever. And I have taken fair amount of ridicule from others of a different faith. 8 times out of 10, when I say I?m Mormon, the 1st thing the person asks is "um, do you like have a bunch of wives or moms?" at 1st it was funny, now it gets on my nerves a tinsy bit ( and it is really hard to actually bother me). It has gotten to the point that i despise the very word Aztec (
  3. Now, Im sure most of us have at least seen Trigun to some extent, and ive heard about a couple of other cowboy/western/shootum up on a horse type of magna/anime. But from what i understand, they arent all that realistic/good. i wanna know 2 things from my favorite people in the world (the OB gang). 1) what good, more realitic/slightly historically accurate western/cowboy anime/manga are out there. 2) Do you think the idea of a slightly histoically accurate western/cowboy anime/manga is a good idea?
  4. when ever the power goes out, i enjoy going to houses in the neighboorhood (QUESTION NOT MY SPEILIN) and run from window to window it a candle while wearing my goofy ninja suit, tapping on windows, and screaming at little kids in thier rooms..........i need a life....... :animecry:
  5. oh, i dont recomend using this, i have a few friends who are constantly aroused, its funny to see them walk away with a drink in thier lap. Excuse me, ma'am, I'm with the police. I'm going to need to to remove most of your cloths, lay on your back and spread your legs, i asure you this is only a routine pat down.
  6. Hey, i want to get a good poll from my favorite people here in OB. Im gonna list some genres of manga as well as thier descriptions (in case u dont actualy know what they are..... :animeswea ) plez tell me what you SINGLE ONE UNO genre is your absolute fav. give me what you think in both a post response and in the actual poll. 1.Action - A story that indulges a reader's penchant for physical exertion, through the depiction of combat, sport, chase, or a confluence of these. 2.Drama - A story in which the conflict rests in the personality of its characters in an environment that is ty
  7. i think i ust peed my pants, that was really flipping funny. like the other preson there, i thikn the pikachu anger issues was the best. keep up the good work partner!
  8. when i look out on all of these so called "demonstations" and "protests" i fell yet another empty black hole open up in my stomache. yes, i am urked by people who demand money, welfare, and what not from a government that they have (for teh most part) done nothing for. very very few, if any at all have paid taxes. most havent contributed a single dime to our economy, with the exception of theyre actuall jobs. Im urked that people not of this land want us to change for them. like those other guys said; if emmigrate go to Russia or where ever, are they all supposed to learn english.
  9. i dotn really quite see our future laying the hands of present leaders, quite so much as i do see it laying in our own. as far as that goes, i see our future in a bitter-sweet type of way. Yes the economy isnt doing so hot right now, heck, it could take another heavy plunge soon. But it wont last. Soon, i just know that our economy is gonna be back up and runnig smoothly. yah, war is taking its tolls on it, and will continue for a while even after the fighting is over. The political system wil change little. it will probably still be a little corrupt, and not as effective as it should
  10. my confesion, well, one major thing is that i think that a whole buncha peoples on the site are hardheaded and ignorant brats. :animeangr
  11. i have been watching the news lately, and all these riots and massive assamblies about all the illigals and the ways for mexicans, cubans, and other hispanics to gain legal citizenship. i am unsure of my own opinion. i simply want to know others opinopns and what they think should be done. now, if you have any plans on bashing anybody severly, get out, i dont want any big flames in here. lets all act like big boys and girls and not throw around senseless crap.
  12. i also learned the hard way what happens when you grab a porcenlin plate that has been in the microwave for 4 minutes with you bare hands.
  13. yah, i uh, kinda have very bad days every once in a while. :animeswea . lol yah um for instance after recieving an incredible amount of dares from friends, i was convinced to do the following: 1) stand up in the back of a pickup going 50mph while holding a 9loaded) 12gauge shotgun 2) jump off back of truck going 50mph (holding loaded gun) 3)attempt to land on a large bale of hay beside road. (holding loaded gun) 4) shoot can sitting on fence 10ft away with gun. 5)whoop in victory and become farm hero. :animesigh heres what happend: 1)Stood in back of pickup going 50mph,
  14. i have to say the wierdest manga/anime would definatly be Excel Sage. i mean really, thats like pycotic. you have people dying the being revived every 5 minutes, asceded being sleeping with dead mexicans, off the wall politcal racial and religous jokes, and not to mention petafile scientist!
  15. hey i have a friend that will be drawing up some of my characters for me. would anybody who likes my manga idea also like to see what my friend has cooked up?
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