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    I'm a caffeine addict, literary addict, music addict, useless FACT addict, who writes stories in spiral notebooks whenever she can, can't seem to like authority, and generally ends up having people like her (to her shock).
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    Student by day, artist by night!
  1. [quote name='Dale_Valley']Well 1st of all, for 16, i wound up presenting chikins at a livestock show. i dont recomend doing so. (though i did get some major money) . but, um, i would sugest simply getting a couple of friens, eating at a casual restarant, seeing a movie, then go to some place, an overlook, a beach, somplace semi-secluded. take some CDs some drinks, (preferably non-alcohlic) and just sit out there with your best buds atlking and hanging out.[/quote] [FONT=Georgia]That pretty much sums up my sixteenth birthday! I went out to lunch with good friends, browsed the bookstores (my idea of fun), saw a movie, just hung out and had a good time. Now, if I was allowed to drive, this would be a very [i]different[/i] story, but I'm not so...it was localized fun. But it was a nice sweet sixteen. :animeswea I'm now looking forward to my eighteenth birthday, where I'll probably find some election to vote in during my day of euphoria.[/FONT]
  2. [FONT=Georgia]There's been criticism of Mormon missionaries who go door to door, and I'd like to say something about that-I think what they have to say is really INTERESTING! I come from a big Episcopal family, and know a fair amount about my own denomination, but really nothing about Mormon beliefs. It was really fascinating, and I found the guys who stopped by to be really nice. The Book of Mormon is still in my room, and I've read some of it. I think it's cool to learn about different things...what people know little about they can make fun of. Badly. As others said, only those who know a lot can be experts at poking fun of. When you're ignorant you get malicious. I will admit, it is hard for me to come to grips with a denomination that is only about a century or so old, but then mine still gets crap because of Henry VIII. Mainly Catholics bring this up :animesmil But, what I haven't grown up with and haven't known I can't condemn because that would be wrong, and I'd ultimately end up looking like an idiot. And I think we've established that Catholics get more fired on. :animesigh [/FONT]
  3. [FONT=Georgia]I go through fads a lot, since every time I look around I seem to find a new and interesting group to listen to. Most often I'll listen to a band exclusively for weeks or months, but there's always that one band that comes back and I get stuck on for a while-Belle and Sebastian. Their latest album The Life Pursuit is a piece exhibiting their real maturity, and the flow of the album is just perfect. And no one can write song lyrics like them :animecry: It's so wonderful! Each song is a snapshot of a person, a city, an emotion, it's poetry that moves. The other day I realized I've been a fan for six years. Nothing has been able to replace them. :catgirl: [/FONT]
  4. [FONT=Georgia]I have done many stupid things with my friends, most of them involving truth or dare :animeswea Since I've always been kind of secretive about things, I would always choose a dare-which is just asking to be hit with the most disgusting tasks ever. One time, I think I may have been asked to kiss a toilet...I don't want to contemplate whether I went through with it or not. But the worst was when I took truth, and was asked "What is your deepest darkest secret?" Now, a year later this was beaten out of me, but I did not want to say it-I was horrified! So I quickly backed out and did a dare, which was to eat a whole sardine from a can. It was the most vile thing I've ever eaten-I was gagging, and wanting to throw up. But I wouldn't tell my secret, so I ate the whole thing. It took me half an hour. Years later, I think: wow, at thirteen I was a real idiot.:animestun [/FONT]
  5. [FONT=Georgia]My favorite would have to be Cowboy Bebop. The interactions between the characters are so great, and Ed is just hillarious. I could spend a day just watching it :catgirl: And the animation just blows me away. I also really enjoy Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D-I may have to steal those from my friend;)[/FONT]
  6. [FONT=Georgia]I enjoy all those genres of manga, but the one thing I absolutely cannot do without is: [b]comedy[/b]. If no humour can be found in tragedy than it is just meaningless, one dimensional. I'm a big fan of [i]Angel Sanctuary[/i] and [i]Death Note[/i], but that is because through the terror and the struggles the characters face, there is still that element of comedy mingling throughout the story. Like when Kato accidentally sells his body for experimentation in the 13th volume, or L's insistence on sitting crouched on a chair practically in pajamas while everyone around him is in a suite. So yeah, I need that comedy! :catgirl: [/FONT]
  7. [FONT=Georgia]This one song seems to poignantly express my whole life (or at least, my adolescence). I look competent and brilliant on the outside, but no one knows the painful secrets that I've lived through. And I try my best to escape from my troubles, but still walk with a limp through life. [B]Beautiful[/B] [I]by Belle and Sebastian[/I] She lay in bed all night watching the morning change She lay in bed all night watching the colours change She lay in bed all night watching the colours change into green and gold The doctor told her years ago that she was ill The doctor told her years ago to take a pill The doctor told her years ago that she'd go blind if she wasn't careful They let Lisa go blind The world was at her feet and she was looking down They let Lisa go blind But everyone she knew thought she was beautiful Only slightly mental Beautiful, a bit temperamental Beautiful, only slightly mental Beautiful She thought it would be fun to try photography She thought it would be fun to try pornography She thought it would be fun to try most anything She was tired of sleeping They let Lisa go blind, let Lisa go blind, let Lisa go blind They let Lisa go blind She's looking like a queen But if you knew what's going on in her life There'd be a thousand barren mothers there to talk to her If you knew what's going on in her life There'd be two hundred troubled teenagers to sit with her And to talk to her If you knew what's going on in her life What's going on in her life What's going on in her life There would be a documentary on Radio 4 She made herself a pair of orthopaedic shoes She thought it was the answer to the fashion blues She mad herself a pair of orthopaedic shoes But she walked with a limp[/FONT]
  8. [FONT=Georgia]I think that if you both see yourselves in a long term, committed relationship, it's fine to move in together. When I'm older I'll definitely end up doing it, because before I vow to stay with someone till death, I want to be sure they're the [i]right[/i] person. I had to watch my parents divorce, and no way am I going to fall for someone without knowing them intimately. Though, I don't think the goal necessarily has to be marriage; if you eventually part ways, it doesn't invalidate the time you've spent together. [/FONT]
  9. [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Georgia]That's great looking. What kind of script do you have in mind, though?[/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. [FONT=Georgia]You guys are sick! :catgirl: This is one courtesy of my evil cousins. My uncle is deaf in one ear, so he's hard of hearing, and my cousins find it hilarious to mouth words without actually speaking. My uncle will shout "What? What? Speak up!" before realizing they aren't saying anything! I swear, find a gullable person and do this to them-they will seriously think they're going deaf:devil:[/FONT]
  11. [FONT=Georgia]Recipes, you say? Well, I do have one that I created, which I simply call "a bunch of **** in a tortilla." It's not very hard to make, and is actually good...if you're tongue swings that way. [b]What You Need[/b] 1. One tortilla. I prefer corn tortillas, but whatever. 2. Plain Greek yogurt. 3. Chinese spicy sauce (you know, it's red with a green top...maybe you don't know this.). 4. Fillers of your choosing (e.g. turkey, cheese, etc.). [b]What You Do With It[/b] 1. First, find your tortilla (they're sneaky). Next, put it in a toaster oven for...however long you like it. This should make the tortilla blow up like a balloon. Which is cool. But don't do it for too long or it will look like a deflated football that spontaneously combusted. 2. Next, mix the yogurt and Chinese sauce stuff in a bowl. 3. Stuff your blown up tortilla with your fillings. 4. Pour the yogurt stuff in. 5. Eat. Contrary to all appearances, this actually tastes good! :animeswea Seriously.[/FONT]
  12. [FONT=Georgia]My dream job would be to own my own unique studio, where all kinds of wonderful projects are made and where I can use all my artist talents and just die happy. I could write my novels, write my comic scripts and work with artists to make them a reality, and write animated movie and show scripts and watch them come to life. *faints from happiness* Oh God, that would make my life complete! Because I love doing so many kinds of art that I have a hard time deciding just on one. ...But most likely I'll follow Neil Gaiman's path-write novels and comics by myself. Which is still fun, though of course I won't get paid as much as him. But I don't give a **** about money...as long as I at least have a habitable place to live.[/FONT]
  13. [FONT=Georgia]I'd have to say Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead is my favorite relatively recent guitarist! He's one of those musicians that can really convey emotion through their playing, like on The Tourist. And then he can just rock out like on Electioneering and 2+2=5. His style kind of reminds me of David Gilmore, but more crazy, loose, and modern. [/FONT]
  14. [FONT=Georgia]Oh God, this used to be a favorite thing for me to do as a little kid with my friends. We did the whole classic preparation in the bathroom, chanted "Blood Mary" three times, saw our [i]own[/i] reflections in the mirror, screamed, and ran out of the bathroom. That's pretty much how it went. It's just a fun way to scare yourself.[/FONT]
  15. [FONT=Georgia][COLOR=DarkRed]Momus-Stars Forever: [/COLOR]I am absolutely enraptured with this album, there is no other word! There's never been one like it. All the songs are about real people, who sent in a description of themselves via Momus' website [url=http://www.imomus.com]imomus.com[/url] and a cheque for a thousand dollars (apparently he had some "legal" troubles...though he wouldn't say exactly what). Anyway, each song is a fantastic description of a person, the music unique on each track based on their description. And the interesting thing is you're not sure if they were telling the truth or not. I've gotten these songs stuck in my head for what seems like forever :animeswea [COLOR=DarkRed]My Favorite-The Happiest Days of Our Lives: [/COLOR]This album is so under-appreciated, and it's a crime-the whole thing is genius. My Favorite is a great combination of experimental styles and '80's New Wave. The songs are haunting depictions of teenage lives, with beautiful melodies are brilliant lyrics. What's funny is I actually got my whole family hooked on them. Yeah, I haven't bought CD's in a while-so I've had a long time to digest these :D [/FONT]
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