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  1. hmm... i have a few friends in england and i believe they are going to the ayacon one cuz they live near warwick i think. anyways, i visit england about once every two-ish years. so maybe i'll get to go to an anime con and meet you or them...
  2. i totally believe in the supernatural. i think they are souls that have not found their way yet and have to wander and do any unfinished business before finding rest. i don't think they are all mischeivious and play tricks on people unless it is a child or perhaps there is a reason why they do a certain thing like slamming doors because that room had significance of some sort to/or whatever. i love all the mystery and anonymity surrounding ghosts. i don't have any proof, i just like to believe in them and it comforts and freaks me out at the same time to think about it.
  3. hey, i never judge them! and homophobia is an actual term and i'm scared of them, but not extremely. i don't shiver every time. could you please stop critisizing me? i can't help it. i know it's everywhere, heck, i even have lesbian friends and know gay people. i know it doesn't make sense and i don't understand it myself, they are the same as every one else and for that reason there is no need for me to sympathize.
  4. i've started watching anime ever since i was born, seriously. i know alot of people say that just because they really like anime and are hardcore anime fans. i have started watching it ever since i could watch tv. i was born and raised in Hong Kong, so i watched a huge variety, but ever since i moved can't remember them and they haven't showed up here in North America yet.
  5. i have a fear of gay and lesbians. yes, i'm homophobic. it's not the run away or avoid kind, i just get shivers whenever i see them acting like lovers or anything like that. i can talk to them and stuff, i'm not afraid of them but i don't know why i have a phobia of homos.
  6. the favourite enemy i absolutely [I]love[/I] to hate is Flay from Gundam SEED. She is such a slut and doesn't care about Kira's feelings at all. i hate her with a burning passion. when Sai said that Flay was a pathetic fool i yelled "yeah, go Sai!" grr... i [I]hate[/I] Flay...
  7. three? aren't there four books out right now? my friend has volume 4 and she let me read it. she got it like three months ago. i can't wait for the anime! but knowing here, it'll take a long time before it airs... *tear*
  8. i really don't know which side to take. i've been well informed and looked at both sides of the argument but i still can't decide which side for sure to take. ii might just remain neutral, but i'm leaning towards to just let her go.
  9. yeah, i've only seen the first episode, put i plan on watching the rest over the holiday. when you said you suspected the opening theme song was going to become really popular, did you mean the japanese one with few english lyrics- gotta go, never give up or something along those lines. i honestly can't remember but i didn't really like it. i really liked the series, especially the action.
  10. yeah! go inuaysha! whoo! *high fives with kaisha* the reason it's so long is more for the characters than the actual storyline. Anyways, Rumiko Takahashi is pretty much famous for her ability to stretch events. i absolutely LOVE the romance though. there's not so much in inuyasha, but i love the romance in Ranma 1/2 whatever there is left in between the fight scenes. but i really really enjoy spiral and gundam seed. hmm... the most disappointing anime for me would be... i can't think of one off the top of my head... lemme think a sec... er, nothing
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