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    [QUOTE=SummonerMai]I love bishie with Flirty carefree attitude. I only have two guys that I really like, and here they are. Dark Mousy (DN angel) Hatori (fruits basket)[/QUOTE] I forgot about Hatori! He's the ideal man-- sensitive, smart, and a doctor! Plus he's hot.
  2. Anime

    [QUOTE=r2vq]Since when was she in Dragonball Z? She seemed to disappear after Dragon Ball. XD Also have to remember that Japan itself is a sexist, chauvinistic country. Only recently have things been changing. Traditionally, men practically owned women like property and women are only meant to be "good wives". Things [b]are[/b] starting to change, I hear, only very, very slowly. -ArV[/QUOTE] I thought she appeared in the very beginning of DBZ. If not, sorry. I haven't seen it in a while. And Japan is changing, or so I've heard.
  3. Anime

    [quote name='EVA Unit 100]It's already on their official website. Why would you doubt [URL=']the proof?[/URL][/quote] I didn't check the site before reading your post, actually. :animeswea I heard that Viz often works closely with 4Kids entertainment (Shaman King, One Piece), so I wasn't sure.
  4. Anime

    [QUOTE=Dagger]You know what's amusing--I actually can't stand Princess Mononoke's dub. It's the primary reason I've never watched the movie in its entirety. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] I couldn't stand many of the voices in that movie. Claire Danes wasn't good at all, and Billy Bob Thorton was very miscast. Also, Billy Crudup wasn't that impressive. The first version I ever saw of this movie was a bootleg of the dub, and I was horrified. The Japanese was far superior. --------------- Other bad dubs are One Piece, DBZ, and Card Captor Sakura. ---------------------------- Edit: Original dubs that I liked were Naruto and FMA in Japanese. FMA has a so-so English dub, but as someone mentioned, Al sounds cuter in Japanese. :catgirl:
  5. Manga

    I enjoy the DNAngel manga a lot. The story is cute, the characters are reasonably complex, and the art is great. My personal favorites are Satoshi and Dark Mousy. Emiko and Riku are also cool.
  6. Anime

    [QUOTE=Dagger]Good choices! I also love Hunter x Hunter's villains, particularly Kuroro. However, I don't know that I would call Hisoka a pure bad guy, per se; in my mind, he kind of exemplifies the "pseudo-evil" type of character one often finds in anime. In the later OVAs, he [spoiler]even plays on Gon's side in that volleyball game. And in the TV show's Celestial Tower arc, he ended up being the driving force behind Gon's improvement & determination--more like a straightforward rival than the usual shounen villain who must be defeated.[/spoiler] Basically, he gets in the way a lot, and he can be pretty ruthless, but I don't think he's a true antagonist on the same level as Kuroro & the Spiders. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] You are right--- Hisoka is more of a personal rival than an antagonist. That's what I like about HxH. Although most of the good guys are moral, there is no ultimate villain to defeat (until the Spider Arc). In the Hunter Exam, even the good guys use sneaky techniques to defeat each other. In fact, one of the main characters (my favorite :D ) is an assassin. It's very much like Yu Yu Hakusho-- the good guys are often ruthless and 'cool', not pure or motivated by justice. I also think that Illumi, Killua's brother, is a decent villain. He is creepy, murderous, and oppressive. Just about any of the Spiders is a good villain. Feitan is good, as are Machi, Nobunaga, Ubogin, and Shizuku.
  7. Anime

    I agree that 18 is a good character. However, most of the other females on DBZ are either annoying or weak. Toriyama is a good mangaka but he often exploits the girls for sexual humor. Even 18 was groped once or twice by Roshi. Oh, and Yu Gi Oh is definitely flippant in its treatment of women. Here is a short list of some of the DBZ girls though-- with comments: Bulma- intelligent but highly sexualized woman. Appears naked or in compromising situations many times. Lunch/Kushami- Servile woman by day; vicious robber by night. She is a funny character, but she too is ogled by Roshi. Even though he's afraid of her 'evil side', she usually remains in her 50's houswife garb throughout the novel. Chi Chi- Sometimes a decent character. She is a typical mother + wife, but she is presented as being irritating and overbearing. She rarely leaves the house and she often stands in the way of Gohan's training. Videl- A moderately strong girl, Videl begins as a promising character. However, she is quickly defeated in her match. Also, she soon falls prey to her own feelings for Gohan. Although she fights alongside him as a superhero, she is always considered inferior (not just to him-- to all male fighters) and she is rarely taken seriously. Pan- A strong fighter. Pan is the stereotypical "kid"-- tomboyish, loud, and adventurous. She is also very strong, but she is never really treated with the same honor that Gohan, Goku, and Kuririn received as children. I haven't seen too many episodes featuring her, however, so I will not pass much judgment. Bura/Bra- A spoiled girl, Bra is the favorite child of Vegeta. She is the daughter of the Prince of all Saiyans but she does not fight. Her only interest is shopping. Although she is capable of flight, Bra rarely does anything meaningful in the series. She is sheltered and protected like any other girl. Marron- Kuririn's daughter isn't as brave or intelligent as her mother. She is kind and gentle, fitting nicely into the role of a 'demure woman'. Marron isn't really a negative character, but she doesn't do much. Minor Characters- There have been other minor female characters. Ran Fan was a fighter who used her sex appeal to defeat Roshi in a comedic battle. She pranced around in a Victoria's Secret getup. Brolly's movie featured one female that was relatively strong and brave. She died an unworthy death. There is also talk of a West Kaioshin, but she was quickly wiped out by Buu. Other girls like Princess Snake and various female children on Dragonball are rarely central characters. ----------------------------------------- While this may sound overblown and unimportant, I felt the need to address these specific characters in DBZ. 18 is the only female that truly escapes the plight of the demure, weak, useless sexual objects that populate the manga. Although many of the females receive some characterization, they are almost always reduced to a stereotype or a joke as soon as they're needed.
  8. Anime

    I don't think it was an April Fool's joke, but I suppose I should have listed a site. Thank you for responding, everyone. Anyway, I wasn't sure if Viz was going to dub Naruto or not. Apparently, another company may acquire the show. If not, we'll still see Naruto on CN by August or September.
  9. Anime

    I know that ShoPro licensed Naruto, but will they actually dub it? I've heard rumors (from non-parody sites) that Naruto will be called Nathan and that the show will be dubbed by 4 kids Entertainment. Also, I heard that it will air on Cartoon Network in late 2005. Is any of this true? :animestun
  10. Anime

    Eh. The trailer was ok, but the manga is much more impressive in terms of character design and atmosphere. I love the manga, but I think that this anime is starting up [I]way[/I] too soon. I'll download the fansubs if they're released, though. The show looks promising simply because the manga is amazing.
  11. Anime

    1. Kuroro/Quoll, Hunter x Hunter. He is the leader of the Spider gang, a ruthless band of powerful and inredibly cruel criminals. He believes in what he's doing and he seems to have no regrets for his violent lifestyle. 2. [spoiler]Sasuke[/spoiler] from Naruto. [spoiler]Now that he's gone bad, he's much better than he once was.[/spoiler] 3. Dilandau, Escaflowne. He is a truly messed up individual. Dilandau is insane, ruthless, obsessed, and ....tragic. 4. Seta Soujiro, Rurouni Kenshin. An awesome swordsman with a dark past to boot. He is a wonderfully confused, complex character. 5. The 7 deadly Sins, Full Metal Alchemist. They are unique and they're based on Catholic/Christian mythology. Very interesting. 6. Hisoka, Hunter X Hunter. Another weirdo from this great series. Hisoka is bizarre and powerful. He isn't really on any side, but he sides with Kuroro's gang for a while. He is deceptive by nature.
  12. Anime

    I used to think that anime was sexist (after watching Dragonball Z, actually), but now I realize that each anime is affected by its target audience. Why did Toriyama make all of his females objects of lust (well, for Muten Roshi at least)? Teen boys read his comics! They will most likely find lechery + perverted old men funny. There are plenty of mangas and anime that feature strong, unstereotyped females [I]and[/I] males. They include: Haibane Renmei * Now and Then, Here and There Spirited Away Cowboy Bebop (Faye is fanservice-y, but she's an interesting person) One Piece * Hunter x Hunter Trigun * Full Metal Alchemist * Rurouni Kenshin * Escaflowne Last Exile Princess Mononoke * Laputa: Castle in the Sky Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind ** Evangelion Revolutionary Girl Utena ** Excel Saga Card Captor Sakura ** DN Angel I starred the ones that are especially exemplary as anti-stereotypical anime. It's difficult (and pointless) to generalize about anime. That's like saying that American movies are sexist just because of films like Eurotrip and American Pie. There will always be titles in which the women (or men) are stereotyped and treated as sex objects, not people. If you don't like watching them, simply avoid those titles. Despite my rejection of the original argument, I feel that some authors have truly demeaned their female characters. Toriyama is a prime example. In Dragonball, Bulma is never recognized for her technical prowess. She is only a body to ogle, sexualize, and take advantage of. :rolleyes: Also, Yu-gi-Oh! features boring, bland girls that stand around like mannequins to model skimpy clothes and exaggerated figures. Aside from these anime, there aren't too many gross stereotypes in modern animation. We should appreciate these anime instead of condemning scattered instances of fanservice and stereotyping.