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    Anime Anime sexism

  2. ladyarianrod

    Anime Naruto!

    [quote name='EVA Unit 100]It's already on their official website. Why would you doubt [URL=http://www.viz.com/news/newsroom/2005/02_naruto.php']the proof?[/URL][/quote] I didn't check the site before reading your post, actually. :animeswea I heard that Viz often works closely with 4Kids entertainment (Shaman King, One Piece), so I wasn't sure.
  3. ladyarianrod

    Anime Best/Worst dubs

  4. ladyarianrod

    Manga D.N. Angel

    I enjoy the DNAngel manga a lot. The story is cute, the characters are reasonably complex, and the art is great. My personal favorites are Satoshi and Dark Mousy. Emiko and Riku are also cool.
  5. ladyarianrod

    Anime Villain Contest Nominations...

    [QUOTE=Dagger]Good choices! I also love Hunter x Hunter's villains, particularly Kuroro. However, I don't know that I would call Hisoka a pure bad guy, per se; in my mind, he kind of exemplifies the "pseudo-evil" type of character one often finds in anime. In the later OVAs, he [spoiler]even plays on Gon's side in that volleyball game. And in the TV show's Celestial Tower arc, he ended up being the driving force behind Gon's improvement & determination--more like a straightforward rival than the usual shounen villain who must be defeated.[/spoiler] Basically, he gets in the way a lot, and he can be pretty ruthless, but I don't think he's a true antagonist on the same level as Kuroro & the Spiders. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] You are right--- Hisoka is more of a personal rival than an antagonist. That's what I like about HxH. Although most of the good guys are moral, there is no ultimate villain to defeat (until the Spider Arc). In the Hunter Exam, even the good guys use sneaky techniques to defeat each other. In fact, one of the main characters (my favorite :D ) is an assassin. It's very much like Yu Yu Hakusho-- the good guys are often ruthless and 'cool', not pure or motivated by justice. I also think that Illumi, Killua's brother, is a decent villain. He is creepy, murderous, and oppressive. Just about any of the Spiders is a good villain. Feitan is good, as are Machi, Nobunaga, Ubogin, and Shizuku.
  6. ladyarianrod

    Anime Anime sexism

  7. ladyarianrod

    Anime Naruto!

    I don't think it was an April Fool's joke, but I suppose I should have listed a site. Thank you for responding, everyone. Anyway, I wasn't sure if Viz was going to dub Naruto or not. Apparently, another company may acquire the show. If not, we'll still see Naruto on CN by August or September.
  8. ladyarianrod

    Anime Naruto!

    I know that ShoPro licensed Naruto, but will they actually dub it? I've heard rumors (from non-parody sites) that Naruto will be called Nathan and that the show will be dubbed by 4 kids Entertainment. Also, I heard that it will air on Cartoon Network in late 2005. Is any of this true? :animestun
  9. ladyarianrod

    Anime Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles

    Eh. The trailer was ok, but the manga is much more impressive in terms of character design and atmosphere. I love the manga, but I think that this anime is starting up [I]way[/I] too soon. I'll download the fansubs if they're released, though. The show looks promising simply because the manga is amazing.
  10. ladyarianrod

    Anime Villain Contest Nominations...

    1. Kuroro/Quoll, Hunter x Hunter. He is the leader of the Spider gang, a ruthless band of powerful and inredibly cruel criminals. He believes in what he's doing and he seems to have no regrets for his violent lifestyle. 2. [spoiler]Sasuke[/spoiler] from Naruto. [spoiler]Now that he's gone bad, he's much better than he once was.[/spoiler] 3. Dilandau, Escaflowne. He is a truly messed up individual. Dilandau is insane, ruthless, obsessed, and ....tragic. 4. Seta Soujiro, Rurouni Kenshin. An awesome swordsman with a dark past to boot. He is a wonderfully confused, complex character. 5. The 7 deadly Sins, Full Metal Alchemist. They are unique and they're based on Catholic/Christian mythology. Very interesting. 6. Hisoka, Hunter X Hunter. Another weirdo from this great series. Hisoka is bizarre and powerful. He isn't really on any side, but he sides with Kuroro's gang for a while. He is deceptive by nature.
  11. ladyarianrod

    Anime Anime sexism