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  1. [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2]Apparently I heard that this new Hellsing is being directed by the creator of the manga therefore it will follow the story of the manga of course. Also, supposedly he's trying to make it one of the most violent animes EVER!!! Which mean lots of BLOOD and lots of GORE. :D I'd personally like to see this anime beat the violence of Berserk. Oh and one last thing, I read somewhere that this anime should be released in OCTOBER!!! God I sure hope so! :animenose[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. Hey wut up ppl. I just recently saw the movie "The Crow" I know late, but anyways I'm dying to find an awesome wallpaper but sadly I cannot find any good ones on google so I was wondering if anyone knows any sites that could help thnx in advance! :animesmil
  3. Hey, anyone got any sites for free Inuyasha icons? thnx in advance :animesmil
  4. Hey ppl, I'm playin Silent Hill 2 for the PS2, and I just got out of the apartment building by jumping thru a window to another building.....well anyways, I found a safe pretty soon after that, and I found the combination in the toilet....[ew] :sick: but I can't figure out HOW to open the freakin safe. Can someone give me instructions, or give me a link to a site that can help? :bawl:
  5. Hey, I'm goth, and I was wonderin if anyone out there knew any good sites that had cool sayings or sorta like pickup lines that I could say to my boyfriend...lol :animeswea :D
  6. [quote name='WingsOfAFairy][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Magenta]Oh i love hellsing! I own the first 3 manga and volume 1 dvd. It is a good series[/COLOR'][/FONT][/quote] U have no idea what u're in for, I have all 7 Hellsing mangas that are out now [waiting for 8] and I have both volumes of Hellsing[whole series] waiting for Hellsing Ultimate. I am a huge Hellsing fan so of cousre I've got to have the basics lol :animesmil :D
  7. Yeah, I agree. I spent hours and hours on part one even after I beat it. Most of the hours was getting extra things. I never actually sarted them game over, mainly because I don't want to start it over........ :animeswea I have the Ultima Weapon, and am at level 100% (Without cheats!) :animesmil And yet STILL I can't beat Sephiroth........ :animeshy:
  8. [COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]wow, this sounds pretty cool. Let me see.......well I'm goth for one thing. I'm about 5"3, I love anything that has to do with dark things. :animesmil I'm Puerto Rican, but I'm about the oddest 14 year old puerto rican girl out there.! :catgirl: Um, I'm not very out going, not that many ppl talk to me, mostly, ppl just stare at me. I guess it's the fact that I always wear black, I love lots of chains(chain+zippered pants, chain arm warmers, and dark shirts) :D well anyways, I have long light brown hair that is well......longer than my butt, dark brown eyes that almost look black. My favorite bands are HIM, Disturbed, Static X, and Ramstein. I'm not the type of goth that wears a lot of make up, the most I ever wore was a little of black eye liner. I like to draw, and write,............well I think that's it. :D I wonder what the results will be........... :animesigh [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
  9. [QUOTE=John]I just started guitar, too. After a little Googling, I found what is so far a great site to start learning on. Very much a "pick-up-the-guitar-and-go" style of teaching. You can find it [url="http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200a.htm"][u]here[/u][/url]. A few warnings, though: 1) the site seems designed for learning on acoustic, so I don't know what effect that'll have with you learning electric first, and 2) it's at About.com, so I hope you've either got Firefox or a love of popups. :P[/QUOTE] Thnx, but I think I'lll try sumthin else. :animeswea :animesmil Well, I got a new question people! lol How do I tune my guitar to bass? The guitar came with sumthings to tune it, but I can figue out how to adjust the guitar to bass without having the strings too loose. :animesigh
  10. [QUOTE=Random]Ok, frets are like little dividers on the neck. Notice that your neck is divided into different sections by a metal bar? Each part [I]between[/I] the metal bars are called "frets." You press your finger on the string (that your music sheet says to) right up against the metal bar...and viola! I'm not sure how many frets there are on a base...anyways, hope that helps! -Random[/QUOTE] Awesome thnx, I'll give it a try. :D
  11. [QUOTE=Jakehammaren]Alright. The lines each represent a string on your guitar. The bottom line is your E string (the biggest, fattest string). Each line above that is the next string. The numbers on the lines represent which fret you play on that string. C ---------------- D -2--2--2--2--- A ---------------- E ---------------- For example, this is telling you to play the 2nd fret on the D string four times. Any zeros on the tab mean that you play that string open (without pressing down on any of the frets). Hopefully that'll help you get started on your tabbing adventures. And you're gonna hear this a LOT, so I'm sorry to beat a dead horse, but it must be said: PRACTICE CONSTANTLY! Every extra second you find yourself with, sit down with your axe and jam. Even if it's just improv, it helps.[/QUOTE] um........srry this is probably a stupid question......what's a fret? lol srry I'm completely new to this and i am i really need help lol. :animesmil :animesigh :animeswea
  12. [QUOTE=Billy Shears][color=navy][size=1]Plug it in and rawk, man. :animesmil But seriously, plug it in then turn on your amplifier. Learn a few chords from an instructional DVD or book, then play 'til your fingers bleed. If you can read tablature, go to Google and type in "guitar tabs" to learn songs. I would myself, but I'm far too lazzzzzy.[/size][/color][/QUOTE] Awesome thnx a lot! I'm gonna check it out now! :D Yeah, I got a DVD with it, but I practicaly fall asleep tryin to listen to the guy, and the book is no help at all, I don't understand a single word it says..... :animeswea then it only has like 2 pages on how to use it, then the rest of the book is the history of guitars......... :animeangr :animesigh :D [b][font=Verdana][color=blue]Edit:[/color][/font][/b] :( AH! I found some guitar tabs online to the HIM song:Close to the Flame, but I have NO IDEA what the heck they say, like what string is what. oh and these are bass tabs, cuz that's what I'm tryin to learn......I still don't understand them though. :animeangr Close To The Flame Bass Tab by Him, [url="http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/"]www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com[/url] [QUOTE]Artist: Him Song: Close to the flame Album: Deep shadows and brilliant highlights standard tunning Main Riff (00:10) x1 C-------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------0--0-0--0-0-- A---------------2--2-2--2-0-2-3--3-3--3-2-3-------------- E-3--3-3--3-2-3------------------------------------------ Verse (00:21) x4 C---------------------------------------------------- D-2--2-2--2-0-2-0--0-0--0---------------------------- A--------------------------0--0-0--0-0-0-0--2--0----- E-------------------------------------------------3-- Main Riff again (01:04) x2 Verse (01:26) x4 Main Riff (02:09) x2 Guitar solo (02:31) C------------------------------------------ D----------------------------------0------- A------------------2---2---0-3---3--------- E--3---3-2-3---2-3---------------------10/- Main Riff (02:53) x4 ...end...[/QUOTE]:animestun :animenose I have no idea what these are supposed to be so......can someone help? :animesigh [font=Verdana][color=blue]Double posting is not allowed. Please use the edit button in the future.[/color][/font] [font=Verdana][color=blue]- Petie[/color][/font]
  13. Hello, I just got an Electric Guitar for my B-Day. and I have no idea how to use it :animenose well yeah, I was wonderin if anyone can give me a site, or know anything that can help me learn how to use it... thnx :D :animesigh
  14. [quote name='Killer7']Is this finally coming out? They announced it about 3 years ago...[/quote] yup, this movie is suposed to come out in 2006 sometime. Anyways, I think the gender switch sux, especially the fact that the woman ends up going to silent hill because she refuses to listen to her husband.....also in the video game, Harry's wife died a long time ago. :animeangr
  15. Mine has to be Bahamut(spelling?) frim Final Fantasy 7 that Aeon was awesome, ti was strong, and powerful, and overall awesome! :D
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