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  1. Yeah well i also use to have a dream to magically transported into the pokemon world and start my own pokemon quest :animeshy: but alas that was only a fantasy.
  2. Well i'd have to say "Passion" the theme song of Kingdomhearts 2 even though its in japanese and not in english it still rocks I cant take it out of my head. :animeswea
  3. Please be a little clear what do u want help in? :animeangr
  4. i'd perfer vegeta he rulz in my opinion in every way(strength,appearance etc)
  5. Theres a girl who is really cute and i am quite attracted towards her :animestun . The only problem is that i cant seem to tell her how i feel about her :animeshy: please anybody who had the similar experience and have gone through it help ? I forgot to mention that she doesnt even know i exist :animedepr [b][font=Trebuchet MS][color=DarkGreen]demon slayer 5, [/color][/font][/b][font=Trebuchet MS][color=DarkGreen]double posting is against the rules of OtakuBoards, so I've merged together your two consecutive posts. In future, if you want to add something but nobody else has yet posted, there's an EDIT button in your post's bottom right corner especially for that. [/color][/font] [right][b][font=Trebuchet MS][color=DarkGreen]-Raiyuu[/color][/font][/b] [/right]
  6. man they dont make rpgs as they use to :animedepr kingdom hearts and final fantasy 10 were the best ive ever played on ps2 if you guys know any good rpgs on ps2 like kh 1 and ff 10 please inform me :(
  7. I simply love "simple and clean" in kingdom hearts man does that song rock. the lyrics are so damn cool and the ending song was the most saddest one i have ever heard. :animesmil
  8. I m confused on whether i should by the bouncer or not would somebody who has the game tell me how it is? :animeswea
  9. Well howlingvampire i too am at lvl 100 (without cheats) and have got the ultima keyblade plus i also beat sepheroth. If you want help i will be happy to help.
  10. I really love kingdomhearts man does it rule the rpg genre i beat the first game in all difficulty modes.
  11. Man is kingdom hearts 2 going to be big!! i loved the first game and beat it in both difficulty modes.
  12. the time will be riht young one i kind of like you sandy [b][color=DarkGreen][size=1]demon slayer 5, please don't post straight after yourself. If you want to add something but nobody else has yet posted, use the EDIT button in the bottom-right of your post. Additionally! Your comments are spam, as we define it here on OB. [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?"][u]CLICK HERE[/u][/url], for all the info you will ever need to stop yourself getting messages like this one again. In future, try and post something insightful, or at least helpful to the thread's purpose. And for future reference, personal comments like your one to Sandy should be confined to the Private Messaging system, though be aware that this is the Internet, and such comments can be taken the wrong way. [/size][/color][/b] [right][size=1][color=DarkGreen]-Raiyuu[/color][/size] [/right]
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