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    My name is Amanda. I am 14 years old and InuYasha is my favorite anime. Uh..I guess there's more but I don't know what to say!!! Lol.
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    Ima student in high school!!! *class of 08*
  1. DarkBlackTears

    Better Than Ozzfest!!!

    Looks cool.. :animesmil
  2. DarkBlackTears

    Invader Zim! Do Not Question Me!

    I miss invader Zim and Gir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :animecry: That would be so cool if it was insipired by FLCL vice versa Because they are both crazy shows. Ever notcie Nick took all the goos shows off and put stupid ones? lol GO ZIM!
  3. DarkBlackTears

    Songs that get on your nerves

    :catgirl: Can I name muisc that gets onn my nerves? -Bluegrass and Reggeaton. I'm not hatin but I was just in CT for the whole summer and all I heard was Reggeaton...I'm gettin sick of it now AAHHHH :animeangr A song that get's on my nerves is that fairly old Kyrptonite song by 3 Doors Down...That go on my nerves :animesigh
  4. DarkBlackTears

    Battle of the Bands

    :catgirl: has no one put linkin park!?!?! lol. I'm going with slipknot on this one ^.^ :catgirl:
  5. DarkBlackTears

    Hawthorne Heights!!!

    :catgirl: I
  6. DarkBlackTears

    My Chemical Romance

    :catgirl: He He He MCR