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  1. we are actually already verry good friends i sortve have a crush on her lol (love hate relationship)shes verry tiny and frail and reminds me of a shinobu who smokes lol. she has a boyfriend but im gonna see if she breaks up with him. lol also she callled me cute today and tomorow i gotta carry her on a feild trip(she told me i have to) she takes more pills than hyattlol
  2. yah i pretty much known as the anime kid in my small school of 200, if you saw my room you would know why.
  3. ok heres my story ive wanted to get into the anime buisness seince i was verry little i think in 3rd grade(im a sophmore).when i was younger i was tortured by peers for my love.i can draw really well i outdo most people on theotaku im sortve famous for being otaku (which has earned me the nickname taco). i was secure about my drawings and writeings untill 2 months ago when a girl who was better than me came to my school.i practiced constantly trying not to be outdone this summer. really all i do is draw manga and anime. i was up all lastnight drawing only to hear how good she is and how i should give up.but ive never had another dream in my life. i was really upset so i drew threw math class and when the teacher noticed i was depressed sent me to the counceler i deny i want to get into the bussness to evryone other than my close friends and people who i will probably never meat(you).and of cource i dont tell adults because i dont want to get shut down. drawing is my only thing im good at i have a tutor who works for wizards of the coast(magic cards). so heres my question im so in love with anime and manga i understand the busness is flooded but should i give up? cuz i really dont want to
  4. [QUOTE=Lady Katana][color=darkblue]Well, there're many ways one can go about this. If yuo have so many ideas, write them down. That's the best way to try and organize your thoughts. Once you do that, look them over and think over each one. Can you imagine the complete plot? Can you see all the characters? Not just their appearance, but their strengths, weaknesses and quirks? What about the plot? Can you see all the places you want your characters to go? Can you see what you want them to do? Manga are stories told with pictures and dialouge. You're shoeing your reader what you see when you're telling the story, therefore, storylines are all about development. If you can't develop a strong plot and good pictures from the very beginning, you're pretty much digging your own grave. Sit down, think about things, and you should be able to come up with something. You may not be able to pull a Takahashi or be the next Tite Kubo, but at least it's a start, heh. ^^; Hope that helps.[/color][/QUOTE] arigatou gozaimashita katana dono
  5. my first crush was this year (im a high school sophmore) i studied all summer to make sure no one got better at drawing than me i was endlessly drawing in fear that someone would surpass my drawing ability.i went to school and no one was(whew) yet i kept on working hard.about 2 months ago a girl came who was my teachers daughter her name was meg (i call her megami). i didnt see her drawings until the second day she was there.when i saw them i ran to the boys bathroom and cryed.what was my perpouse in life now? i then tought about seppuku for about a week but then i realised whenever i saw her i couldent brethe correctly. i want home the night i found out and my chest hurt soo badly. me and her are still friends and we talk all lunch.but she has a bf guess ill have to wait. ive wondered, maybie im in love with her becuase of my obsessin with becomeing a mangaka in japan.when i lost that all i could do was grab for the closest thing and that was her ohh well what is love anyways.
  6. well at first i just read gundam in like 3rd grade then i read dragon ball in like 5th around then i got into shonen jump and now im reading a.i.ga tomaranai,ai yori aoshi,azumanga daioh,bleach,blame!,cardcaptorsakura,chiyobitsu,chronocrusade comic party,cowboy bebop ,cromartie high demon diarys dnangel,excelsaga furicuri,furiba,haganenorenkinjutsushi,full metal panic ,galaxy angel, GTO,. hack legend,hellsing,inuyasha,initiald,lovhina,mahoromatic,megatokyo,mahu sensei negimagi,evangelion,ragnarock,ranmahan,kenshin,,ultra maniac ,saikano,saiyuki,scryed,samurai deper kyo,keroro gunso,tokyo mew mew.tsubasa, xxx holic,yotsuba oh yah i read shojo beat also wow this is sad i did that all by memory
  7. well heres my story last year for art we had to make a comic, and i didnt have a story line so when there was only a week left in class i still had twenty pages to do and shot them all out quick ly. this year I was selected to go to a asian art fest and my teacher wants me to make a manga. its good that its due at the end of the year because Its been two weeks and ive come up with 1000 ideas but i either realise its been done or i just dont like it. my goal in life is to go to japan to get into the non ecchi dojinshi bussness(its not going well :animecry: ) therefore-- how do people come up with storys?ive been researching like crasy and i still dont get it please post ideas
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