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  1. My first one was inuyasha my friend let me borrow these tapes of it she had recorded and i was hooked then fushigi yugi and then trigun.........and I've only been into anime for three years
  2. kiko17

    Anime What anime/manga character would you go out with?

    It's almost as if Meryl showing affection when she hits spikey :animesigh Well he is Hot! :animeblus
  3. kiko17

    Anime Poll:Spike & Cloud VS Vash & Squall

    You really wanna see Vash and Spike fight then look at this [url]http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=423[/url] Use this name to get in Chichiri25 and password is hikou and if it takes you back to the main screen then go down to the search box and type in tainted donuts and then look for the video called tainted donuts for Trigun and cowboy bebop
  4. I think I was desitined to watch trigun...cause my friend said "Hey come watch this funny guy eat doughnuts like theres no tomarrow" So I did and I was interested and bought the series offline :catgirl: So now i'm in love with Vash :love2:
  5. VASH!! He's hot, and he'll save any girl who's in trouble and he has a great personality
  6. kiko17

    Anime Trigun

    That's what i thought ^^ oh yeah and sorry about the double posting thing I didn't meand to do that *rubs back of head and sweatdrops*
  7. kiko17

    Anime Trigun

    I Saw the ending of trigun. It left you hangin, not really knowing what happens. But I was wondering If there was a second season coming out. I heard it was called "Trigun Maximum". You guys ever hear of that? :animesigh :sweat: ---- I love trigun! :D As you can tell who I like *cuddles Vash plush* Yes :animesigh I know I know....i'm insane!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [color=navy][size=1]I merged your two consecutive replies. In the future, please don't double-post. Thanks. - Dagger[/size][/color]
  8. kiko17

    Manga Favorite quotes/moments!

    Vash: Normally when you buy a new bike your supposed to repair before you take it out and ride it.. Wolfwood: Are you dissing my shiny angalina II Vash?! Vash: Actually I'm dissing you not your stupid broken motorcycle Wolfwood: Come again needle-noggin! Vash: Hey! who you callin Needle-noggin!? Wolfwood: I'd say it's pretty damn obvious!
  9. kiko17

    Anime What anime/manga character would you go out with?

    I don't see why Meryl has to hit spikey so much :animesigh half the time he don't do nothin......I mean it's clear she likes him..............
  10. kiko17

    Anime What anime/manga character would you go out with?

    Hey my guy would be Vash!! :catgirl: