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    i like anime and manga
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  1. alchemist102

    Anime anyone here like inuyasha

    my favorite chericter is sesshomeru to hes ausum
  2. alchemist102

    Manga different styles

    thanks! would walden books have her work
  3. alchemist102

    Manga Girl charecter alert.

    dont forget about you legs dude you make them to far no way to far apart! just saying not trying to get you mad.
  4. alchemist102

    Anime anyone here like inuyasha

    i love inuyasha but why dose it have to be on so late!
  5. alchemist102

    Manga different styles

    where can i get a book on takeshi romiko's works so i can learn to draw like her?
  6. alchemist102

    Manga different styles

    ive always wanted to draw like the creator of inuyasha and full metal alchemist any advice on them? oh and Takeshi obata he draws for Hikaru no go. [color=darkblue][size=1][b]Please use the Edit button to add something else to your post rather than double-posting in the future, thanks. -Lady K[/color][/size][/b]
  7. alchemist102

    Manga different styles

    ive been imitating Katy Coope much shes pritty good in most ways she draws upside down pointed egg shape heads for the eyes she also draws her eyes like backwards j's is that a good place to start from.
  8. alchemist102

    Manga different styles

    Ive been drawing a certian style and i just bought a new how to draw manga its a way different style any advice how to get used to a new style
  9. flcl is it supposed to make sence :animenose
  10. alchemist102

    Manga backrounds

    i need some backround help i cant draw them at all any advice.
  11. alchemist102

    Manga i need a littel feed back plz

    well ive got sumtin wats going to happen is each persons going to be vaporised into a world with no name well at least they dont know its name each one of them is put in a different place Karhama meets a littel boy like man named KimashiHis race is called a jin-jin they were the leaders of that whole world they are all of different elements fire,water,earth,blood,death,and mist the only jin-jin whos masterd all elemants is the Elder hes 210 years old and knows of the proficy3 people from a far away place will come and save the land from the evil that controls it. well anyway he brings her to a jin-jin village. wial janasu was vaporised his DNA was messed up and replaced with a strand of jin-jin DNA so hes now part jin-jin and human the elements he's abel to use is blood and death, rickonis was placed in a huge forest he walks for hours until he finds a ravien not a steep one but he timbls down the ravine and falls into a deep deep whole where Janasu was placed the two meet and start to fight because Rickonis made fun of his size. back in the village kimashi took karhama to the elder where he told her of the proficy when they here a huge BANG! and a shake comes to the ground kimashi and karhama go to chek what happend and see the boys lieing on the ground banged up thats the first issue wat you think
  12. alchemist102

    Manga this is my manga

    I like it ive added sum stuff to myn like when my main chericters were vaporised into this world Janasus dna got messed up so in the world hes a jin-jin instead of a human and the jin-jin have differnet abilitys his are blood and death thus his best move is blood solm but the only way to perform the move is co cut something away from his body. he dosent know his mystic strength untill the next manga comes out Training with elder it will be good. My friend on here gunman sumtin and i are going to start are oun bussiness Manga INK. were going to print out copies of both our mangas and give them out at school.
  13. alchemist102

    Manga i need a littel feed back plz

    no ones said anything about my manga idea :animecry: plz give me sum feed back My manga is about 3 people frome different time periods Riconis the axe man from england in 1428 Janasu a swordsman from japan in 2005 and Karhama a magician from anchent china
  14. alchemist102

    Anime who here likes

    full metal alchemist i love it
  15. alchemist102

    Manga Need help on Manga eyes...

    a hook thats the way i draw myn