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  1. Gaming

    I played the demo. Absolutly loved it. It was like Call of Duty onfire with ninjas and pirates :animesmil Well worth the money IMO.
  2. RPG

    OOC: Takamor'e , you might wanna delete your double post. :animesmil IC: ?Oh, come on!? Dakota whispered out loud to himself , from his hideout as he overlooked the events between the vampires on the street corner. ?No one steals Captain Dakota Westwood?s kill? Oh well , time for some action he thought. The soldier vampire loaded 2 blue and 2 red cartridges into his combat shotgun. He affixed his gas mask and visor and made sure his harness was secure underneath his overcoat. Dakota had lost the ability to fly after a close quarters battle with 5 werewolves. Needless to say , he took a lot more out of them than they did him. He watched them scuffle as another vampire emerged from the darkness , looking quite the professional. He laughed to himself ? Typical , one cant get the job done?. He quickly burnt all of the papers he had as well as photographs, Mr. Westwood liked to keep things tidy. The professional and Alex started off down the street as Dakota watched his prey. He clicked the crossbow bolt into place and fastened the line to a small charge on the ceiling of his hide. Slowly , careful he clicked the trigger and fired the silent weapon across to the top of the building they were walking in front of it. Both vampires looked intently at the road but took no notice of the crossbow bolt or the figure in black whizzing across it. The small charge blew and the line swung down. The combat shotgun of Dakotas belched out its four cartridges one by one. The two flash bangs dazzled both of them and the two gas grenades put them both straight to the ground. He hooked a harness around Hurst and tugged on the rope , which sent them both rapidly to the top of the building. He ran for what seems like miles over the rooftops until he reached his motorbike. He put Alex down on the ground next to it. The transponder on Dakotas belt bilked red, which meant he had intercepted a message. He had tapped a well known dignitary?s phone a few weeks earlier when Killian requested it. Now it seemed that this was finally paying off. Dakota put the receiver up to his ear and listened to the recorded conversation. ?How?s the schedule?? a deep voice asked belonging to a male. Everything?s going to plan, diagnostics will begin this afternoon and it will be ready in 6 days as you requested.? Replied a female voice. ?6 days and there will no longer be a human race to contend with, very well. Inform me of any changes.? ?It will be done sir? The conversation ended. ?6 days and there will no longer be a human race to contend with...? What the hell was that supposed to mean? Dakota got Alex Hurst to a safe house and kept her handcuffed. She was worth too much to let go or to kill so he would just hold on to her until the time was right?
  3. I would have to say Jeff Buckley's album Grace. Every song on that , i find is just beautiful. Also I dont mind Right where it belongs by Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznors vocals and music just convey so much emotion in that song. Edit: Ohh sorry I wrote about beautiful songs , not pretty songs. My mistake! The most pretty songs that my girlfriend and I dance to are: Faith No More - Easy Like Sunday Morning. Its an awesome cover and just sounds so good. The Righteous Brothers - You've lost that loving feelin' . This song means so much to me my girlfrirend and i danced to it alone on the dancefloor at our school formal. Its just an awesome song.
  4. Gaming

    First Person Shooters. I love ones, like Battlefield 2 , Call of Duty , Far Cry , Halflife 2 , Battlefield Vietnam and a few others. I just find them totally engrossing. Some are just pretty straight forward , shoot the enemy save the day etc. but Halflife 2 just brings a new level of immersion and story to it all. I love escapism!. I also enjoy some real time strategy games such as Command and Conquer: Generals and Dawn of War. They offer a different experience but its still quite fufillin building a successful army and taking over the entire map!
  5. RPG

    Dakota stayed at the office block , thinking to himself. [I]Why wasn?t she dead? Why had she fled? Why accuse the General of doing such a thing?[/I] He needed to answer all of these questions. It seemed as if all of this was a nightmare. He didn?t know who he could trust or who he could turn to. It was like his fiancé was a totally different person , she used to be able to be so sweet , so loving , so caring but now it was like talking to a machine. Whatever she had turned in to , it wasn?t what he had fallen in love with. Dakota took a deep breath and took one last look at the quagmire where his once wife to be now lived. He jumped through the window and landed on the street just next to his bike , which he quickly fired up and burnt down the road to the vampire city .. his home. He slowed down and passed quickly through the checkpoint at the entrance and headed straight to the High Command centre. He stepped up the stone staircase to the large double oak doors , rumored to be those of Vlad the Impaler?s castle. He quickly passed through the security check point and passed his gun belt to the sergeant on duty. [I]? Ahh long time no see Captain Westwood? [/I]Dakota grinned at the sergeant. ?[I]And you too Sergeant Oxford , its been too long?[/I]. Westwood and Oxford has fought together during the Battle of Paris and had been among the only squad members to make it out. [I]?So how?s that pretty fiancé of yours?? [/I]The sergeant asked. ? [I]Not herself , my friend , not herself?[/I] With that , Dakota marched through the barriers and up to the Generals office. He nodded to the receptionist and went straight in to the office of one General Joseph Killian. [I]?Dakota .. please , please sit down? [/I]The general said looking up from his paper work. [I]?Sir , I need to talk to you about something? [/I] [I]? Alex? ? [/I] [I]?Yes sir? [/I] [I]? You don?t need to call me sir , Dakota , you know me better than that?[/I] Dakota nodded , wondering how the general would deal with the news he brought from Alex. [I]?Well Joseph , my fiancé has accused you of being a traitor and ordering a fellow vampire to bite her?[/I] [I]? That is absolutely preposterous! .. Dakota you know I would never order such a thing? [/I] [I]? I know Joseph , she?s changed totally , she is like?. I don?t know , shes a shell of what she once was? [/I] The general stood up and looked out his window behind the desk to the bustling metropolis. [I]? I have some news for you Dakota?[/I] [I]?What is it sir?? [/I] [I]? I don?t know how to tell you this , but it appears as if Alex is fostering an alliance between herself and the werewolves?[/I] [I]? You?ve got to be kidding me? [/I] [I]?I?m not Dakota , An aerial UAV spotted her talking with a were wolf and sources placed also suggest that.? [/I] Dakota stood there , shattered. His one love was a traitor to his people. Dakota sighed and thought about the problem. There was no way she was going to get out of this alive.. [I] ?Dakota , I have something very important to ask of you? ?Yes sir , what is it? [/I] [I]?I want you to assassinate Alex Hurst?[/I] Dakota reluctantly nodded. [I]? I need you to find out if this alliance is true , and then kill the traitor ? she is not one of us anymore? [/I] [I]?Yes sir , consider it done.? [/I] Dakota saluted the general and left the room , collected his pistols and some equipment and headed back outside to his motorcycle. The engine purred to life as he put his helmet on. He revved his metal steed and tore off down the road , not sure what to make of the situation. He headed back to the human settlement and found a hideout overlooking the office block , waiting for his prey?.
  6. RPG

    Dakota Westwood rode his jet-black turbo-charged Kawasaki down the road into the slums of the city. The place was a war zone. It stunk of cordite and freshly spilt blood. Dakota rumbled slowly around the block and watched the humans scatter as he passed them slowly. He pulled his motorbike over to the side of the road and sat there, watching, waiting and listening. Westwood then turned the engine off and stormed across the road into a shanty. He knocked the door down and grabbed a small child and held his pistol to the small , quivering boy?s head. ?Where is she?? He yelled at the mother. ?I..dont know? cried the horrified human. Dakota clicked a round into the chamber and pulled the hammer back. ?One last chance?human? The woman finally submitted to him. ?Up there , in the abandoned office block? Dakota let the child go running back to his mother. ?Next time , I wont be so considerate? Dakota stepped outside of the shanty and walked across the road , catching a glimpse of his fiancé up in the office block. Dakota broke into a run , crashing heavily through the doors of the office block. He ran upstairs into the office block and stood there with one of his guns drawn , looking at Alex , his one love and thinking of what she used to be and whoever?.whatever she was now. He took a step towards her. ?Its been a long time??..
  7. RPG

    The red hot rounds poured from the barrel of the Israeli made pistol. They streamed like a metal river , flowing into the chest of the unfortunate human that had crossed his path. He cared not for any life these days , werewolf , vampire or human. In fact Mr. Westwood didn?t even care for his own as he walked through the human settlement , razing it to the ground. He let the blood of his victims spray over his face , licking it up greedily. He clicked a new magazine into his Desert Eagle and stopped in the centre of the shanty town. ?Cast a cold eye , on life , on death. Horseman pass by!? Dakota murmured to himself. He unmercilessly shot a wounded man , crawling , trying to get away from this monster. Dakota stopped and turned around , to see a figure in a long cloak looking straight at him. ?Werewolf? growled Dakota ? If its my flesh you want , then you?ll have to claim it?. His opponent growled and shedded his cloak as Dakota slammed his pistols against each other and fingered the triggers. Both beasts , both unholy , both sworn enemies ran at each other , the were wolf running on all fours and Dakota taking long steps. The were wolf slunk underneath as Dakota jumped over the top of the beast and fired 2 rounds , striking it in its left shoulder. The wolfs head snapped back in pain and bloodlust overcame its instincts as it ran for Dakota while his back was turned. The wolf struck the vampire in the back with its claws , knocking down Dakota and pinning him. ? I don?t want to be killed by something related to a Chihuahua? Dakota thought to himself. The ware wolf bared its saber like fangs and went to maul Dakota , just as he pushed backwards and drew his pistols with the blades outstretched into the unprotected sides of the wolf. Dakota flung the beast of his back and quickly put a full clip from both pistols into the chest of the abomination. Dakota kicked the beast and stepped back , admiring his handiwork. He pushed fresh clips into his pistols and slammed them back into his holster. Dakota walked back to the centre of town and surveyed the hell he had created. Bodies, torn and blown apart , created obscure sculptures in rigour mortis. Dakota grinned to himself. This will teach them for killing my family. Suddenly , Dakota felt a roar above him as two Cobra gun ships flew over the top of him , heading for an outpost. The roar subsided as they slunk below the horizon. Looks like fun. Dakota went to a small hut and slammed the door down with his boot and sunk his fangs into a villager he had tied up beforehand. He watched as the blood slid down the woman?s neck and dripped onto the flow. He wiped his mouth with his overcoats sleeve only adding to the blood stains all over it. He stepped outside onto the barren , scorched earth and jumped on his motorcycle and revved it twice , before burning rubber and heading after the gun ships. I wonder if Alex still loves me?
  8. Sign Up

    Name: Dakota Westwood Age: 35 Race: Vampire Gender: Male Weapons: Dual .50cal Desert Eagles , A short katana Special powers: Dakota is first and foremost a pistol marksman. He also can heal others , taking on their injuries himself. Description: Dakota is of a medium build and is 6?3. He has long black shoulder length hair and a goatee. He usually wears a leather trench coat over denim jeans and a black jumper. He always wears a pair of sunglasses and black paratrooper boots. Bio/character snippet: Dakota Westwood is from the city. His parents were both rich and extravagant entrepreneurs that were brutally murdered in a race riot. He has a deep hatred for all humans and desires the vampires to totally eradicate them from the planet. He is a skilled soldier , fighting in the battle of Paris and successfully holding off a city full of humans with a squad of only 20. Dakota , when not fighting , is very soft , well mannered and gentle. He is always ready to do what it takes to get the job done. Dakota met his fiancé , Alex Hurst , in the Battle of Paris as she was the first vampire to reach his squad and get them clear of the area as a cyanide strike was launched before the battle of west Igara Village. OOC: Hope thats alright , I havn't done one of these for absolutly ages!